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Global Awareness

Understanding the Effect of Stereotypes on Arab-Muslim Students in American Universities

To understand the effects of stereotypes on Arab-Muslim students living in the U.S., related implications, and how schools can dismantle stereotypes of Arab-Muslim cultures while broadening American students’ cultural awareness.

Using the built environment to "do history" locally and globally.

The session takes participants on a virtual field study designed for university preservice teachers, demonstrating how to create both local and global field studies for their students.

Using multimedia to help students raise global awareness

This interactive presentation demonstrates effective secondary instruction for fostering global awareness using methods that incorporate multimedia strategies and facilitate learning through research, writing, advocacy, and intercultural/international service-learning.

The Problem with Hoodia: Fostering Global Learning through Professional Development

This interactive presentation demonstrates professional development strategies for fostering global awareness using cooperative learning, problem-solving, case-study analysis and simulation.

Recognizing Pluralism: Teaching Arab Nationalisms and Modernities through Primary Sources

This lecture will present a curriculum examining twentieth century political ideologies in the Middle East. This will contextualize the Arab Spring and address regional cultural and political pluralism.

The effect of Arab spring in political reform in Jordan

Arab spring have effects on all Arab countries with variation in scope and density. So My paper will shed light on the effects of Arab spring on Jordan politics.

Time for a New Literacy: Ecological

What if we engage students by allowing them to deconstruct modernist truths, such as growth, democracy, and consumerism, by providing experiences whereby they can think critically about how we live?

Ethnocentrism: Awareness of Our Biases in Cross-Cultural Interactions

A lesson is presented examining personal cultural biases that hinder positive cross-cultural interactions in a global community.

Venturing Forth with Unsure Footing: Why Social Studies Teacher Education Students Should Have Access to Overseas Experiences.

While teacher education programs struggle to broaden students’ world view, abroad experiences may hold a key to increasing global awareness through concentrated contact with dissimilar peoples, lifestyles and ideas.

Connectedness: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Literacy

Presenters will share an innovative curricular approach to global education, which crosses interdisciplinary boundaries, democratizes conversation through social media, and requires students to move from awareness to action.


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