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Experience Turkey: Teacher Tours Sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation

Experience Turkey, the modern, vibrant nation at the intersection of East and West. Explore centuries-old architecture, savor culinary delights and soak up Turkey's rich culture during these two-week tours.

On the Road: Secrets to Planning Exceptional School Trips

Learn what’s new in school trips from America’s student trip expert. George DeBolt will share tips on how to plan school trips that are exciting, educational, and within budget.

Jean Fair Memorial Symposium on Sustainability

This symposium will address sustainability from the perspective of four academic disciplines--Information Technology, Geography, Economics, and Political Science. Presenters will discuss how the discipline defines sustainability problems and suggest possible policy approaches to address the problems.

"Precious Knowledge": The Ban on Teaching History in Tucson Schools

The highly successful Mexican American Studies (MAS) program in Tucson was banned last year. See the acclaimed PBS film "Precious Knowledge" about this program, and hear from our special guest, MAS co-founder Sean Arce.

Travel around the World without Leaving the Classroom

Awaken your students' curiosity by bringing the world into their classroom and expanding their knowledge of world history, geography, and cultures as well as their skills in critical thinking, writing, research, and analysis through the use of various strategies. A CD with lesson plans and teaching materials tied to various K-12 history, geography, and language arts standards will be provided.

Others' Lives: Using Current Non-Fiction Resources to Advance Global Understanding

Enrich your students' views and understanding of historical events, cultural diversity, and global issues through the use of web-based strategies that utilize current non-fiction resources (e.g., memoirs, newspaper articles, etc.) to improve reading comprehension, content knowledge, and interdisciplinary writing skills.

Human Rights Education in the Middle School Classroom: What You Do Matters

What is at the heart of who we are as a society? Join this session and walk away with classroom-ready tools and activities to teach your students about historical and present day issues and the activists who made a difference. Technology and active learning to engage middle school students in human rights will be emphasized.

TAH Grant Update

Christine Miller, Teaching American History (TAH) team lead at the U.S. Department of Education, will provide updates on the TAH program and other ED programs and will lead a conversation on project sustainability. The session will also feature a presentation by one or more TAH project directors and by staff from the National History Education Clearinghouse. We encourage all TAH project directors, partners, evaluators and teachers to attend this session, to network with one another and discuss strategies and resources that can help sustain their projects after the period of federal funding ends.

NCSS/NCATE Reviewer Training and Update

This clinic prepares participants to review teacher preparation programs in social studies or related disciplines and to update current reviewers in applying NCSS Standards in the NCATE Program Review process.

The Collaborative Social Studies Classroom

This session focuses on the collaborative relationship between the mainstream history teacher and the special education teacher. We will offer strategies on how to incorporate modified instruction.


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