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Law Related Education

Search and Seizure in the Schools

Students will learn about key Fourth Amendment concepts and the extent to which the amendment's protections apply to their lives in and out of school.
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Looking at the Law Seeking Good CreditAnd Keeping It

Teaching Activities by James H. Landman

The Great Firewall of China

Teaching Activities by Michelle Parrini
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Object Lessons: The Law of Cultural Property

Many interests can be at stake in conflicts over cultural property. A close look at three recent cases can guide students to reflect on issues related to ownership and control of cultural property.
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Chew Heong v. United States: Chinese Exclusion and the Federal Courts

A close look at the case of Chew Heong, a Chinese immigrant who challenged the nineteenth-century Chinese exclusion laws, provides important insight into early U.S. efforts to control immigration.
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Across the Color Line: Diversity, Public Education, and the Supreme Court

This review of key Supreme Court cases dealing with school integration can foster class discussion on racial progress and the role of the courts in determining educational policy.
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You Should Have the Body: Understanding Habeas Corpus

As the Supreme Court considers whether Guantanamo prisoners have the right to habeas corpus, this article and activity will clarify for students the writ's origins, its development, and current points of controversy.
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Standing: Who Can Sue to Protect the Environment?

Teaching Activity by James Landman
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Integrating Government and Literature: Mock Civil and Criminal Trials Based on To Kill A Mockingbird

In a project that connected social studies classes with literature classes, students honed academic skills as they constructed mock trials from the events of a famous novel.

Using Literature to Teach the Rule of Law

Some children's novels offer entertaining and provocative explorations of the rule of law that can engage students and increase their understanding of law.
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