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Social Sciences

Teaching Justice

2013 Robert H. Jackson Center Award for Teaching Justice
Environmental. Political. Social. Participants will grapple with historical and modern circumstances of justice by exploring six interactive teaching techniques and educational resource stations.

Giddy Up! Gettin' Up, Gettin' Movin' with Social Studies

2013 Outstanding Middle Level Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Recipient
Join this session to experience varied instructional strategies in a Westward Expansion lesson that will "git" your students moving and active. Challenge their critical thinking, interpret primary source documents and then let their creativity flow. A hands-on session!

Energize your Social Studies Instruction

2013 Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Recipient
The presenter will share six simple strategies that she has developed over the years that teachers can use to energize their instruction, get more out of every lesson and help students remember and LOVE social studies!

Tackling the Depth/Breadth Problem in AP Social Studies

2012 Exemplary Research Award Recipient
This session provides a strategy for penetrating the depth/breadth tension in AP courses, which are known for "coverage" and sometimes "rigor" but lag behind contemporary research on how people learn.

ASA Symposium (Session 4): Teaching with Data

Fourth presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on simple, free Internet datasets to engage students in hands-on sociological data analysis and to align sociology curricula with Core Curricula in Math and English.

ASA Symposium (Session 3): Teaching the Sociological Imagination

Third presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on active simulations, lesson plans, technology, and other proven strategies to engage high school sociology students’ learning of the sociological imagination process.

ASA Symposium (Session 2): Social and Economic Impacts of Immigration

Second presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on the social and economic impacts of immigration, including fertility, mobility, labor, education, income, and population trends. Especially useful for sociology and geography teachers.

ASA Symposium (Session 1): Intro to High School Sociology Resources

First presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on resources to increase student engagement and learning. Offers resources for exciting and involving students. Introduces strategies to increase collaboration among high school teachers.

Beyond Family Trees: Critical Literacy Approaches to Personal History

The construct of "family" is an experiential starting point for children in understanding history and "the past." Teachers promote just and equitable classrooms when they employ inclusive and relevant approaches.

Mystic Rhythms: Bring Historic African Drumming to your Classroom

Participate in an African drum circle to learn how playing drums from Africa’s history improves student self-esteem, fosters relationships across grade levels and social circles, and generates excitement about school.


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