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Creating the Citizens We Want: Middle School Service Learning

Direct middle school energy toward the greater good! Presenters will share strategies for gaining support for and executing service learning initiatives. Leave with multiple resources and ideas for project implementation.

iPads and Paper: Using Digital and Hard Copy Maps

Want to improve visual literacy in your classroom using the C3 Framework? Explore using digital and paper maps that bring various social studies content to life using the inquiry arc!

If You're Not from Here . . .You Don't Know Me

Guide preservice elementary teachers' awareness of the value of place, sense of belonging, and geography to build students' connections and understandings through integrating literature, language arts, and social studies.

Natural Disasters: Helping Students Understand Rescue, Relief, and Reconstruction

This presentation will provide teachers resources on how to teach students about natural disasters and how nations and the global community aid in rescue, relief, and reconstruction.

The Fish Who Discovered Water: Utilizing Natural and Built Environments

History sweeps us away to foreign times, lands and people; often leaving behind those we need to reach. This presentation will provide solutions to connect curriculum to our student's lives.

Doing Authentic Geography with Animated Films?

This presentation describes how teachers can teach authentic geography -- including content, skills, and perspectives -- to students using animated films. Examples and resources will be provided.


Geography will be defined as art, social science, and science. Participants will explore the world through case studies of key issues like, 'borders and passages', 'conservation and exploitation', and sustainability.

Geospatial Enrichment Module

Supplementing social studies content and pedagogy with the use of geospatial resources, materials, and tools can enrich instruction and increase spatial thinking in students.

Using Various Sources to Teach the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Learn how to integrate various sources such as graphic novels and free media resources to enrich and expand your discussion of Hurricane Katrina.

Inquiry is more than a Fancy Word for Research

Learn about entry points for embedding the C3 Framework into curriculum maps already written. Leave with a plan for practical addition of the C3 Inquiry Arc into any curriculum.


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