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New Orleans Past and Present: Economic History and Contemporary Growth

Explore the economic history of your NCSS host city. This session is filled with fascinating facts and interactive lessons. Participants receive digital copies of all materials.

We the Economy

Learn about the latest media literacy/ economics resource for K-12 teachers. WE THE ECONOMY is a series of 23 short films, each created by an acclaimed filmmaker, in association with a panel of top economic experts, to demystify the U.S. economy and make it interesting and fun. Each film comes with a classroom-ready, standards-aligned lesson. And all the films and the curricular materials are free.

10 Years Later Hurricane Katrina Teaches Money Skills for Life

The new, robust curriculum and infographics use hands-on learning strategies, technology integration, and project-based lessons to teach personal finance concepts. The curriculum videos feature financial lessons learned during Hurricane Katrina.

The Big Easy Tips for Differentiating your Lessons

Presenters provide examples and specific strategies that enable teachers to meet requirements to differentiate by content, process, and product in Social Studies classes. Teachers will have hands on opportunities.

The Best Online Resources for Teaching Economics: EconEdLink

Teachers can access some of the best free technology resources on Come see classroom-tested lesson plans, on-line concept videos, quizzes, and simulations to help students master economics.

A Multimedia Approach to Understanding Economic Growth

Using multimedia resources to teach students to distinguish between short-run economic fluctuations and long-run economic growth. Examine the impact of policy decisions and technological innovations on long-run economic growth.

Visualizing Data: Infographics for the Economic and Personal Finance Classrooms

Looking for an alternative to student Power Point presentations? Then give infographics a try! You will receive ready-made infographics and related resources including lesson plans and strategies for creating infographics.

Economic Decision Making for a Sustainable Future: A Primer

This session provides teachers with classroom ready techniques for integrating sustainability through the four dimensions of the inquiry model as it applies to primary sources in the economics classroom.

Financial Literacy Personal Budgeting Project for Secondary Students

A teaching demonstration focused on financial literacy for secondary students, the presentation will examine a PowerPoint presentation project where students create a one year budget.

Will We Run out of Water? It's the Wrong Question!

People worry about running out of water, but economists believe markets efficiently allocate scarce resources. Learn economic principles related to water allocation and receive classroom-ready activities.


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