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Higher Education

Education as a Human Right: A University Wide Approach

Human rights are an integral piece to education, but how do we approach human rights at the university level? In this presentation, one university's approach will be explored.

Harold Rugg and the Radical Reformers, 1932-1940

This presentation will compare reform movements in the Social Studies curriculum during the Great Depression to similar contemporary reform efforts, and its impact on modern American public schools.

Becoming Activists: Preservice Teachers' Service Learning Projects

During this study, pre-service teachers learned about grassroots activism and found ways to serve their communities. Presentation includes participants' projects and their plans to model community activism with K-12 students.

Planting the Seeds for Change: Sustainability in Teacher Education

Few programs exist for preparing teachers to meet the challenges of educating for a sustainable future. Learn about one successful initiative while gathering resources for training pre-service and in-service teachers.

Educator Beliefs Regarding Including LGBTQ Topics in Social Studies Curriculum

Nationally LGBTQ issues are vacant from social studies (Mayo, 2011), Educators feel for marginalized students; fear of consequences perpetuates inaction (Passe, 2010). How do social studies teachers include LGBTQ?

Social Studies and edTPA

edTPA is a fast-growing national preservice teacher performance assessment. If you work in higher education, come learn how to best support your candidates in social studies tasks 1-3.

The Queens Royal Proclamation: Righting a Wrong 250 Years Later

Using the Queen's Royal Proclamation of 2003, we show that history is never a certainty. The facts can be researched, challenged, then changed, putting a historical wrong to right.

Peace through Law: International Movement to Prevent Genocide

Dr. Mary Johnson will discuss the efforts that people made to prevent genocide from a global perspective.

Heating up Social Studies Methods Courses through Service Learning Collaborations

This session examines the service learning partnership between a higher education social studies methods course and the Aurora Regional Fire Museum. Methods, process, and findings will be shared with participants.

Preservice Teachers' Global Citizenship Experiences in a Language Immersion Setting

Preservice social studies teachers explore global citizenship ideals and understandings with students and teachers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds during a language immersion summer field experience.


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