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Teaching Students to Ask their own Questions

This session will dive deeply into the Question Formulation Technique, a simple, evidence-based protocol that helps students learn to produce their own questions and strategize on how to use them.

Help! We Need a Solution for Professional Learning

We know the research, but 40 hours? Who has time or money to provide that amount of professional learning? Let us share with you some possible effective solutions.

Navigating the Sea (C3) of Change: One District's Voyage

Leaders of a K-12 social studies curriculum team share strategies that helped their crew develop a C3 curriculum using the C3 Framework, convince teachers to get on board, and avoid mutinies.

Teaching with the Primary Sources Regional Program

Explore how the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Regional Program promotes widespread, sustained, effective use of primary sources from for K-16 education and teacher professional development.

Assessing Close Reading in a History Classroom

Participants will learn how help students develop close reading practices with historical text. The focus will be on formative assessment of these practices that are unique to historical text.

A Statewide Model of Collaboration: Social Studies and Disciplinary Literacy

Delaware is not only proud of being the First State, but also for its advocacy of social studies. Learn how collaboration led to the development of engaging disciplinary literacy strategies.

Critical Issues in Social Studies Assessment

This roundtable session examines critical issues in social studies assessment -- including ends and means, principles and practices, as well as results -- from local, state, national, and global perspectives.

Educator Collaborative: A Model for Creating and Sharing Concept-Based Curriculum

Good teachers inspire each other by sharing their most innovative and creative practices. This session will demonstrate how to build a collaborative model for educators to create and share curriculum.

Fostering Digital Citizens: Blended Learning in the Social Studies Classroom

How does a school embrace blended learning and apply it in a social studies program? This workshop focuses on implementation of a blended learning program in K-12 social studies classes.

Promoting Social Responsibility with Powerful and Authentic Social Studies

An introduction to PASS (NCSS's professional development program) and how it promotes social responsibility, guides disciplined inquiry, and develops content knowledge. Excellence in teacher-generated curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment are its goals.


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