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A Pocketful of History

--Sherry L. Field and Linda D. Labbo
Read a biography. Then examine "pocket contents." In Lincoln's vest pocket? A draft for a speech, theater tickets, and a photograph of his family, among other items. "Artifacts" are suggested for the pockets of Benito Juarez (president of Mexico), Grandma Moses (artist), Mary McLeod Bethune (black educator), and others.

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Was the Constitution Pro-Slavery? The Changing View of Frederick Douglass

By Robert Cohen
Many have questioned whether the document on which our nation is based sanctioned slavery. But renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who originally condemned the Constitution, came to view it in a much different light.

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Forgotten Ellis Island

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PBS/ Boston Film & Video Productions
This is the first film (and companion book) to be produced about the immigrant hospital on Ellis Island. Opened in 1902, the hospital grew to 22 medical buildings that sprawled across two islands adjacent to Ellis Island, the largest port of entry in the United States. Massive and modern, the hospital was America's first line of defense against contagious,

Friday, July 1, 2016 to Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Mary K. Bonsteel Tachau Teacher of the Year Award is given annually by the Organization of American Historians (OAH) to recognize the contributions made by school teachers to improve U.S. history education. The award, to be given for activities which enhance the intellectual development of other history teachers and students, memorializes the career of Professor Tachau, University of Louisville, for her path-breaking efforts to build bridges between university and school history teachers. The award will be presented at the 2017 OAH Annual Meeting.


Comparing International Textbooks to Develop Historical Thinking

This lesson plan offers students the opportunity to compare how American and Vietnamese textbooks portray specific events of the Vietnam War.

Using Music to Teach about the Great Depression

Students will gain new perspectives on the socio-economic circumstances of the Great Depression through an analysis of song lyrics of the time.
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Ford: Not a Lincoln but a Hayes? A Lesson in History and Political Science

What makes a president successful? This article evaluates the presidency of Gerald Ford in the light of four theories by political scientists on presidential performance, highlighting one of them.
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Eyewitness Account of Dr. Robert King Stone, President Lincoln's Family Physician

Teaching Activities by Lee Ann Potter
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Lesson The U.S. Constitution: Rules of the Game National Council on Economic Education

Lesson Whatdunnit? The Great Depression Mystery

This simulation activity offers clues to why the American economy went from unprecedented prosperity in the 1920s to unprecedented misery in the 1930s.
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