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The Caribbean Online: Exploration Through Internet Resources


Michael J. Berson

Students can use the Internet to learn more about the Caribbean region, its cultures, and the political, social, and economic issues affecting it. The list of websites described here is only a prelude to the wider exploration of topics possible through the links provided. These sites offer a variety of perspectives on the Caribbean, with some presenting information on a specific country, and others representing organizations that promote awareness and/or support development of the region. Teachers should always preview a site and its links before encouraging Internet exploration by their students, in order to contribute to the Internet’s use as a safe and powerful classroom tool.


AfroCuba Web


“Many people don’t know that an estimated 70% or more Cubans have African ancestors ...” This site celebrates the language, music, dance, religion, and organizations of the African cultures of Cuba. AfroCuba facilitates access to authors and teachers on AfroCuban culture, organizations that offer courses and workshops or are involved in the promotion of the African cultures of Cuba, literature that addresses AfroCuban issues, music tours, workshops, festivals, theatre, films, and art.




AmericasNet provides updated information on the hemispheric integration process. The 1994 Summit of the Americas in Miami, Florida, and the 1998 Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile, brought together all of the Western Hemisphere’s democratically elected heads of state to open negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and to launch new initiatives to promote education, reduce poverty, and strengthen democratic institutions throughout the Americas. This site allows access to commentary and analysis on the Summit process. Students can pose a question to one of the site’s analysts or interact with the decision makers themselves in any of the online discussions or chat rooms.


The Americas Society


The Americas Society is dedicated to informing the people of the United States about the societies and cultures of their Latin American, Caribbean, and Canadian neighbors. The site focuses on increasing public awareness of contemporary political, social, and economic issues, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of our Western hemispheric neighbors. The site accesses information on visual arts, literature, music, programs, articles, career opportunities, exhibits, and links to other related sites.


Association of Caribbean States


The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) promotes cooperation among its member states to advance the region. Its site provides information on the association, access to statistics and library databases, and links to organizations that include ACS member states.


Barbados Government Information Services Site


This site provides general information on Barbados and its government.


Belize Government Information Services Site


This site provides general information on Belize and its government.


British Virgin Islands Government Information Services Site


This site provides general information on the British Virgin Islands and its government.


Caribbean Community Secretariat


This website contains a comprehensive list of links to news organizations throughout the Caribbean. Links to government information services sites are also provided.


Caribbean Conservation Association


The Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) focuses on the conservation, protection, and wise use of the region’s natural and cultural resources. The site contains information on the association, key environmental issues affecting the region, and resources available on coral reef education in the Caribbean.


Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project


The Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project (CDMP) offers information on projects and activities that are designed to minimize destruction and decrease the recovery period caused by hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean region.


Caribbean Export Development Agency


Caribbean Export lists a wide variety of exported products and services on its website. The latter include links to Chamber of Commerce sites and address trade policies that affect the Caribbean region.


Caribbean News Agency


The official website of the Caribbean News Agency (CANA) provides regional news and information on the Caribbean community. In addition to print news, the site’s audio division provides a means to listen to radio and broadcast news. CANA On-line has established a comprehensive list of links to Caribbean newspapers as well.


Caribbean Tourism Organization


This organization maintains an updated website with information on 32 Caribbean countries. Site visitors can view a weather forecast/report on current conditions and a calendar of upcoming events and festivities in the region. There are also links to general Caribbean information and member country websites.


Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College


This site provides information on the historical development, mission, and design of courses in this college department, which aims to introduce an alternative perspective on Europe’s colonization of Africa and the Americas.


Dominican Republic Government Information Services Site


This site provides general information on the Dominican Republic and its government.


Environment Tobago

This site was created by residents and advocates of Tobago who are committed to protecting and restoring the fragile environment of this island. There are extensive links to reports and articles about Tobago’s natural environment and conservation efforts.


Florida International University Latin American and Caribbean Center


LACC promotes high-quality research, education, and services on Latin America and the Caribbean that build on the unique assets of its inter-American setting.


Georgetown University/Organization of American States (OAS) Political Database of the Americas


The Georgetown University Center for Latin American Studies’ Political Database of the Americas provides reliable, updated information on Latin American politics. The main objective of the Database project is to develop a comprehensive source of primary documents and statistical political information accessible via the Web.


Haiti Global Village


Haiti Global Village contains an interactive online community; information about Haiti and Haitian people throughout the world; and resources on Haitian culture, art, literature, music, society, business, economy, politics, news, communications, computers, and the Internet in Haiti.


Institute for Puerto Rican Policy


This site has established a clearinghouse on Puerto Rican issues. Its features include information on the Institute; access to an e-mail discussion group on Puerto Rican issues; the full text reprint of a monthly journal of Puerto Rican policy and politics; summaries of statistics on Puerto Ricans; a directory of community organizations; a calendar of important historical dates and updates on major festivals; a listing of resources; statistics on Latino neighborhoods; links to related sites; and access to downloadable images, sounds, and video.


Latin American Trade Council of Oregon


The Latin American Trade Council of Oregon fosters economic exchanges between Oregon and Latin America. The organization facilitates its mission online by including information on conferences and workshops, a newsletter, an Internet e-mail list, online forums, and a member directory. The group also makes available reports on specific trade opportunities in the various Latin American countries.


Latin World


LatinWorld features a comprehensive directory of Internet resources on Latin America and the Caribbean.


Library of Congress Handbook of Latin American Studies On-Line


This site provides access to upcoming, current, and retrospective bibliographies of Latin American resources in the social sciences and the humanities. Each bibliography is developed annually and contains more than 5,000 works. The retrospective volumes of the bibliography date back to 1935.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Caribbean Index


This site is maintained by the Caribbean Club of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It includes links to Caribbean content sites, such as academic institutions, recreational and entertainment activities, Caribbean newspaper/media, Caribbean Internet service providers, and companies and organizations affiliated with the Caribbean region.


The Organization of American States (OAS)


The Organization of American States is the world’s oldest regional organization and includes among its members all 35 sovereign states of the Americas. The purpose of the organization is to promote the economic and social development of the member states and advocate for security and peace in the region. The website provides background information on the organization, links to sites about the member states, and access to documents and speeches that elaborate on programs and policies.

Saint Lucia Government Information Services Site


This site provides general information on Saint Lucia and its government.


Romany Investments Caribbean Search Engine


This search engine focuses on the Caribbean region and provides links to weather, news, Caribbean countries, stock exchange information, and Caribbean chat rooms and forums. The site also provides access to a currency converter and other notable links.


United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean


The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean has organized a site replete with research studies, statistics, data, reports, workshops, and news on the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.


The United States Agency for International Development


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has developed a database of socioeconomic information on the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The data are organized into social, environment, democracy, and trade sectors that include summary graphs or charts and downloadable Lotus spreadsheet files.


U.S. State Department


The Department of State outlines U.S. policy in the Caribbean and provides links to regional affairs, U.S. missions, and speeches. This site also links to a geographic learning site for students.


University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies


This website provides information about programs, people, resources, and activities at the University of Florida’s Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), as well as links to other Internet sources of information on Latin America and Latin American, Latino, or Chicano studies.


University of Puerto Rico


This site provides general information on the university and its programs.



University of Texas-Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)


This server is managed by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin, and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The objective of LANIC is to provide Latin American users with access to academic databases and information services throughout the Internet world, and to provide Latin Americanists around the world with access to information about and from Latin America.


University of the West Indies (Mano Campus)


This site discusses the university, its programs, and countries that are served by the institution.


The Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies


The Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies (VICS) is an Internet forum that aims to stimulate the development and study of Caribbean people through the dissemination of relevant research. The site addresses issues such as sustainable development; political economy of the region; tourism and ecology; regional integration and external relations; ethnicity, race, and class; culture and development; gender; sexuality; and public health.


Michael J. Berson, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of social science education in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of South Florida. His research explores technology in social studies education, the use of primary source materials in instruction, and global child advocacy.