Resources on the FDR Era

Fred Crouch and John F. SearsThe resources listed in this section include recent notable books about the FDR era; organizations that assist the study of the period; books and other publications for students; art, cartoons, poster and photo aids; videos, audio cassettes, CD-ROMs and software; educational kits; and simulations and games.Recent Notable Books about the FDREraReviewed by John F. SearsBlack, Allida M. Casting Her Own Shadow: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Shaping of Postwar Liberalism. New York: Columbia University Press, 1996. $29.95. From FDR's death in 1945 until her own death in 1962, Eleanor Roosevelt exerted a strong influence on the Democratic Party and served as one of the most passionate and effective standard bearers for the liberal agenda, especially in the areas of fair employment practices, civil liberties, and civil rights. Casting Her Own Shadow is one of the most important books to date to examine this phase of ER's remarkable political career. Blanche Wiesen Cook writes, "Eleanor Roosevelt's vision remains a beacon of hope in our mean and controversial time, and this book vividly presents the dramatic and enduring challenge of her boldly liberal vision."Black, Allida M (ed.). What I Hope to Leave Behind: The Essential Essays of Eleanor Roosevelt. Brooklyn, New York: Carlson Publishing, 1995. $75.00. A collection of Eleanor Roosevelt's essays from throughout her career conveniently organized by subject. This volume should be in every school library, where it will serve as a valuable source of primary materials for students preparing papers and reports on a wide range of topics in twentieth-century American history, including Eleanor Roosevelt, women, labor unions, civil rights, the United Nations, human rights, and citizenship in a democratic society.Brinkley, Alan. The End of Reform: New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995. $27.50. In a major contribution to the history of liberalism, Professor Brinkley examines the debate about economic policy carried on by New Dealers during the recession of 1937-38 and explores the consequences for the future of liberalism of the decision to pursue deficit spending as a means of stimulating economic recovery rather than attempting more far-reaching reforms.Goodwin, Doris Kearns. No Ordinary Time-Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994. $30.00. A fascinating account of the American home front during World War II, told, as Goodwin puts it, through "the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the circle of friends...who lived with them in the family quarters of the White House."Hapke, Laura. Daughters of the Great Depression. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1995. $45.00. This is the first work to examine the experience of the 11 million women who worked outside the home at the time of the Great Depression. Drawing on novels and short stories, as well as documentary photographs and films, magazine articles, and government reports, Ms. Hapke documents the economic and psychological impact of the Depression on female professional and industrial workers.Leuchtenburg, William E. The Supreme Court Reborn: The Constitutional Revolution in the Age of Roosevelt. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. $30.00. Between 1937 and 1946, Proessor Leuchtenburg tells us, the Supreme Court reversed 32 previous decisions, including 8 that had been unanimous. The Supreme Court Reborn is a clear, compelling account of the judicial revolution during which the Supreme Court transformed itself from a conservative opponent of the New Deal to a liberal supporter, thus laying the groundwork for a great expansion of Federal power and for the period of judicial activism that provided the legal framework for the Civil Rights Movement.Newton, Verne. (ed.) FDR and the Holocaust. New York: Roosevelt Institute/St. Martin's Press, 1996. $49.95. A collection of essays generated by a conference held at the FDR Library in 1993 on the American response to the Holocaust. The collection explores the historical context in which President Roosevelt, members of his administration, Congress, and the American Jewish Community responded to Hitler's slaughter of European Jews and provides a spectrum of opinion on what more could or could not have been done. "Hopefully," Edward Shapiro writes in a thoughtful review in Forward (January 26, 1996), "this volume will help counter the excessively ahistorical critique of FDR and his administration's refugee policies."Starr, Kevin. Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in California. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. $35.00. The fourth book in Mr. Starr's series, "Americans and the California Dream," Endangered Dreams recounts the political clashes in California during the Great Depression and the remarkable transformation of the state's physical landscape. Students of the Roosevelt period will find his chapters on the documentary photographers and writers in California during the Depression and on the public works projects of the New Deal of special interest.Ward, Geoffrey C. (ed.) Closest Companion: The Unknown Story of the Intimate Friendship Between Franklin Roosevelt and Margaret Suckley. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1995. $24.95. "Do you know that you alone have known that I was a bit 'cast down' these past weeks," FDR once wrote to "Daisy" Suckley. "I couldn't let anyone else know it-but somehow I seem to tell you all those things and what I don't happen to tell you, you seem to know anyway!" Geoffrey Ward has done a wonderful job of editing and annotating the diary of FDR's friend and sixth cousin Margaret ("Daisy") Suckley and the letters exchanged between them. Miss Suckley's diary, found after her death in 1991, provides an intimate perspective on the President's daily life and records a touching story of a mutually supportive friendship. "He told me once that there was no one else with whom he could be completely himself," Miss Suckley writes.With the exception of the reviews of Allida M. Black's books, the above reviews are reproduced by permission from the newsletter of the Roosevelt Institute and FDR Library, The View from Hyde Park.OrganizationsFranklin D. Roosevelt Library511 Albany Post Rd.Hyde Park, New York 12538fax 914-229-0872The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library's redesigned Eleanor Roosevelt exhibit includes the latest in interactive educational video technology. Its new World War II exhibit features an interactive exhibit based on presidential decision making and a recreation of the secret Roosevelt White House Map Room. The FDR Library offers docent-led tours for student groups. It also offers the following educational programs:Student Research: Students work with the "raw stuff" of history from the FDRL archives to solve some historical puzzle: Why Intern the Japanese-Americans?, What Was Life Like in Auschwitz?, What's in a Top-Secret File? A list of research topics is available on request. Grades 7-12 (more suitable for upper level students). 1 to 3 hours. 30 students.Document Analysis: Analyzing historical documents provides students with an understanding of how professional historians create history from primary sources. Students can learn about secret information and the U.S. classification of information system by examining a recently declassified document, or about other Roosevelt Era topics as follows: Grades 5-7 Great Depression, 6-9 Atomic Bomb, 8-12 Secret Information, 11-12 Pearl Harbor Attack. 45 min.-1 hour. 100 students.Spies/Secret Agents in the Oval Office: Students work in teams to appropriate information from FDR's Top Secret Safe Files in this simulation of a World War II spy mission. The exercise teaches students to select important information, to develop and defend a strategy based on the materials, and to function effectively as a team. A debriefing session, run by the FDR library "Master Spy," puts your students' critical thinking skills to the test, and awards team and individual excellence. Information made available through this game was forbidden knowledge until quite recently. Grades 7-12 (more suitable for upper level students). 1 2hours. 30 students.Eleanor Roosevelt as First Lady: As the role of the first lady is not defined, it is dynamic, and first ladies can be rather controversial. This analysis includes a filmed "self history" and several archival documents which reveal Eleanor Roosevelt's complexity as well as the extent and method of her activism. Grades 9-12 (more suitable for upper level students). 1-1.5 hours. 50 students.FDR: Paralysis and the Media: Students view and discuss news reels as information, entertainment and propaganda. Students are led on an analysis of "the news" as it was reported in the 1930's or 40's. Comparison to contemporary TV news helps students become a more critical audience. Attention is focused on the media's handling of FDR's disability. Grades 5-7. 45 min. 100 students.Fala at Hyde Park Film: Why would the President of the United States have a pet? The film "Fala at Hyde Park" and the talk on "The President and His Pets" allow younger students to empathize with and to touch the complexity of the executive oval office. Grades 1-4.5 hour. 100 students.

Please note that reservations are required for all groups. For further information, including reservation forms, please write or send a fax to John Ferris, Education Department, 511 Albany Post Rd., Hyde Park, NY 12538 Fax: 914-229-0872Roosevelt/Vanderbilt Historic Site519 Albany Post RoadHyde Park, NY 12538The Roosevelt/Vanderbilt Historic Site is operated by the National Park Service. The site includes Springwood, the Roosevelt family home; Eleanor Roosevelt's cottage and home at Val-Kill; and the Vanderbilt Mansion. Reservations for tours by student groups can be made by calling 914-229-9115.Top CottageHyde Park, NYTop Cottage, a retreat designed and built by FDR on his Hyde Park estate in 1938-39, has recently been acquired by the Open Space Institute and the Roosevelt Institute. It is an early example of a dwelling designed to accommodate a person with a disability. It will be open to tours by school groups beginning in 1997 or 1998. For information, contact the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, 511 Albany Post Rd., Hyde Park, NY 12538. Fax: 914-229-9046.Little White House Historic SiteRoute 1, Box 10Georgia Highway 85 WestWarm Springs, GA 31830-9701706-655-5870; fax: 706-655-5103.Current rates for groups (15 or more) are: Adult groups, $3 each, Youth Groups, $1 each.Roosevelt Campobello International ParkP.O. Box 97Lubec, ME 04652506-752-2922; fax: 506-752-2052The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute511 Albany Post RoadHyde Park, NY 12538feri@maristb.marist.edufax: 914-229-9046A non-profit organization devoted to keeping the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt alive through education, research, workshops for teachers, conferences, publications, and other programs. FERI works closely with the FDR Library in Hyde Park and the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, the Netherlands.Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-KillBox 255, Hyde Park, NY 12538Tel.: 914-229-5302; fax: 914-229-0742A non-profit organization devoted to preserving Eleanor Roosevelt's home as a living memorial. ERVK sponsors conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, and other programs.The Harry Hopkins Public Service Institute2226 48th St., N.W.Washington, D.C. 20007Tel.: 202-338-5213Encourages participation in public service and recognizes and rewards outstanding public servants. Robert Hopkins, the President, is the son of Harry Hopkins. An extraordinary video, Harry Hopkins: At FDR's Side, can be obtained from Filmmakers Library, 124 E. 40th St., suite 901, New York, New York, 10016. Tel.: 212-808-4980; fax: 212-808-4983.There is a special price for NCSS members of $89.00 for the first copy and $39.00 for each additional copy. This ninety minute video is an excellent resource for all U.S. History classes.Books and Other Publications for StudentsBrother, Can You Spare A Dime? The Great Depression 1929-1933. Edited by Milton Meltzer. Uses quotes, photographs, and songs of the period to show hardships of the period. Facts On File. 130 pages. FF219-16 $17.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Cobblestone. Three issues of Cobblestone dealing with the Roosevelt era are: Great Depression, back issue (1984-03); Eleanor Roosevelt, back issue (l986-11); Franklin D. Roosevelt, back issue (1995-04). 1-19 issues $4.50 each; over 20 $3.95 each. Available from Cobblestone Publishing, (800) 821-0115.The Coming of the New Deal. By Arthur M. Schlesinger. Houghton Mifflin. HOU175-16 1-4 copies, $11.95; 5 copies and over, $10.75. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Crash Of '29 And The New Deal. By Bruce Glassman. This well-illustrated book describes the collapse of the stock market and the hardships that ensued. Grades 5-8. Silver Burdett. 63 pages. SVB157-16 1-4 copies $8.95 each/ 5 copies and over $7.15 each. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Depression. Five Broadsheet Essays. Twelve Historical Documents. D-A11 $35.00. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022.Eleanor Roosevelt. Six Broadsheet Essays. Two timelines-one for Eleanor and one for FDR. Fourteen Historical Documents. D-G89 $35.00. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022.F.D.R. Grades 7 and up. This biography is part of a series titled Leaders of World War II, published by Chelsea House. 110 pages. CD422-W6 $18.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill, Hyde Park, New York. Teaching with Historic Places. Examine how Eleanor Roosevelt's activities at home reflected her interest in humanitarianism, epitomized by her leadership in the creation of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. D-HP 26 $8.00. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022.Franklin D. Roosevelt's Inaugural Address of 1933. 22 pages. #200107. Softcover, $3.50. Available from the National Archives, (800) 234-8861.The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck. Pen. Grades 10-12. $7.00; $4.90 when ordering more than ten copies. Available from Adams, (800) 221-0909.The Great Depression. This book examines the roots of the Great Depression, the response of our citizens and government, and the lessons applicable to current situations. #GP582-W6 Hardback $16.95(Reading level 6-8). Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Great Depression: America in the l930's. By T.H. Watkins. The decade between the "Crash" and the l939-40 World's Fair is presented as a companion to the PBS series of the same name. Grades 9 and up. Little, Brown. 375 pages. LB177-16 $24.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Growing Up In The Great Depression. By Richard Wormser. Focuses on what happened to youngsters during the Depression. Uses letters, diaries, oral histories, and memoirs to show how some children turned hobo and rode the rails; how some worked as cheap labor on farms; how others watched the "black snow" bury their farms; how many left school to aid their families; and how black youth suffered disproportionately because "blacks need less than whites." Grades 6-10. Atheneum. 124 pages. ATH131-16 $15.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Japanese-American Internment: The Bill of Rights in Crisis. Six Broadsheet Essays, Timeline, Fourteen Historical Documents. D-N61 $37.00. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022.Lessons on American History. Blackline masters. Part Ten includes #127 The Twenties and Thirties, #128 The New Deal, #129 Causes of World War II, #130 World War II, #131 Major Battles of World War II, #132 Franklin D. Roosevelt, #133 Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, and Roosevelt. Part Ten's cost is $38.50, available from Learning Center U.S.A, (716) 593-0420; P.O. Box 19, Department 26, Scio, NY 14880-0019.The New Age of Franklin Roosevelt, 1932-1945. By Dexter Perkins. 194 pages. Paperback. 1-4, $12.95 each. 5 and over, $11.65 each. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The New Deal. Six Broadsheet Essays. Eleven Historical Documents. D-A15 $35.00. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022.The New Deal. By Gail Stewart. Assesses the political controversies that raged over FDR's New Deal. Photographs on almost every page. Grades 6-12. New Discovery/Macmillan. 111 pages. SVB344-16 1-4 copies, $14.95; 5 copies and over, $11.95. Available from Social Studies School Service (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.The New Deal: Hope for the Nation. Introduces students to primary and secondary historical source material as well as firsthand testimony from teenagers living at the time. Grades 5 and up. Discovery Enterprises. 50-60 pages. DEL125-16 $5.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms: Images That Inspire a Nation. By Stuart Murray and James McCabe. This 50th anniversary album tells how Rockwell conceived and painted his evocative images. 70 illustrations. Grades 5 and up. Berkshire House. 144p. NBN101-16 Paperback. 1-4 copies, $14.95 each; 5 copies and over, $13.45 each. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Our Century. Archival photographs are used in these large format magazines. Reading level: grades 3.5-4.5. Interest level 7-12. Fearon. 1920-1930 FEA208-16/ 1930-1940 FEA209-16/ 1940-1950 FEA211-16/ $8.95 each. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Perils of Prosperity, 1914-1932. By William E. Leuchtenburg. 321 pages. UCH112-16 Paperback. 1-4, $10.95 each; 5 and over, $9.85 each. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Prohibition: The 18th Amendment, The Volstead Act, The 21st Amendment. 20 pages. #200107 $3.50. Available from the National Archives, (800) 234-8861.Art, Cartoons, Posters and Photo AidsThe Depression Hits Home. 12 poster-size photographs showing the deprivation and poverty of this period. Includes Broadsheet essay, timeline and reproducible activities. D-PC101 $19.95. Available from Jackdaw Publications, (800) 789-0022The Depression Years-As Photographed by Arthur Rothstein. 120 photographs covering the years 1935-1941. Included are Okies, cotton and fruit pickers, urban shots, coal miners, and labor events. Dover. 119 pages. DOV590-16 1-4 copies, $10.95 each; 5 copies and over, $9.85 Available from Social Studies School Service; (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.DRAW! Political Cartoons from Left to Right. By Stacey Bredhoff. This collection of 130 cartoons reflects the underlying themes of American history. 144 pages. #200021 paperback, $7.95 ISBN 0-911333-85-1. Available from the National Archives, (800) 234-8861.The Dust Bowl. 20 photographs depicting the horrors caused by the dust bowl. Deserted towns, raging dust storms, and farms turned into deserts. DPA31-16 $34.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Great Depression: 1929-1939. 30 photographs and political cartoons depicting unemployment, bread lines, FDR, a "Hooverville," bank closures, and more. DPA73-16 $51.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Norman Rockwell Four Freedoms Poster Set. Four full-color posters based on FDR's speech and the Atlantic Charter. 28"h x 20"w. National Archives. NK142-16 $24.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Posters of World War II. Provides a unique history of poster art in the war years. 130 plates. Captions identify the setting, purpose, and artist where known. Caution: some posters employ racist themes. Grades 5 and up (most 8" x 10" in full color). Gramercy. 127 p. Hardback CRN183-16 $14.99. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Prosperity and Depression: 1920-1939. A six-panel poster with teaching guides, debate/discussion questions, and textbook follow-ups. Grades 7-12. Highsmith. HS116-16 $12.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432. World War II: 1939-1945. A six-panel poster with teaching guides, debate/discussion questions, and textbook follow-ups. Grades 7-12. Highsmith. HS117-16 $12.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.World War II Posters. French, U.S., and British artists.12 full-color posters 17"h x 11"w. Perfection Form. PFF225-16 $26.35. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432 Videos, Audio-Cassettes, CD-ROMs, SoftwareAmerica Goes to War: The Home Front-World War II. 5-Part Series. Each tape is one hour. AWWH-100-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-0337-4 Series Price: $300. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.America in the Thirties: Creating the Safety Net. The creation of a stronger central government, while keeping our democracy intact, enabled the U.S. to surmount the enormous hardships of the Depression. Deals with the psychological as well as the legislative impact of FDR and the New Deal. 30 minute video. AFQ2258 $129.00 Rental: $75.00. Available from Films For The Humanities and Sciences, (800) 257-5126.America Lost and Found: The Depression Decade. A PBS compilation of rare newsreel footage which chronicles the events of the l930s. Cartoons such as Popeye are shown, like the nation, knocked flat on his back, but leaping back to his feet after a swallow of spinach. Grades 7 and up. 58 minutes. Direct Cinema Education. DCE100V-16 $95.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? Period newsreels, and feature films and music of the 30's. Huey Long, FDR's campaigns, marathon dancing, and Winston Churchill's visit to New York. Caution: contains a scene with partial nudity. 106 minute video. VIC106V-16 $19.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Castle A.P. U.S. History. Developed by Castle Software, Inc. Grades 9-12. A powerful study guide for AP students. There are separate units on the Depression and the New Deal, l929-1937 and World War II, l937-1945. Requires: MS-DOS 4.0 or higher, 512K minimum, hard disk, mouse is optional. When ordering, specify computer and format. AP U.S. History. CSAP $135.00; Lab Pack (10) CSAPL $540.00; Network/Site License CSAPN $810.00. Note: These are school prices. Available from William K. Bradford Publishing Company, (800) 421-2009.Cinema of the New Deal. Three films that dramatize the common man and woman's struggle to survive the Depression. Left-leaning filmmakers pioneered the "cinepoem" and "the drama of ideas" to urge ordinary Americans to support the New Deal programs and join labor unions. Grades 7 and up. Complete Set: 3 videos $85.00: "Our Daily Bread," 74 minutes. KN106V-16 $29.95; "Power and the Land," 105 minutes. KN107V-16 $29.95; "Native Land," 88 minutes. KN108V-16 $29.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432The Democrat and the Dictator. Contrasts FDR and Hitler. 55 minute video. "A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers." Grades 7 and up. CEL/BDM. CEL115V-16 $24.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Eleanor and Franklin. Winner of 11 Emmy Awards and based on Joseph Lash's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, this video traces their lives from childhood through the presidency. 3 hrs. 24 mins. on two videocassettes. PAV9540 $19.95 (sale price). Available from Wellspring Media Inc., (800) 538-5856.Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit. Focuses on the activist first lady, her press conferences, her struggle for civil rights and women's rights, and her childhood and married life. 50 minute video. 10275AJ $19.95. Available from Filmic Archives, (800) 366-1920.The Eleanor Roosevelt Story. (l965) B&W. Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish wrote the script for the Academy Award-winning documentary. 90 minute video. 6333 AJ $19.95. Available from Filmic Archives, (800) 366-1920.FDR. Polio at age 39, president at age 50. Explore the public and private life of a determined man who steered this country through two monumental crises: the Depression and World War 11. 4.5 hours on 2 tapes. AMEX-777-CR96/ISBN O-7936-1303-5 $99.95. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.FDR: The War Years. He was weak, frail, unable to walk, yet he marched the nation to victory in the greatest conflict in world history. His third term, battles with isolationists, speeches, and Yalta are covered. 50 min. video. 10276AJ $19.95. Available from Filmic Archives, (800) 366-1920.FDR: Years of Crisis. An informative biography for Grades 4 and up. Color. 45-50 minute video. A&E. FE128V-16 $19.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Franklin D. Roosevelt. 60 minute video. The leader and orator, born to great privilege and physical hardship and filled with a sense of manifest destiny. 4270AJ $24.95. Available from Filmic Archives, (800) 366-1920.Franklin Delano Roosevelt. CD-ROM. Features cinematic tours of the most dramatic events of FDR's Presidency; interactive exploration of sites significant to FDR, including the White House and Hyde Park; and a time line and contextual pathways enabling the viewer to explore the relationship of FDR's life and career to world events. Release dates: Windows CD-ROM: October 1996; Macintosh CD-ROM: January 1997. Anticipated price: $40.00. Available from Corbis Corporation, (800) 246-2065.Great American Speeches, 1931-1947. Includes speeches by Roosevelt from his inauguration to the declaration of war on Japan. Two audio cassettes. Running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes. HCP2033-S Audio. $17.00. Available from Cambridge Educational, (800) 468-4227.Great Depression. Students will analyze the background and conditions that led to economic chaos and learn about Hoover's philosophy, the New Deal and the impact of World War II. See the impact of the Depression on the lives of average citizens. Grades 6-12. MAC/WIN & DOS on one CD. School $74.95. CLEAO105-CDBS; Lab Pk $221.95 CLEAO105-CDBL5. Available from Learning Services. (800) 877-3278.The Great Depression. 7-Part Series. Chronicles the sweep of events between the two world wars. GDEP-000-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1036-2 Series Price: $425. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.Part 1-A Job at Ford's. 60 minutes. GDEP-101-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1037-0 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 2-The Road to Rock Bottom. 60 minutes. GDEP-102-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1038-9 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 3-New Deal/New York. 60 minutes. GDEP-103-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1039-7 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 4-We Have a Plan. 60 minutes. GDEP-104-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1040-0 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 5-Mean Things Happening. 60 minutes. GDEP-105-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1041-9 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 6-To Be Somebody. 60 minutes. GDEP-106-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1042-7 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95Part 7-Arsenal of Democracy. 60 minutes. GDEP-107-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1043-5 $69.95 Indexed version-$79.95The Great Depression: 1929-1939. Shows turning point in American thought on economic and governmental principles. Changes in federal government made by FDR are shown. 31 minute video. Guidance Associates. GDA229V-16 $79.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Great Depression: Witness to History. Bank runs, food lines, "Hoovervilles," Bonus Army, l932 election. 15 minute video. GDA343V-16 $39.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Helping Hand. Focus on New Deal programs such as "work relief," unemployment insurance, the NRA, the FHA, and the CCC. 55 minute video. "A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers." Grades 7 and up. CEL123V-16 $24.95. Available from Social Studies School Service. (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Huey Long. Life and times of the populist governor and senator from Louisiana. 90 minutes. HUEY-000-CR96 ISBN 0-7936-1629-8 $69.95. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.It's Been a Long, Long Time. Chronicles the war's end, the explosion of two atomic bombs and the shutting down of many war industries. 30 minutes. AWW1-110-CR96/ISBN 0-7936-1858-4 $49.95. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.Life in the Thirties. Focuses on the economic downturn and social unrest of the 30's. 60 minute video. First broadcast as part of the award-winning Project XX series first broadcast on NBC. TL379V-16 $99.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Migrants. Based on a story by Tennessee Williams. A 1973 CBS television production. Follows the Barlow clan as they eke out a bare existence moving from farm to farm. Grades 7 and up. 83 minutes. MHV221V-16 $69.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The New Deal: Witness to History. Roosevelt's inauguration speech launching the New Deal, WPA, CCC, Chicago steelworker's strike. 15 minute video. GDA265V-16 $39.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.1929-1941: The Great Depression. A worldwide economic collapse, the Great Depression lasted more than a decade and only ended with the military production of World War II. Through archival footage and photographs, the video brings this important era to life. Grades 10-12. 25 minute video. G51450 $99.00. Available from National Geographic, (800) 368-2728.1930-1939: The Great Depression. "A New Deal." Shanty towns, the Dust Bowl, Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Dillinger, G-Men, Charlie McCarthy, comics, etc. 60 minute video. Produced by ABC Video. MJK109V-16 $19.98. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.1935-1945: Two Great Crusades. This video examines two major eras of American life in the 20th century: FDR's New Deal and World War II. 30 minutes. Grades 6 and up. V630-519 $64.95. Available from Knowledge Unlimited Inc., (800) 356-2303.The Promise Fulfilled and the Promise Broken. The dreamy optimism of the l920's, the rude awakening of the stock market crash, the dark reality of the Great Depression, and the slow recovery during FDR's administration are recounted. Alistair Cooke. 52 minute video. BBC/Time-Life. TL110V-16 $99. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Social Reform Movements. CD-ROM. Explore how society addresses the need for massive change. Review several major eras of reform, from the Abolitionist Movement to the New Deal. Macintosh & Windows CD-ROM/ Y3CD6092 $50.00; Y3CD6092L Lab Pack $150.00. Available from Clearvue/eav., (800) 253-2788.World War II-The Home Front: Mood Indigo, Blacks and Whites. Video. 30 minutes. Wartime newsreels reveal that the World War II American home front is as racially segregated as the U.S. Armed Forces. Black civilians continue to back the war effort and black servicemen continue to distinguish themselves overseas. AWW1-109-CR96/ ISBN 0-7936-1857-6 $49.95. Available from PBS Video, (800) 344-3337.Educational KitsAll The King's Men. 1949 adaptation of Robert Penn Warren's depiction of a Southern demagogue. Inspired by the real-life story of Louisiana politician Huey Long. Video. SV611V-16 $19.95; Laserdisc (CLV) SV611L-16 $34.95; Paperback. HRB209-16 1-4 copies, $11.00 each; 5 copies and over, $9.90. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Bound For Glory. A vivid biography of American troubadour Woody Guthrie. Note: strong language. 149 minutes. Video. SV622V-16 $19.98; Paperback. NAL275-16 1-4 copies, $12.95 each; 5 copies and over, $11.65. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Grapes of Wrath. 129 minutes. VideoLit Packet which includes activity sheets, teacher's guide, and monograph "How to Tie Video to the Teaching of Literature" SD195-16 $12.95; VHS videocassette SV141V-16 $19.98; Paperback 1-4 copies, PEN4239-16 $7.95; Paperback 5 copies and over, PEN4239-16 $6.35; 2 laserdiscs (CLV) SV141L-16 $58.50. Available from Social Studies School Service (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Grapes of Wrath and the 1930's. Steinbeck's greatest novel and the photographs of Lange, Bourke-White, Evans, and others are intertwined with social commentary. Video. 38 minutes. Y7VH 0227 $100.00. Available from Clearvue/eav, (800) 253-2788.The Great Depression. Dramatized selections and original text from five different writers give a varied perspective of the 30's. Multicultural. Maps, timelines, graphs, discussion questions and literature are included. VIDEODISC CAV 20 minutes B9524-02LD, $395.00. Available from SVE, (800) 341-2177.The New Deal. Produced by The New York Times Educational Media for grades 9-12. Rich in archival film and print materials, these kits contain a videocassette, approximately 24 reprints from past issues of the Times, a front page poster, and a teacher's guide. NYE140V-16 Complete Unit: $134.95; NYE141V-16 FDR's New Deal: The First Term, l933-36 $49.95; NYE142V-16 The Supreme Court & The New Deal, 1935-37 $49.95; NYE143V-16 Roosevelt & The Court-Packing Controversy, l937 $49.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Based on the novel by Mildred D. Taylor, Southern black landowners are seen in their struggles with the Great Depression. Grades 5-9. Video. 95 minutes. VS231V-16 $14.98; reproducible activities. PFF435-16 $19.95; Paperback. BAN279-16 1-4 copies, $4.99 each; 5 copies and over, $4.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Topical Teaching Units. Created to emphasize critical thinking skills and to understand the process by which history is written. Each unit contains 50 reproductions of documents-charts, photographs, letters, drawings, posters, and a teacher's guide. World War II-The Home Front. A wide variety of documents assists students as they develop reports of life on the home front. Public opinion surveys, letters about the status of women and African Americans, photographs from relocation camps, and tape recordings of government appeals to support the war effort are included. $40.00. Available from the National Archives. To order call (800) 232-7477.Simulations/GamesThe American Neutrality Debate: 1940. (Formerly: The America First Committee v. The Aid to Our Allies Committee.) This debate concerns America's global role and the classic problem of isolationism v. involvement. INT344-AP6 $34.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.Boom and Bust-The 1920s & 1930s: Creative Activities for Teaching U.S. History. Covers topics such as prohibition, the stock market crash, and the KKK and Immigration. The reproducible worksheets include games, puzzles, and trivia quizzes. Grades 5 and up. Stevens and Shea. RIM144-16 $12.95. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.Congressional Fact-Finding Mission: 1943. A Congressional committee convenes during 1943 at the site of a Japanese-American relocation camp in Poston, Arizona to investigate charges of false imprisonment, prejudice, and war hysteria. Grades 6-12 INT166-AP6 $22.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.Eleanor Roosevelt. Students portray Mrs. Roosevelt in a "This Is Your Life"-based simulation. A follow up press conference can be arranged to complement this activity. Grades 7-12. Players 10-35. Time 1-2 hours. Interact. INT136-16 $22.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Election of l936: FDR v. Landon. Angered conservative Republicans charge that New Deal policies are creating a top-heavy bureaucracy. Roosevelt runs on his record. Interact. INT324-16 $34.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.The Great Crash Stock Market Game. Students become involved in the Great Bull Market of 1928-29 and in the Bear Market that followed, making and losing fortunes. Grades 7-12. Players 2-35. Time: 1 or more class periods. H.M.S. Historical Games. HSG108-16 $12.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.The New Deal On Trial: 1939. In this mock trial students pose as famous and average Americans who debate the worth of FDR's programs. Interact. Grades 7-12. One class period. Players 10-35. INT-165-16 $22.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432.1933-Depression Soup Kitchen. Some stand in line, others dispense soup and pep talks. Grades 6-12. 10-35 students. 30 minutes-2hours. Interact. INT357-16, $10.00. Available from Social Studies School Service.1938 Radio Show Activity. Students meet as script-writing teams and, using a format sheet, produce brief scripts with clever sound effects of popular shows of that era. 2310S $10.00. Available from High School Social Studies Catalog-INTERACT, (800) 359-0961.1942-Japanese-American Evacuation. Forced into relocation camps by Executive Order 9066, Japanese-Americans relinquish their possessions to bargain hunters at public auctions. Grades 6-12 INT359-AP6 $10.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800) 944-5432. PANIC: A Simulation of the Prosperity of the 1920's and the Depression of the 1930s. Divided into economic pressure groups of l920-l940 in different regions of the U.S., students have their grades directly influenced by their ability and by fate (that is, the Great Depression). INT11-16 $22.00. Available from Social Studies School Service, (800) 421-4246; fax: (800)944-5432.

Fred Crouch is a school-based social studies specialist at Forestville High School in Prince George's County, Maryland.
John F. Sears is the Executive Director of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York.