Social Education 58(7), 1994, pp. 453-457
National Council for the Social Studies

Resource Materials about the United Nations

Patricia Szczerba
As the world's global databank, the United Nations produces major statistical volumes, results of international research projects, and technical reports for the world's policymakers. Although much of it is technical, there are many materials of use to educators-some specifically designed for teachers-as well as many helpful, well-illustrated publications and audio-visual materials that cover virtually every international issue facing humankind.
Decide how you would like to include the UN in your teaching. It can be done by looking at the system as a whole or by incorporating the UN's work into your specific global issue. You might wish to examine a local issue and consider its global dimension, or follow a theme throughout the year. The following is a description of only a few of the many items produced by and about the UN system in several selected subject areas. You can write to the addresses given for more complete information lists.

Major Information Sources
The following sources provide publications by and/or about the United Nations. The Internet houses more than fourteen databases from UN programs, specialized agencies, and other bodies. (See section on "Instructional Technology" in this issue.)

Public Inquiries Unit, United Nations
Room GA-57, New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-963-4475, Fax: 212-963-0071
Provides information and materials to the public, usually for the cost of postage.

Programme Publications, DH-49B
3 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017
Fax: 212-755-1449
Publications on various issues of children, women, and girls, from health and nutrition to children in especially difficult circumstances. Free catalog.

4611-F Assembly Drive, Lanham, MD 20706
Tel: 301-459-7666 or 800-274-4888, Fax: 301-459-0056
Distributes publications from many UN agencies including UNESCO, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and UN University (UNU).

United Nations Associations
More than eighty countries have UNAs that mobilize their nationals to participate in the work of the UN. This is the main non-governmental organization that citizens can join to learn about and participate in the work of the UN. Many issue publications.

United Nations Association-USA (UNA-USA)
485 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-697-3232, Fax: 212-682-9185
See entry above. 150 local chapters in the United States. Provides publications and support for Model United Nations, including calendar of MUN conferences. Free catalog.

United Nations Bookstore
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-963-7680 or 800-553-3210, Fax: 212-963-4910
UN books, posters, postcards, and calendars by the UN and books from other publishers on international issues.

United Nations Depository Libraries
More than 340 libraries worldwide, usually in capital cities, provide UN documents, periodicals, and books to the general public. United Nations Depository Libraries in the United States (approximately forty-two). Most are sections within university libraries. Carry UN documents, books, and periodicals.

United Nations Information Centers
Located in more than seventy countries, usually in the capital city, these centers provide information on the UN system to educators, media, and the general public.

United Nations Information Center, United States
1889 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
Tel: 202-289-8670, Fax: 202-289-4267
Provides UN information for the United States. No publications are sold, but the center is available for public use, and free materials on the work of the UN are available upon request.

United Nations Publications Sales Section
2 United Nations Plaza, Room DC2-853, Dept. 421, New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-963-8302 or 800-252-9646, Fax: 212-963-3489
Distributes UN publications to North America, South America, and Asia. Free catalog.

United Nations Publications Sales Office and Bookshop
CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland
Tel: 41 (22) 740-0921, Orders, inquiries regarding publications, subscriptions
Tel: 41 (22) 740-0964, New accounts, trade, orders
Fax: 41 (22) 740-0931
Distributes UN publications to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

U.S. Committee for UNICEF Education Department
333 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-922-2510, Fax: 212-779-1679
Provides curriculum materials on children who live in other countries. Free catalog of print materials and videos.

World Bank, Development Education Program
For free catalog (secondary level):
Catalog of Educational Material
Office of the Publisher, The World Bank, Washington, DC 20433
Tel: 202-473-1945, Fax: 202-676-0635
Classroom-ready student booklets and teacher's guide on economic issues. English, French, Spanish.

See "Major Information Sources" for contact information to order the following publications.
ABCs of the United Nations.
Pamphlet providing an overview of the United Nations. From: UNA-USA and NEA, Cost: $1.00
A Global Affair: An Inside Look at the UN and Its History. Pictorial sections, anecdotes, and cartoons, as well as essays by journalists who have covered the UN during the past fifty years. Designed to appeal to the general reader, the book showcases the unique nature of both the UN and those who have served the Organization. From: UN Bookstore
A Global Agenda: Issues Before the General Assembly of the United Nations (issued each September before the General Assembly begins). Reviews issues facing the upcoming General Assembly; including functions and regional perspectives; contains text of UN charter and directory of permanent missions. From: UNA-USA and UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $16.00
An Agenda for Peace, by Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. In this short but powerful booklet, the Secretary-General urges respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and calls upon the United Nations to set up new procedures for preventive diplomacy, that is, to intervene in developing disagreements before they erupt into conflict. UN Department of Public Information, 1992, 53 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $6.00
A Vision of Hope. An illustrated magazine-format souvenir publication for the general reader. English, French, Spanish. Regency Press, UK, 300 pp. From: UN Bookstore
Basic Facts about the United Nations. Condensed and recently updated historical and explanatory book about the organization and its activities. Used as supplementary textbook for world history classes and model UN high school and college groups. UN Publications, 1993, 290 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $5.00
Between the Guns: Children as a Zone of Peace, by Varindra Tarzie Vittachi. Description of UNICEF's work, led by Mr. Vittachi, in creating "zones of peace," where war is stopped to allow UNICEF health personnel to immunize children against the six vaccine-preventable diseases. Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1993, 136 pp. From: UNICEF, Cost: $8.95
The Birth of a Global Civilization, by Dr. Robert Muller. A definitive book on global citizenship as expoused through the preservation of our planetary home and the whole human family. At the cutting edge of our rapidly changing world, Robert Muller outlines his proposals for a new political system for planet Earth. From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $9.95
Bunche, Ralph-An American Life, by Brian Urquhart. Ralph Bunche (1904-1971) was a scholar, administrator, and diplomat who helped draft the United Nations Charter and went on to become the "father" of UN peacekeeping and a professor at Harvard University. Sir Brian Urquhart worked with Dr. Bunche for many years and succeeded him as head of UN peacekeeping, and tells the story of Dr. Bunche in a fascinating style. W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1993. 496 pp. From: UN Bookstore and other major bookstores, Cost: $27.50 hardback
Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice. Pocket-size. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $3.00
Children's History of the United Nations. Coordinated by Peace Child International. Written, illustrated, designed, and edited by an extensive network of young people from some 100 countries. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. From: UN Bookstore
Essays on Education: A Vision for Educators, by Dr. Robert Muller. Edited by Joanne Dufour. A collection of inspirational essays with suggestions for teaching about the United Nations. From: UN Bookstore
Everyone's United Nations-A Handbook on the Work of the United Nations. Basic history of the UN and description of the structure and activities of the organization and its specialized agencies. UN Publications. 1994, 484 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications
Fifty Wishes for a Better World, by Jim Henson Associates (companion to For Every Child a Better World). This illustrated collection of fifty wishes is from children ages 3 to 11 from around the world. Children voice their concerns about the world and their future. From: UN Bookstore
First Lady of the World, by Dr. Robert Muller. In this fictional novel, a woman from India becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations. Her profound spirituality and faith in humanity touch all around her. Dr. Muller presents his World Peace Plan 1992-2010 in this truly inspiring story, which unfolds at the United Nations in New York and the University for Peace In Costa Rica.From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $9.95
For Every Child a Better World (primary), by Kermit the Frog in cooperation with the United Nations. Powerful illustrations and simple, moving text introduce young children to the larger world outside their own community. Inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the book tells the reader, through the gentle voice of Kermit the Frog, about the rights of children everywhere. A Muppet Press/Golden Book. Cost: $9.95 hardback. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications and most major bookstores
Human Development Report (annual each May), Mahbub ul Haq, Project Director. This series is changing our concept of development by putting a human face on economic development issues. Oxford University Press for UNDP, approx. 200 pp From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $17.95
Human Rights for Children-A Curriculum for Teaching Human Rights to Children Ages 3-12, by the Human Rights for Children Committee. Based on the ten sections of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child with strategies for interdisciplinary activities. 1992, 70 pp. From: Hunter House Inc., P.O. BOX 2914, Alameda, CA 94501-0914, Cost: $10.95
International Economic Diplomacy-A Guide to the Global Economy: The Issues, Institutions, and Influences, by UNA-USA. This 129-page resource, with glossary, outlines international economic issues from debt to drugs. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $7.50
Introduction to the Model United Nations. A companion booklet to the video The Model United Nations. Excellent for students working with the Model UN program.From: UNA-USA, UN Bookstore and UN Publications, Cost: $5.00
Lesson Plans on UN History. A. Economic and Social Rights-50 Years of Controversy. B. Should the United Nations Have Its Own Army? by Charles Patterson for the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and UNA-USA, and published in the 1994-95 National History Day Supplement. These lessons are designed to stimulate student investigation into the history and current debate about two vital issues: civil and political rights versus economic and social rights; and the nature and role of UN peacekeeping forces. FERI and UNA-USA are offering two $400 prizes for the best student projects on the history of the UN in resolving conflicts, promoting compromise, and laying the groundwork for peace. From: National History Day, University of Maryland, 0121 Caroline Hall, College Park, MD 20742; Tel: 301-314-9739, Cost: Free
Most of All They Taught Me Happiness, by Dr. Robert Muller. Dr. Muller's critically acclaimed first book originally published by Doubleday in 1978. Beginning with a foreword by Norman Cousins, this book is filled with "Recipes for Happiness". Robert Muller shares with the world his life experiences, as a boy growing up in Alsace-Lorraine through his years as a world servant at the United Nations. From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $9.95
The Oxford 50th Anniverary Book of the United Nations, by Charles Patterson. A comprehensive history of the United Nations written for young people and exploring the UN's first half century of achievements, challenges, and disappointments. Includes both facts and personal accounts. Oxford University Press, 1995, 240 pp. From: Oxford University Press, UN Bookstore and local bookstores, Cost: $35.00
Pictorial Chronology of the United Nations. Approximately 400 archival photographs, each with a brief caption in English, French, and Spanish. Smallwood and Stewart, From: UN Bookstore
Progress of Nations, edited by Peter Adamson. This new annual publication monitors the well-being of children in all nations. Each year it will record national achievements in child survival, health, nutrition, education, family planning, and progress for women. 1994, 54 pp. From: UNICEF, Cost: $6.95
Role of the United Nations in the Advancement of Women: Toward a Partnership World. Module for grades 7-12 illustrating the work of the UN on behalf of women and families. 1993, 98 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $15.00
State of the World's Children (annual), by UNICEF. The 1994 report looks at recent progress in health, nutrition, and education in the context of the broader problems of poverty, population growth, and environmental deterioration. In Arabic, French, English, Russian, Spanish, and forty other languages. Oxford University Press for UNICEF, 94 pp. From: UN Bookstores, Cost: $8.00, .50
State of World Population (annual each summer). Invaluable for teaching about global population issues, includes brief charts and tables. From: UN Population Fund (UNFPA), 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017, Cost: Free
Talking Peace-A Vision for the Next Generation, by Jimmy Carter. This book is the first by a former United States president to address younger readers. Part personal narrative and part thoughtful exposition of current history, the vivid text examines the causes and effects of conflict and explains the urgent call for non-violent conflict resolution in the world today. Dutton Children's Books, New York, 1993, hardback, 192 pp. From: All major bookstores, Cost: $16.99
Teaching about the United Nations and . . . An educational series of booklets and videos produced by the United Nations. Each booklet is approximately 40 pages. Africa Recovery, The Environment and Development, Human Rights, Palestine, United Nations Peacekeeping From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $9.95, Video and booklet: $29.95
UNA-USA's Recommended List of Teaching Materials about the United Nations and Its Work for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the UN. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $5.00
UN Day Kit (annual June to October). Includes poster, manual, publications, and other materials essential to organizing your community or classroom UN Day (October 24) event. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $5.00
United Nations 50th Anniversary Kit. Combined UN Day 1994 and UN 50 Kit. Contains resources for the International Year of the Family and community observances of the UN's 50th Anniversary. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $5.00
Understanding the United Nations, revised by James P. Muldoon. This eight-lesson curriculum provides preparation for a model United Nations simulation. It covers the origin, purposes, and principles of the UN and UN efforts around the world. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $10.00
The United Nations (middle school), by R. Conrad Stein. A description of the United Nations in a story format. Many photographs. Children's Press Chicago, 32 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $3.95
United Nations Curriculum Project. K-3: Unity of Humanity; 4-8: Living Together; 9-12: UN Today and Tomorrow. By teachers, Northern California Division of UNA-USA, Education Committee. Each of these week-long units includes student readings, videos, and teacher's guide. From: Northern California Division of UNA Education Committee, P.O. Box 291, Brookdale, CA 95007
The United Nations-Its Work, Its People (high school), by Patricia Szczerba. Three units of student readings and discussion questions cover the structure of the UN, people working for the UN, and several major UN issues in one-page per topic format. Fifteen photocopiable student readings and discussion questions, quizzes, and extensive appendix. 1994 From: UN Bookstore
United Nations Kit-Educating the Global Citizen/Succeeding Generations (three grade levels; designed as photocopiable resource sheets). The Primary United Nations Kit is an introduction to the guiding concepts of the UN. Contains background information and teaching strategies. The Intermediate United Nations Kit is designed as self-contained worksheets that include text, graphics, and activities based on UN Fact Files. Higher United Nations Kit has the same format as the Intermediate level but is more advanced in its treatment of issues. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications
United Nations Peace Action Plan: Case Study-Cambodia. Through an exploration of the Cambodian war, students in grades 9-12 discover what the UN can and cannot do to maintain peace and security. 1993, 98 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $15.00
United Nations Plan for a World Community. Dramatization for grades 6-10 of events that have shaped the UN. 1993, 20 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $5.00
The Universal Almanac (annual each November), John W. Wright, editor. Contains the most comprehensive chapter on the United Nations available in an almanac, plus global topics including The International Economy, World Health, and World Population from UN sources. Andrews and McMeel, approx. 700 pp. From: All major bookstores in U.S. and Canada, Cost: $12.95
We the Peoples: A Citizen's Guide to the United Nations. This attractive, fact-filled booklet is a handy reference to anyone-from novice to expert-with an interest in the world organization. Includes history, structure, specialized agencies, and a selected bibliography. 20 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $2.59
World Concerns and the United Nations: Model Teaching Units for Primary, Secondary and Teacher Education. Twenty-six teaching units cover earth and its people, equality and sharing, organizing a community, and human rights and development. UN, 1992, approx. 225 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $12.00
Your United Nations: The Official Guide Book. This is the story of the United Nations through pictures and descriptive text on the organization's many and diversified activities. Includes a section on the many works of art donated by Member States. UN Publications, 89 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications

Agenda 21-The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio.
The final text of agreements negotiated by governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in June 1992. Includes the Programme of Action for Sustainable Development and the Rio Declaration and the Statement of Forest Principles. UN Department of Public Information (DPI), 1992, 294 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $25.00
Rescue Mission-Planet Earth-A Children's Edition of Agenda 21 (4th-8th grades), by Children of the World in Association with the United Nations. Beautifully illustrated description of the major environmental issues facing the world. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $9.95
Blue and Beautiful: Planet Earth, Our Home (primary), by Ruth Rocha. This beautifully illustrated children's book expresses the concern of the United Nations with one of the world's most pressing problems-protecting the environment. English, French, Spanish. 1992, 48 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $9.95 cloth, $9.95 paper
Creating a Sustainable World: Environment, Development, and the United Nations. Students in grade 7-12 explore the complexities of sustainable development and implementing decisions from the Earth Summit. 1993, 100 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $15.00
Environmental Data Book, by the World Bank. This guide to statistics on economic development and the environment covers land, water, air, and the atmosphere in color maps, charts, data tables, and text. 16 pp. From: The World Bank, Cost: Classroom Set: 11 student books and 1 Teaching Guide: $10.95; 1 student book: $6.95; 1 Teaching Guide: $6.95
State of the Environment, by UN Environment Programme. Annual report on the environmental conditions worldwide. From: UN Environment Programme (UNEP), 2 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, Cost: Free
World Resources 1994-95, by World Resources Institute. A 400-page desktop reference on global environmental issues acclaimed worldwide as the most authoritative source of environmental data. Oxford University Press, 1994 From: UN Bookstore and all major bookstores, Cost: $21.95 (See section on "Instructional Technology" for World Resources Data Diskette.)
Short Activity Resources Book for Teachers 1994-95 (for World Resources 1994-95). Aimed at high school teachers, this guide contains lesson plans, student activities, student handouts, and overhead transparency masters on topics drawn from World Resources 1994-95. From: Oxford University Press, Humanities and Social Sciences Marketing Dept., 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, 800-451-7556

A Child's Rights: A Safe and Secure World.
In this module for grades 5-10, students "adopt" a baby brother or sister in a different world region and learn about the Convention on the Rights of the Child while exploring their new sibling's social and economic surroundings. 1991, 172 pp. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $17.00
Convention on the Rights of the Child. Highlights and full text of this important convention. UN Department of Public Information, 1991, 54 pp. From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $5.00
Educating for Human Dignity: Learning About Human Rights, by Betty Reardon. K-12 teaching resource with sample lessons to be published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.
Human Rights Instruments-Chart of Ratification as of July 31, 1994 (annual each July). Lists dates when countries ratified major human rights conventions. UN, 1994, 11 pp. From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $5.00
Human Rights Questions and Answers. Interesting and easy-to-understand overview of human rights plus text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. UN Department of Public Information, 1987, 54 pp. From: UN Bookstore, Cost: $5.00
In the Spirit of Peace, A Global Introduction to Children's Rights, (junior and senior high school level), by Dennis Nurkse and Kay Castelle. This multicultural curriculum addresses twenty-three children's rights issues based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each lesson includes thematic readings, discussion questions, classroom activities, background data and maps, or illustrations from sources around the world. From: Defense for Children International, USA, 30 Irving Place, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10003 (publications sheet available), 212-228-4773; Fax: 212-228-4275, Cost: $7.95
In the Child's Best Interest. A Primer on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, by Kay Castelle (for 5th-6th grades and up). Describes the Convention on the Rights of the Child, explaining why there are special rights for children; includes information and statistics on violations of children's rights. From: Defense for Children International (see address above), Cost: $5.95
State of the World's Refugees 1993, by UNHCR. The refugee situation is told in text and tables. Includes chronologies for Cambodia, Somalia, and Yugoslavia. Penguin Books, 1993, 191 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $14.00
Teaching About Human Rights, by David Shiman. Newly revised landmark curriculum based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Activities focused on political, civil, social, and economic rights. Grades 7-Adult. From: (CTIR) Center for Teaching International Relations, University of Denver, 2199 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80208. Catalog available, Cost: $29.95
"The Rights of the Child," Social Education, Vol. 56, Number 4, April/May 1992. Entire issue devoted to explanation of and lessons about the Convention on the Rights of the Child. From: NCSS, Cost: $7.50
United Nations: A Right to Rights. This five class-day lesson plan for grades 5-10 focuses on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Especially recommended to celebrate Human Rights Day, December 10. From: UNA-USA, Cost: $6.95
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pocket-size). Full text. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $1.00
Universal Declaration of Human Rights-An Adaptation for Children, by Ruth Roch. Educational and fun to read-this beautifully illustrated book will captivate all, especially children. English, French, Spanish. 1992, 46 pp. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $9.95 cloth, $9.95 paper
We've Got the Power-Skills for Democracy (curriculum packet), by W. Enloe, K. Gregory, K. Simon, M. E. Sorenson. Activities incorporating UN Human Rights documents designed for civics, government, or current events classes; can be used individually or in sequence, during any election or independently of any specific election. From: League of Women Voters of Minnesota, 550 Rice St., Suite 201, St. Paul, MN 55103 (612-224-5445), Cost: First copy is free; additional copies $10.00
See "Major Information Sources" for contact information to order the following videos.
Curitiba: A City of the Future. This portrait of Curibita, Brazil, shows how the city is successfully meeting the challenge of rapid urbanization. 12 min. From: The World Bank, Cost: $14.95
HIV and AIDS: Preventing the Worst. This new 27-minute video highlights the development and impact of HIV and AIDS in developing countries. Shot in Zambia and India, the video captures the feelings and frustrations of people who are coping with the consequences of HIV infection and AIDS. Although set in developing countries, the video's message is applicable worldwide. From: UNDP and Television Trust for the Environment (London). To purchase VHS copy in English (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), send a $25.00 check or money order, drawn on a U.S. bank, to United Nations Development Programme, Division of Public Affairs, 1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC1-1922, New York, NY 10017, USA. French and Spanish versions also available.
The Model United Nations. 15-minute video showing the Model United Nations in action. From: UNA-USA and UN Publications, Cost: $20.00 (video and booklet)
PeaceMaking. 30-minute video showing a day in a UN peacekeeping force. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $24.95
Seeds of Progress. This video examines a program designed to assist eight million poor farm families in Mexico. The government encourages the farmers to make their own decisions about how resources will be used in their communities. 28 min. From: The World Bank, Cost: $39.95
Soldiers of Peace. 30-minute video on UN peacekeeping operations. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $24.95
The United Nations: Issues of Peace and Conflict, by the Southern Center for International Studies: Atlanta. A series of five video tapes with transcripts and a study guide. Covers the work of the UN and U.S. policy regarding the UN. From: GPN, P.O. Box 80669, Lincoln, NE 68501. Tel: 404-261-5763, Cost: $60.00 for set
The United Nations-It's More than You Think. 30-minute video and 75-page Teacher's Guide with student reading lessons about the work and structure of the UN. From: Cambridge Career Products, P.O. Box 2153, Charleston, WV 25328-2153, 800-468-4227, Cost: $79.95

See "Major Information Sources" for contact information to order the following publications. Note: Use official school stationery when ordering free publications.
AIDS Action-The International Newsletter on AIDS Prevention and Care. This eight-page bimonthly newsletter discusses counseling and HIV, provides practical guidelines on AIDS/HIV, and has short news items. From: AHRTAG (Appropriate Health Resources & Technologies Action Group), 1 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, UK. Tel: +44 71 378 1403; Fax: +44 71 403 6003, Cost: $20/yr.
The Earth Times. Twice-a-month newspaper focusing on sustainable development and interrelated economic and social issues of the international system such as environment, human rights, population, and trade. Provides excellent and timely coverage of the UN's role in these and other issues. From: The Earth Times, 280 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017; Tel: 212-297-0488; Fax: 212-297-0566, Cost: $36/yr.
First Call for Children. In a newspaper format, this quarterly presents the work of UNICEF around the world. From: First Call for Children, UNICEF, 3 UN Plaza, H-9F, New York, NY 10017; Fax: 212-326-7768, Cost: Free
Network News. This quarterly newspaper of the UNA-USA Campus Network of Model United Nations college students covers events in the Model UN community. From: UNA-USA Campus Network, 485 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10017; Tel: 697-3232; Fax: 212-682-9185, Cost: $5.00/yr.
Populi-The UNFPA Magazine. This monthly, full-color, 20-page magazine covers population issues worldwide. English, French, Spanish. From: UNFPA, 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017; Fax: 212-557-6416, Cost: Free
Refugees. Monthly full-color magazine containing illustrations and feature articles on the refugee situation. English, French, Spanish. From: UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 1718 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009, Cost: Free
UN Chronicle. Quarterly publication covering current events at the UN. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. From: UN Department of Public Information (DPI), Room DC1-530, New York, NY 10017, Cost: $20/yr for nonprofit and academic organizations, $28 for all others
UNESCO Sources. This 24-page monthly magazine provides short articles on the many issues that UNESCO works on from archeological digs and street children, to man and the biosphere, and illiteracy. English, French, Spanish. From: UNESCO Sources, 7, Place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris, France; Fax: 45 67 30 72, Cost: Free
World Food Programme Journal. 32 pages with color illustrations and short articles on food issues worldwide. Quarterly in English, French, Spanish. From: Journal, World Food Programme, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 426, 00145 Rome, Italy; Fax: 5133537, Cost: Free
World Health. This popular bimonthly magazine increases public awareness of health problems and what can be done to prevent them. 6 times a year in English, French, Russian, Spanish; 4 times a year in Arabic, Farsi. From: World Health Organization, Distribution and Sales, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland, Cost: $22.00/yr.

Flags of United Nations Member States (poster). Surrounding the official UN insignia, the flags of all 184 members of the UN are displayed in colorful detail. Printed on glossy stock 24" x 32". UN Publications, 1994. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $7.50
UN Flag Kit. Colorful and fun for students or teachers to assemble, this kit contains everything needed to build a tabletop display with flags of every member state in the UN as of July 1992, including the republics of Georgia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia. Includes a sturdy paperboard stand with global map and numerical list of countries, a booklet with 180 full-color flags to cut out, coded backing material, plastic sticks for mounting the flags, and cardboard baseboards. 1992, kit. From: UN Bookstore & UN Publications, Cost: $11.95

Patricia Szczerba is the United Nations Representative for Global Education Motivators, Inc., headquartered at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is Section Editor for The Universal Almanac, writing on international issues and statistics.