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Secondary Level-High School

Putting NCSS’s Position on Technology into Practice

Come learn how to use social media with your students to breath life into social studies and the democratic experience, grounded in the NCSS position statement on technology.

Abraham Lincoln and His World: Problems of Slavery and Eman

Abraham Lincoln is one of America’s most beloved presidents. His presidential decisions have left a variety of historical interpretations on his views of equality and his role in ending slavery.

Don't Lose the Forest between the Trees: Balancing Source Selection

Primary sources take many forms, and provide rich, varied perspectives on historical events. Learn how to build the best selection for a given event, maintaining balance between story and narrative.

"Who ARE These People?" Facilitating Cultural Understanding through Historical Inquiry

How do the practices and products of different groups reveal cultural values? Introducing students to historical methods enables them to formulate pertinent questions, conduct independent research, and communicate their findings.

Use of Google's NGRAM to Explore the Civil Rights Movement

The use of Google's Ngram will be explored to create word maps connected to the civil rights movement.

Music, TV and Film: Giving History a Modern Feel

Integrate Common Core expectations with music , film, and TV! This interactive session provides easy to implement, hands-on strategies for engaging secondary students in history. Handouts provided.

Virgin Territory: The Reintroduction of National History Day to Montana

After a 25-year hiatus, National History Day is back in Montana and survey results indicate the program is making an impact on students' experiences in the social studies classroom.

An Ecological Education: Interdisciplinarity in Social Studies

Social studies, by its very nature, demands an interdisciplinary approach. Likewise, ecological education thrives in cross-curricular settings. We will examine how we can integrate ecologically inspired approaches into social studies.

Out of Place and Finding Home: Curriculum on Bhutanese-Nepali Refugees

This lesson examines the quest for social and political rights by Bhutanese-Nepalis. Materials and activities help students examine why and how persons become displaced and how they rebuild their lives.

Agents of Place: Using Steetview Maps in the Classroom

In this lesson students use Google's Streetview project to learn about what factors create a "sense of place" in a secret agent-style game.


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