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Secondary Level-High School

I Dreamed of Africa: Culture, Experience, and Geographic Perspective

I surveyed pre-service teachers to understand how culture and experience influence perceptions of Africa. The results demonstrate the persistence of misconceptions of Africa, despite the prevalence of world history courses.

Teaching about the World's Largest Trade Relationship

Classroom study of globalization and economic interdependence must consider our most important trade partner—Canada. This PowerPoint overview explains economic principles, explores issues, and shares methodology and resources.

Click, Learn, and Teach: Professional Development for Econ Teachers

The Atlanta and St. Louis Feds have developed online professional development for teachers. The result is a package that includes both content and pedagogy. Best of all, it's free!

The History Lab: Building Your Digital Toolbox

Fill your toolbox with resources that will encourage your students to interact with history like never before. Bring your laptop and walk away with ideas you can use on Monday.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze two cases argued before but not yet decided by the U.S. Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Institute information provided.

Textbook, Technology, Stories and Sources: Creating a Historical Learning Package

We often see sources and or technology as alternatives to the tyranny of the history textbook. This session looks at practical ways to blend these resources into powerful learning packages.

Silk Roads Trade: Explaining the Rules of the Road

In less than an hour, this simulation will have your students completely comprehending the economics of the Silk Roads and the voyages of exploration. Complete simulation included for participants.

Dynamic History Lessons Using the Common Core

Many districts across the country are transitioning to the Common Core curriculum. Learn how the Common Core can help develop engaging, rich lessons to boost skills and excitement about history.

Hook, Line and Sinker: Experiential Exercises Grab Attention

Attendees will participate in experiential exercises in absolutism, segregation, communism, capitalism and industrialization for all history classes. Participants will receive a template for creating experiential exercises for multiple concepts.

Differentiating Instruction To Address Social Justice and Diversity In Curriculum

To effectuate learning by differentiating instruction for struggling learners, using culturally relevant curriculum; designed to introduce social justice within history courses as inclusive, interesting, and enjoyable reading of historical texts


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