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Secondary Level-High School

100 Years of Adventures in the Economy: The Federal Reserve

One hundred years of Federal Reserve adventures--expansions, recessions, gas shortages, unemployment, the Great Inflation, the Great Stagnation, the financial meltdown and recovery--you can't make this stuff up!

ALL Students Can Make Democracy Work! An Inclusive Legislative Experience

Experience this legislative simulation featured in the Civic Mission of Schools “No Excuses” report. Walk away with common core materials and inclusion techniques that facilitate C3 success.

Teaching Foreign Policy in AP Government: A Common Core Approach

Discussion of approaches for teaching foreign policy powers including ways to help students apply literacy and critical thinking skills in understanding congressional and presidential roles in developing 21st century policies.

Can You Say Hallelujah? Teaching about Religion in Schools

What can be taught about religion in public schools? How can religion be integrated to promote tolerance and global awareness? We’ll share ideas for games, discussion, and activities! Materials provided.

Socratic Seminar for Social Justice Conversation

Socratic Seminar is facilitated discussion that teaches students to ask questions, engage in dialogue, and to understand complex content. It's an excellent way to engage in issues of social justice.

The Mind as a Gateway to Learning

Biology, cognitive load, mindfulness, stress, and anxiety all have an impact on learning. Find out what researchers are discovering about these connections.

What are They Singing about? Musicians sometimes Know the Past

Popular music often addresses the issues of today. Yet, some songs tell the story of past historical events that correspond to primary source documents from that time period.

Making Invisible History Visible

How can students get involved in finding "untold stories" about African American History? This session helps schools engage students in civic learning experiences that center around preserving African American history.

Beyond the Boundaries: Using Sports to Teach American History

By using primary source materials, Drs. Loosbrock and Crowther demonstrate how sports history can be used to teach larger themes in American history, such as gender, ethnicity, urbanization, and economics.

Teaching about Fred Korematsu and the Japanese American WWII Internment

Karen Korematsu, Fred Korematsu’s daughter, will share her father’s story about his fight against the WWII Japanese-American Internment through the video “Of Civil Wrongs and Rights” and Korematsu Institute curriculum.


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