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Secondary Level-High School

Yes! There IS Room for Literacy in Social Studies Instruction!

Can I encourage students to synthesize content while fostering literacy? This high energy, interactive session demonstrates nuts and bolts’ strategies to foster content and instructional shifts for college/career readiness.

Stand. Speak. Act.

Transform your classroom into an emotionally safe environment geared to deliberate controversial topics so students will be prepared to challenge global injustice and promote the common good.

What are They Singing about? Musicians sometimes Know the Past

Popular music often addresses the issues of today. Yet, some songs tell the story of past historical events that correspond to primary source documents from that time period.

Beyond the Boundaries: Using Sports to Teach American History

By using primary source materials, Drs. Loosbrock and Crowther demonstrate how sports history can be used to teach larger themes in American History such as gender, ethnicity, urbanization, and economics.

Creating History Walks to Consider Social Justice

March with Rev. Martin Luther King, consider the needs of your students and feature a variety of primary source materials as you differentiate content, the classroom process and student products.

Teaching Literacy through History: Integrating History and the Common Core

The Gilder Lehrman Teaching Literacy through History program demonstrates how to integrate primary sources and Common Core literacy skills using research-based pedagogy and seminal American history documents.

Digital Alternatives to Textbooks: What are my Options?

Digital resources are poised to replace the traditional textbook in your classroom. Come to learn about options available to you in the areas of US and World History.

Teaching about Fred Korematsu and the Japanese American WWII Internment

Karen Korematsu, Fred Korematsu’s daughter, will share her father’s story about his fight against the WWII Japanese-American Internment through the video “Of Civil Wrongs and Rights” and Korematsu Institute curriculum.

I’m NOT a Reading Teacher! Refocusing on the Social Studies

Social studies teachers must address literacy standards sometimes at the expense of their curriculum. This session explores techniques that keep the focus on social studies while still addressing critical literacies.

Psychology: Gateway to the Mind and Behavior

Attendees will participate in hands-on, active learning demonstrations designed to address issues related to cognition, resilience, and critical thinking skills specifically geared for the introductory and AP psychology classroom.


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