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Secondary Level-High School

Using C-SPAN to Engage and Inform your Students

Discover how C-SPAN Classroom’s free primary source materials on Congress, American history, and public affairs enhance social studies curriculum and cultivate students’ critical thinking skills to promote informed citizenship.

A Classroom They’ll Remember: Creating Engaged Citizens while Incorporating the Common Core

Standards getting in the way of teaching what’s really important in social studies? Build the bridge between Common Core and civic engagement. Leave with ready-to-use strategies, handouts and free curriculum.

Remembering Newtown: Memorialization, Collective Memory, and a National Historic Narrative

How are we remembering and memorializing the events in Newtown? How do we balance memorializing the individuals, with a broader national collective memory of the event?

Engaging Multi-Literacies with Holocaust Survivor Testimony

Teachers will be introduced to methods of engaging students in multi-literacies through the use of Holocaust survivor testimony and Web 2.0 tools that can be personalized for each teacher’s classroom.

The 9/11 Dilemma—What Students Know about September 11

What do our students know about the events of September 11, 2001? What should they know, and why? This workshop provides strategies to address a cataclysmic event in U.S. history.

Getting Down to the Core: Analyzing and Developing Arguments

Practice effective and proven strategies to assist students in identifying the core components of argumentative writing and making explicit and clear connections between claims, reasoning, evidence, and counterclaims, as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Digital Alternatives to Textbooks: What are my Options

Digital resources are poised to replace the traditional textbook in your classroom. Come to learn about options available to you in the areas of U.S. and World History.

Teaching Project-Based Learning with the Who Speaks? Digital Archive

Attendees will explore the Who Speaks for the Negro? digital archive with a focus on project-based learning using primary sources. Strong connections will be made to Common Core Standards.

How Did We Get Here? Tackling Race, Opportunity, and Achievement

Illuminates historical context for “achievement gap” and equally-troubling civic empowerment gap, modeling how to have safe productive conversations about race, achievement, and intelligence and equipping participants to avoid “oppressive pedagogy.”

Chocolate, Water and Other Life Essentials:  Global Perspectives in Action

Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of essential questions, this presentation will feature exemplar lessons from social studies teachers and a science teacher from the Teachers For Global Classrooms Class of 2013.


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