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Secondary Level-High School

Psychology: Gateway to the Mind and Behavior

Attendees will participate in hands-on, active learning demonstrations designed to address issues related to cognition, resilience, and critical thinking skills specifically geared for the introductory and AP psychology classroom.

Where’s our Water? Teaching Social Justice through Sustainability Education

Given the interconnectedness of the world, students must confront current global issues. Students should learn strategies to affect change and create sustainable solutions to problems involving economics, population, environment, etc.

About this Map: Critical Approaches to World Geography Education

This presentation provides strategies for using a critical approach to geography education to enhance students’ global mindedness while engaging teachers in reflection on how they think about the world.

Champion of Academic Freedom: A Tribute to Jack L. Nelson

This session sponsored by the NCSS Academic Freedom Community will offer a discussion of Jack Nelson’s contributions to social studies education and present a lifetime achievement award.

Project Soapbox: Empowering Students to Speak Up for Social Change

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore strategies to empower students to identify and speak out on issues they care about as a first step toward creating sustainable policy change.

Teaching Literacy through History: Integrating History and the Common Core

The Gilder Lehrman Teaching Literacy through History program demonstrates how to integrate primary sources and Common Core literacy skills using research-based pedagogy and seminal American history documents.

Dreadful Days: WWII in the Pacific Theater through Primary Sources

This presentation focuses on strategies for teaching the Pacific Theater of WWII with ready-to-go primary source materials that culminate in student-designed memorials. All attendees will receive a curriculum guide.

Talk a Mile in their Shoes: Moral Development Dilemma Discussion

Discover a research based and practical framework using moral dilemmas from historical and contemporary individuals to engage and amplify student’s reasoning skills in large class discussions. All grade levels.

Teaching American History through Art at the MFA, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston houses one of the finest collections of American art. Learn how you can use the museum as a resource while meeting Common Core standards.

The Common Core in the History Classroom: Sources and Strategies

Using works of art from the 1913 Armory Show and primary sources covering concurrent social movements, participants will learn strategies to address the instructional shifts demanded by the CCSS.


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