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Secondary Level-High School

Picture This: Exploring Cultural Geography through Photovoice

Photovoice is an approach where students take photographs to document their interest / understanding of a concept. This presentation explores how to use photographs to engage students and promote activism.

Lateral Power: Geography of the Third Industrial Revolution

The first two Industrial Revolutions are well known. Now connect and map the Third Industrial Revolution. Witness lateral power's influence on your students, your teaching and our world.

The Global Market for Energy

New technology and changing attitudes toward fossil fuels, nuclear,and green energy are changing the global energy market. What is the impact on US and Global economy?

History Alive: Civil Rights through Documentary Storytelling and Primary Sources

Through screening and discussion of a 30-minute documentary on civil rights educator John A. Stokes, new ideas will be offered in teaching civic engagement through use of primary sources.

21st Century Citizenship - Innovative Practices for Today's World

Come see how the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has teamed up with the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools and NCSS to re-energize "citizenship" for the 21st Century.

Integrating LGBTQ Topics into the Social Studies Curriculum

The presenters will provide session attendees with various teaching methods for incorporating LGBTQ topics into the social studies classroom with a focus on teaching for equity in a democratic society.

An Instructor's Guide to Civic Responsibility in an Interconnected World

Are we global citizens or US citizens in a globalized world? This session ponders the question while delivering classroom activities about rights and responsibilities in an interconnected world. Handouts provided.

There is an App for That: iPads and Social Studies

This interactive session demonstrates the power of the iPad as an educational tool. Gain insights of the iPad’s use as a presentation aid for student learning through hands-on activities.

Three Zesty Ways to Spark Student Interest in the Past

World history students may show a need for new ways to care about events or people from earlier generations. Come see three ways to spark and involve your secondary learners.

History RE-Presented: Moving toward Empathy with Media-Savvy Students

Empathy does not necessarily develop from historical analysis alone. By thoughtfully matching multiple sources to inquiry-based instruction, we can help students understand the relationship between circumstances, problem-solving, and justice.


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