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Secondary Level-High School

Windows on the Southwest: Missions of Arizona and New Mexico

Take home classroom-ready materials from mission sites(Laguna, San Miguel, San Esteban del Rey, San Xavier del Bac). Meet "Padre Kino" in person... and include Latino history in your syllabus.

Be Your Own Publisher: Better Classroom Materials through ePUBs

Customize your own teaching materials! New software, mobile devices and online publishing allow you to produce and share amazing resources specific to your content and students. Useful for all grades.

Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society

Rho Kappa will be exhibited to participants to encourage beginning a charter. Participants will learn how to charter their chapter and be given a packet of materials to do so.

Making Primary Sources Accessible to Struggling Readers and English Learners

Primary sources are often inaccessible to struggling readers and English learners. This session offers practical strategies to help these students comprehend and critically interact with these invaluable social studies resources.

Folded but Not Mutilated: Teaching AP Psychology in One Semester!

How to cram everything in and still have fun! Innovative ways to use every moment you have to teach multiple aspects of psychology at the same time!Really!

Interpreting Historical Events through the Lens of Psychological Science

This workshop will engage participants in interpreting historical events from different psychological perspectives. Attendees will learn how psychological principles apply to the human experiences surrounding the Thoku and Haiti earthquakes.

Analogy: the Overlooked Device in Effective Political Cartoons

Political cartoons on Canadian-American relations, found in Canadian newspapers from 1864 to the present, use analogies as the "hook" to attract the viewer's attention and effectively make a point.

Current Events in the Digital Classroom: Teaching Beyond the Whiteboard

Learn to use digital technology and social media to get your students excited about global news and extend your civics curriculum while helping students avoid the pitfalls of the Web.

The Secret History of U.S. Relations with Latin America

Explore the story you don't know. Join the Department of State for an eye-opening journey into our relations with Latin America. This session will change your perspective and your mind!

U.S. Foreign Policy & Global Issues: Student-to-Student Deliberation Format

Encourage students to think critically, voice views productively and weigh U.S. foreign policy and global issues from multiple perspectives. Participants will practice strategies and discuss classroom applications. Handouts.


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