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Secondary Level-High School

The US in the Global World: Late 19th Century

Examine economic, population, military, and political connections of the US in the world in the late 19th century. Explore map, graphic, and writing assignments with content specific connections.

Economics of Climate Change: Guiding Students to a Sustainable Future

This session provides teachers with tools for introducing students to the economics behind climate change using wikis, role-play, and primary source analysis. No economics experience necessary! Leave ready to teach!

Voices of Civil Rights: Students' Collecting/Publishing Oral History Interviews

Students/teachers from historic Central High share the process of collecting, editing, and publishing family interviews on civil and human rights--Mapping the Road to Change: Insights on Prejudice and Acceptance.

Responding to Controversies: Government and Citizens' Rights

Healthcare, gun control, same-sex marriage - - these are issues facing America. Learn how to construct norms for deliberation and effectively facilitate discussions of controversial issues within your own classroom.

Beyond the Walls of Your Government Class

Turn your government classroom into an exciting civics lab to teach Common Core and the workings of government. Empower students to take action on issues they care about.

Waves of Global Change: Holistic Model for Teaching World History

Five waves of historical change provide the organization for this “big picture,” holistic model for teaching world history. Easily grasped by students and teachers, and readily adapted to the classroom.

War? Showing Different Historical Perspectives with a Simulation

Attendees will participate in a simulation with the decision being should they go to war? The simulation will then be put into historical perspective, which might be surprising!

Rosenbergs on Trial: Using Federal Trials to Teach History

This session will explore primary sources related to the landmark case U.S. v. Rosenberg, and discuss how to incorporate federal trials into the classroom. Participants will receive resources for use with students.

Expanding the Classroom Walls with Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)

Presenters will make history real by discussing the value of IVC. Participants will experience how IVC can make topics as the Social Justice story of Dred Scott come full circle.

Equality in History: Literacy, Great Persons and Primary Sources Intersect

Garrison, Brown and Douglass. King and Alabama clergymen. Come learn about the nation’s ongoing dialogue about equality and social justice from the perspective of historical figures and their writings.


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