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Secondary Level-High School

American Dream: "Seabiscuit," "Hoop Dreams," "A League of Their Own"

Explore how to help students analyze the timeless American Dream messages in sports films. Sports provide a window into history, showcase social issues, and are a metaphor for life.

Security or Separation? Analyzing the West Bank Barrier through Soccer

This presentation seeks to contextualize the West Bank Barrier in both Israeli and Palestinian societies and uses soccer to understand the multiple narratives that exist in the conflict.

Fun Engagement in the Psych Classroom

Incorporate fun in your psych class by using engaging activities to enhance your students’ comprehension of major psychology concepts. A wide variety of exciting lessons are presented, discussed and shared.

Peace in the Classroom: Strategies for International Understanding

Teachers from the 2013 NCTA Peace Studies Japan Study Tour discuss strategies for enabling middle and high school students to examine issues from various perspectives.

What Should U.S. Foreign Policy Be towards China?

China’s reemergence as a world power is changing international relations. Challenge your students to explore China’s history, examine multiple perspectives on U.S. foreign policy towards China, and articulate their own.

Sounds around the World: Geography Game for a Global Era

Sounds Around the World (SAW) is a team-based geography game designed with 21st century thinking. SAW addresses Common Core and National Geographic Standards by integrating world music with specialty maps.

Introducing from the Library of Congress

Bring the legislative process to life with, a ground-breaking, comprehensive, user-friendly, free source of information about the work of Congress both today and in history.

Closing the Civic Empowerment Gap in our Urban Schools

The “civic empowerment gap” is spawned by inequitable school-based civic learning opportunities, and Chicago Public Schools has a visionary plan for closing it to ensure equitable democratic political participation.

Energy Independence in the Promised Land of Plenty

Energy independence extends beyond the cost of gasoline. Social studies teachers can help students understand the implications of our energy needs for citizenship in the 21st century.

Mandela’s iPod: Music's Role in Ending Apartheid in South Africa

Music played an invaluable role in the struggle for freedom in South Africa, galvanizing support around the world and serving to inspire and unify people to keep hope alive.


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