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Secondary Level-High School

Common Sense Economics for Life: A New Online Course

Here is one package that teaches what high school students need to know about economics and personal finance. Included are readings, videos, assignments, tests with links to the Common Core.

The State of the State: An Executive Briefing Simulation

How do modern states adapt to global political forces? Challenge your students to answer this essential question using a case study model focused on measuring mastery of 21st Century skills.

Promises, Promises: Government by Consent

Through activities and discussions, participants explore two free downloadable lessons by the Bill of Rights Institute that help students understand the development and impact of the contract theory of government.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze two cases argued before (but not yet decided by) the U.S. Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Insitute information provided.

"The Road to Little Rock"

Dr. Terrence Roberts presents “The Road to Little Rock Interactive Curriculum” featuring primary source documents and Common Core lesson plans addressing civil rights, social justice, and character education.

Consuming Violence: Ancient Rome, the NFL, and "The Hunger Games"

Participants will engage in interdisciplinary, classroom-tested activities that examine the consumption of violence in Ancient Rome, the NFL, and The Hunger Games, thus complicating sports-based American identities and civic pride.

“Four American Presidents and One Berlin Wall”: TOP’s Got Standards!!!

Top's Lesson from Germany in Focus-Instructional Strategies highlights: content and literacy standards, focus questions, primary sources, collaborative learning, and engaging student resources! Plus.. complimentary curriculum materials! Study tour applications!

Losing the Debate: Listening and Reasoning in Public Policy Discussions

A differentiated discussion that utilizes values-in-conflict to enable, promote, and encourage student analysis and empathy while discussing public policy issues.

Flair, Fashion, and Feminisms: Connecting Beauty Culture and Women's Rights

Take a tour of feminism, history, and beauty culture with two educators with backgrounds in history, literature, fashion, and cosmetology. Mascara and modernity, girdles and freedom, the bob, and more!

Make Social Studies the Highlight of their Day

Join two highly caffeinated history teachers in an interactive quest to discover engaging methods that make teaching and learning secondary social studies relevant, meaningful and above all, fun.


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