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Secondary Level-High School

Crates of Thunder: A Cross Disciplinary History Experience

This workshop will showcase a combination of oral history, theater, research and travel as a method for learning history, with a focus on the planes and Anglo-American relations of WWII.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Are You Ready to Take the Risk?

Equip yourself with engaging ways to teach entrepreneurship through our new website interactives! Explore entrepreneurial talents through creative group activities. View primary source video interviews of entrepreneurs in action.

What is the National Social Studies Supervisors Association (NSSSA)?

Calling all teacher leaders and supervisors! The session will explain the benefits of joining NSSSA, an affiliate of NCSS. Special membership offers are available to attendees.

Tips for Success for National Board Certification

This presentation is designed to help candidates for National Board Certification achieve success with the process by addressing some of the more common errors.

Sustainable Economic Growth in Germany: An Ongoing Success Story

Willkommen in Deutschland! Want to hear this greeting on your next educational experience? Travel to Germany to learn how its economy managed to sustain years of growth despite hard times.

Gender Imbalance in High School American History Textbooks

This study analyzed gender imbalance in high school American history textbooks. All textbooks contained significantly more males than females in text content and illustrations.

The World Turned Upside Down: Investigating the Battle of Yorktown

This session will provide high school social studies teachers a lesson about using the Circle of Knowledge strategy to incorporate disciplinary literacy into their social studies lessons.

Citizenship Counts: Immigration, Naturalization, and Civic Life

The Citizenship Counts program, founded by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, provides lessons on immigration, naturalization, rights and responsibilities. It culminates in a USCIS naturalization ceremony on your campus.

The Intersection of Law and Psychology: Choose your Path

Participants will consider four issues related to Social Responsibility and the fields of Law and Psychology: Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Innocent by reason of Insanity and Eyewitness testimony.

Teaching about the Boston Public Schools' Segregation, Desegregation, and Busing

This workshop for K-12 teachers, will introduce the Boston Public Schools' free, online curriculum for teaching about the history of segregation, desegration, and busing in our city's schools.


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