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Secondary Level-High School

Teaching about the Boston Public Schools' Segregation, Desegregation, and Busing

This workshop for K-12 teachers will introduce the Boston Public Schools' free, online curriculum for teaching about the history of segregation, desegregation, and busing in our city's schools.

Celebrating Excellence in Civics, Geography, History, and Economics

Join a panel of NCSS leaders modeling excellence in social studies pedagogy and content knowledge. Participants will share exemplary social studies instructional strategies for civics, geography, history and economics.

Murals: An American Celebration of Human Rights

Murals offer multiple methods of engaging all students in exploring culture, issues, and struggles of diverse American populations. Online assessment and art interpretation techniques make your classroom an interactive museum.

The Lessons of Vietnam: To Teach a Nation

The Lessons Of Vietnam are still being learned as we approach 50 years since our involvement in South East Asia. A detailed look at why we became involved.

Shut Up: Attacks on Freedom of Expression in America

This presentation will examine attacks on the First Amendment--one of the most important human rights in schools--and offer educators strategies for resisting censorship and protecting controversial expression.

Citizenship Counts: Immigration, Naturalization, and Civic Life

The Citizenship Counts program, founded by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, provides lessons on immigration, naturalization, rights and responsibilities. It culminates in a USCIS naturalization ceremony on your campus.

Napoleon Bonaparte: A New Age of Human Rights?

Napoleon Bonaparte's military exploits are well known, but what about his actions relative to human rights? Napoleon himself will make the case for his positive contributions to European society.

Magna Carta to Constitution: How Our Past Influences Our Future

How does the Magna Carta, still have an impact on constitutions today? Come and see how a founding document still has an effect today in our global world.

Getting Graphic: Using Graphic Novels to Teach about Human Rights

The presentation focuses on strategies for teaching through a critical social justice lens with graphic novels. These strategies promote classroom human rights discussion while meeting the C3 Framework literacy standards.

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore: Economics in Oz

L. Frank Baum wrote a parable of Progressive economics - or did he? Examine what is and isn't in the text, and leave with some vintage videos - including Baum's!


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