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Secondary Level-High School

Personal Finance for Teens

Learn how to immediately use NEFE's free, noncommercial personal finance materials, including turnkey curriculum for grades 8-12 and other new online resources. Leave with lesson ideas and online resources.

Poster Session-"Go and Know!" Experiential Learning and Service Abroad Made Easy

Integrate "Living Historians" with classroom curriculum and dynamic travel destinations. Create projects with non-profit organizations abroad. Prepare risk-mitigation and safety. Secure professional development credits, financing for unforgettable experiential learning adventures.

The Kennedy Assassination: A Living History with Journalist Bob Huffaker

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas interprets the life, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. As part of its observation of the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, the Museum features conversations with individuals who witnessed the tragedy and related historical events. In this special living history presentation, the Museum's Associate Curator Stephen Fagin interviews journalist Bob Huffaker, who recounts his memories of the president's death and that of his accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The conversation will be broadcast live from Dallas on the 50th anniversary weekend of these historic events.

ASA Symposium (Session 4): Teaching with Data

Fourth presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on simple, free Internet datasets to engage students in hands-on sociological data analysis and to align sociology curricula with Core Curricula in Math and English.

ASA Symposium (Session 3): Teaching the Sociological Imagination

Third presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on active simulations, lesson plans, technology, and other proven strategies to engage high school sociology students’ learning of the sociological imagination process.

ASA Symposium (Session 2): Social and Economic Impacts of Immigration

Second presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on the social and economic impacts of immigration, including fertility, mobility, labor, education, income, and population trends. Especially useful for sociology and geography teachers.

ASA Symposium (Session 1): Intro to High School Sociology Resources

First presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on resources to increase student engagement and learning. Offers resources for exciting and involving students. Introduces strategies to increase collaboration among high school teachers.

Perspective and Power: Teaching Ethnocentrism and Modern Western Conquest

Receive a complete unit with two simulations that improves students’ communication, critical thinking, and analysis skills with ready-made lessons on Western and non-Western perspectives regarding “civilization,” conquest, and ethics.

Professional Development in World History: The Alliance Project

The Alliance Project created a professional development curriculum for teaching world history from a global perspective in secondary schools. The curriculum and materials will be shared and modeled with participants.

Coexist: Can There Be Reconciliation after Genocide?

Using award-winning film and curriculum on post-genocide Rwanda, this presentation demonstrates how to motivate students to think critically about colonialism and genocide while caring about how they treat one another.


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