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Secondary Level-High School

Citizenship Counts: Immigration, Naturalization, and Civic Life

The Citizenship Counts program, founded by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, provides lessons on immigration, naturalization, rights and responsibilities. It culminates in a USCIS naturalization ceremony on your campus.

Napoleon Bonaparte: A New Age of Human Rights?

Napoleon Bonaparte's military exploits are well known, but what about his actions relative to human rights? Napoleon himself will make the case for his positive contributions to European society.

Magna Carta to Constitution: How Our Past Influences Our Future

How does the Magna Carta, still have an impact on constitutions today? Come and see how a founding document still has an effect today in our global world.

Getting Graphic: Using Graphic Novels to Teach about Human Rights

The presentation focuses on strategies for teaching through a critical social justice lens with graphic novels. These strategies promote classroom human rights discussion while meeting the C3 Framework literacy standards.

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore: Economics in Oz

L. Frank Baum wrote a parable of Progressive economics - or did he? Examine what is and isn't in the text, and leave with some vintage videos - including Baum's!

The Game of Teaching Sustainability to Our Digital Natives

Focused on 21st Century Learning, this hands-on session will introduce educators to game-based resources and 3D animation software for facilitating problem-based learning experiences focused on economic and environmental sustainable development.

Trials and Tribulations of Starting a Gender Equality Club

This session shares how a student group attempts to fight gender inequity and offers solutions for teachers as they use social studies to fight inequality inside and outside the classroom.

Uncovering the Omitted Past: Teaching Race-Related Events in U.S. History

For many events in U.S. history, the racial past is forgotten or downplayed. This session presents inquiry-based race-related lessons about three events in U.S. history often seen as race-less.

Congressional Hearings and Skits for the Gilded Age

Trusts, tariffs, strikes, graft, and political machines will come alive in your classroom! A veteran teacher will share two different interactive methods of supplementing instruction of the Gilded Age unit.

Growth Mind-Set, Grit and Resiliency

Learn how you can foster resiliency in the classroom by promoting a growth mind-set that encourages students to take risks and develop grit while fueling a passion for learning.


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