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Secondary Level-High School

Citizenship Counts: Immigration, Naturalization, and Civic Life

The Citizenship Counts program, founded by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein, provides lessons on immigration, naturalization, rights and responsibilities. It culminates in a USCIS naturalization ceremony on your campus.

Magna Carta to Constitution: How Our Past Influences Our Future

How does the Magna Carta, still have an impact on constitutions today? Come and see how a founding document still has an effect today in our global world.

Napoleon Bonaparte: A New Age of Human Rights?

Napoleon Bonaparte's military exploits are well known, but what about his actions relative to human rights? Napoleon himself will make the case for his positive contributions to European society.

The Intersection of Law and Psychology: Choose your Path

Participants will consider four issues related to Social Responsibility and the fields of Law and Psychology: Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Innocent by reason of Insanity and Eyewitness testimony.

Teaching about the Boston Public Schools' Segregation, Desegregation, and Busing

This workshop for K-12 teachers, will introduce the Boston Public Schools' free, online curriculum for teaching about the history of segregation, desegration, and busing in our city's schools.

La Lucha Contra El Racismo: Afro-Latin Civil Rights Movements

This presentation critically examines race, racism, and Black civil rights in Latin America that has resulted from social, political, and cultural remnants of the Diaspora. Classroom resources will be provided.

Disability Justice, Bioethics and the Role of Social Studies

Emerging biotechnology complicates the struggle for disability justice. Discover how to teach about this topic in civics, history or sociology. Receive materials that build skills and content aligned with standards.

World War II and Liberation

This presentation will include a World War II veteran and liberator of the Leipzig-Dura Concentration Camp. Carl Arfa is a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge.

Across All Levels: Differentiation through a Congressional Simulation

The seminar will provide scaffolded teaching strategies to differentiate the researching and writing of a bill in order to bring students of all levels together for a Model Congress simulation.

STEM in the Social Studies Classroom: Using Google Custom Maps

Through the creation of virtual tours using Google Custom Maps students engage in cultural inquiry. Participants will create a simple Google custom map containing photos, text, and customized pins.


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