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Secondary Level-High School

Problem-Based Psychology: Examining Contemporary Social Issues and Taking Action

Current events increase relevance and promote research and inquiry skills in social studies curricula. Problem-based psychology units that examine social issues will be shared.

The Hidden Population: Understanding and Teaching about Displaced Persons

Learn methods to make human rights issues resonate with today's learners by following refugees from Nazi tyranny and current global crises. Discuss instructional design strategies using primary sources and performance-tasking.

New Perspectives on Using Music in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation offers teachers an innovative framework, as well as resources, and tools to draw on music as a universal and relevant cultural artifact for social studies classrooms.

The Global Citizen and Human Rights

This introduction to Hanvey's Five Dimensions of a global perspective provides participants with an analytic framework for understanding and teaching the complexities of human rights in the global context.

Movin' on Up: Still Possible?

Education and hard work were once regarded as keys to success, but with income inequality at unprecedented levels is movin' on up possible? This session explores trends and potential remedies.

AP Economics: Going beyond Classroom Instruction

We have created a free AP Econ website with instructional videos on Micro and Macro topics using astandards-based framework. Use to aid students in their quest for a 5.

Vending Machine Economics: Content-Centered Learning and Planned Economics

Abstract economic principles and theories are often difficult for students to understand. Using a school's vending machines, students learn the fundamental principles of planned economics at the micro level.

Review Week: Using Pop Culture to Engage all Learners

Preparing for high-stakes tests is often a struggle for students and teachers. Learn engaging transdisciplinary strategies for review week using pop culture themes, like Harry Potter, for grouping and competition.

A New Approach to Social Media and Social Studies: Reddit

Attendees will be introduced to creative ways to use Reddit - an increasingly popular social networking site - to engage students in the social studies and democratic practices!

Sustainable Economic Growth in Germany: An Ongoing Success Story

Willkommen in Deutschland! Want to hear this greeting on your next educational experience? Travel to Germany to learn how its economy managed to sustain years of growth despite hard times.


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