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Secondary Level-High School

Magna Carta to Constitution: How Our Past Influences Our Future

How does the Magna Carta, still have an impact on constitutions today? Come and see how a founding document still has an effect today in our global world.

STEM in the Social Studies Classroom: Using Google Custom Maps

Through the creation of virtual tours using Google Custom Maps students engage in cultural inquiry. Participants will create a simple Google custom map containing photos, text, and customized pins.

Getting Graphic: Using Graphic Novels to Teach about Human Rights

The presentation focuses on strategies for teaching through a critical social justice lens with graphic novels. These strategies promote classroom human rights discussion while meeting the C3 Framework literacy standards.

Assessing World History Thinking and Inquiry: Embedded, Teacher-Developed Assessments

An exploration of embedded assessments from teacher-developed historical thinking lesson plans. Our discussion will focus on assessment development and classroom uses of assessment data.

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore: Economics in Oz

L. Frank Baum wrote a parable of Progressive economics - or did he? Examine what is and isn't in the text, and leave with some vintage videos - including Baum's!

Psychology: Gateway to Social Responsibility

This session includes hands-on, activities and demonstrations that promote social responsibility, critical thinking, and civic action in the psychology classroom. All attendees will participate, and all materials will be shared.

Humor In the Classroom:A Tool For Student Engagement

The role of humor in teaching and learning has long been overlooked. Recent brain research, however, supports the theory that memory and creativity are best activated when surrounded by humor.

Shut Up: Attacks on Freedom of Expression in America

This presentation will examine attacks on the First Amendment-- one of the most important human rights in schools-- and offer educators strategies for resisting censorship and protecting controversial expression.

Virgins, Wives, & Mothers: Teaching Religious Agency with Content Analysis

Session provides pedagogical insights on how content analysis serves as a method for advancing students' critical inquiry skills and promotes social responsibility by investigating curriculum materials, specifically on religious agency.

Confronting Stereotypes & Assumptions: Teaching about Diversity Directly

Teach students directly about issues of diversity (race, religion, gender, wealth) using interactive games and activities, aimed at promoting deep understanding and meaningful discussions. Handouts provided.


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