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Secondary Level-High School

Questioning the Curriculum: How Historical Inquiry Shapes Knowledge

Change in inquiry-based learning is a reflection of changing civic ideals in society. An analysis of types of inquiry in social studies reveals what has historically been deemed official knowledge.

Commemorating Controversy: Vietnam War's 50th Anniversary in the Classroom

How can teachers commemorate the legacy of a war in which America lost? Ideas will be introduced for incorporating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War in the classroom.

The Money Circle Curriculum Series 2.0

Advance students' knowledge of money through this free, eight-lesson curriculum that will engage and challenge them to apply both personal finance and economic perspectives when it comes to money.

Those Other Constitutional Rights: Articles I-VII

The 27 amendments are not the only constitutional guarantees for Americans' rights. In this session, James Madison Fellows will present lessons about the individual rights protected in Articles I-VII.

California Democracy Schools: A National Model for Institutionalizing Civic Learning

How do we change the system to ensure ALL students engage in high quality civic learning? The California Democracy School Initiative provides an innovative, strategic approach to achieve this goal.

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Video Games in the Social Studies: Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Games are a staple in the adolescent learner's social diet. Instructors can draw on video game-based content and gaming grading systems to enhance student engagement and comprehension in social studies.

Customized Multi-Media Learning in Economics for Students and Teachers

This session demonstrates how the online course Common Sense Economics for Life at Florida State's Stavros Center is customized for teaching common sense economics, standard economics, and personal finance courses.

Problem-Based Psychology: Examining Contemporary Social Issues and Taking Action

Current events increase relevance and promote research and inquiry skills in social studies curricula. Problem-based psychology units that examine social issues will be shared.

The Hidden Population: Understanding and Teaching about Displaced Persons

Learn methods to make human rights issues resonate with today's learners by following refugees from Nazi tyranny and current global crises. Discuss instructional design strategies using primary sources and performance-tasking.


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