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Secondary Level-High School

Marketing Liberty: Four Freedoms, Primary Sources and Visual Literacy

Learn how students can investigate FDR's effort to redefine and market U.S. freedoms, visually analyze Rockwell's Four Freedoms paintings and how Eleanor embedded them in the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.

What Would Adolf Do? The Fuhrerprinzip and the Holocaust

Through the study of primary source materials the structure of Nazi Germany, Hitler's role in the Holocaust, and Hitler's cult of personality will be explored through the prism of social responsibility.

Secrets Revealed: National History Day Judges on How to Win

Ever wonder what National History Day judges are thinking as they score projects? In this presentation, participants explore the results of surveys and interviews with 10 National History Day judges.

Colonization and Independence in Africa: What is the Legacy Today?

Case studies from Ghana, Algeria, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo explore the contested nature of colonization and decolonization. Participants examine how cultural perspective can impact historical inquiry. Choices Program C3-aligned curriculum is provided.

Smart Art: Pictures Do Tell a Thousand Words

From portraits of famous patriots to iconic modern photographs, pictures provide a gateway to understanding the past. Learn how visual arts can engage students as they explore historical contexts.

Social Media in Social Studies: Engaging Students in their World

Examine ways you can use social media to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry. Learn to distinguish between forms and spaces, and leave with tools for your classroom.

Can We Sustain our Ballooning National Debt?

How AP Government, AP Macroeconomics teachers, and a Congressman facilitate student analysis of controversial issues and the impact of the ballooning federal debt by participating in a federal budget simulation.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze a case argued before but not yet decided by the Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Institute application information is provided.

The Struggle Is Real: Celebrating Women's Rights

This lesson celebrates human rights throughout US history, focusing on women's rights. It contains a mix of technology, political cartoons, and informational text to trace the struggle of women's suffrage.

Teaching Tolerance through the Buncombe County Slave Deeds

The presenters will outline a community wide project, recently featured in Teaching Tolerance, that uses recently discovered slave deeds as a way to foster social justice education in the classroom.


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