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Secondary Level-High School

Marketing Liberty: Four Freedoms, Primary Sources and Visual Literacy

Learn how students can investigate FDR's effort to redefine and market U.S. freedoms, visually analyze Rockwell's Four Freedoms' paintings and how Eleanor embedded them in UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Teaching Tolerance through the Buncombe Co. Slave Deeds

The presenters will outline a community wide project, recently featured in Teaching Tolerance, that uses recently discovered slave deeds as a way to foster social justice education in the classroom.

The Global Citizen and Human Rights

This introduction to Hanvey's Five Dimensions of a global perspective provides participants with an analytic framework for understanding and teaching the complexities of human rights in the global context.

Google Maps + Cemetery Studies = History Awakens

Learn how to use Google Maps to awaken your local cemeteries. Celebrate your hometown heroes, hone your sense of empathy, and increase historical thinking skills through student centered technology.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze a case argued before but not yet decided by the Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Institute application information provided.

Movin' on Up: Still Possible?

Education and hard work were once regarded as keys to success, but with income inequality at unprecedented levels is movin' on up possible? This session explores trends and potential remedies.

The Voting Rights Act at 50 and Contemporary Voting Rights

On the eve of the first 2016 presidential primary, this session commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act by focusing on contemporary voting issues through a federalism lens.

Smart Art: Pictures Do Tell a Thousand Words

From portraits of famous patriots to iconic modern photographs, pictures provide a gateway to understanding the past. Learn how visual arts can engage students as they explore historical contexts.

AP Economics: Going beyond Classroom Instruction

We have created a free AP Econ website with instructional videos on Micro and Macro topics using astandards-based framework. Use to aid students in their quest for a 5.

The Berlin Wall Falls! Civil Disobedience in Leipzig Ignites Change!

Examine Civil Disobedience thru the lens of the 1989 Leipzig demonstrations. Explore the viability of Civil Disobedience in today's world. Complimentary curriculum materials. Study Tour Information.


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