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Secondary Level-High School

Recognizing Pluralism: Teaching Arab Nationalisms and Modernities through Primary Sources

This lecture will present a curriculum examining twentieth century political ideologies in the Middle East. This will contextualize the Arab Spring and address regional cultural and political pluralism.

Time for a New Literacy: Ecological

What if we engage students by allowing them to deconstruct modernist truths, such as growth, democracy, and consumerism, by providing experiences whereby they can think critically about how we live?

Women’s Equity

This presentation will examine • Equal Rights• Suffrage Reproductive Rights• Marriage & Divorce Rights• Parental and Custody Rights, • Property Rights, • Employment and Income Rights, •

Democracy Education via Social-Media: Thomas Jefferson's Boisterous Sea of Liberty

Participants will explore a digital platform for the exchange of resources, teacher-derived activities, and expert historical content to elaborate on the ideals of self-government and individual rights for classroom use

Re-envisioning Civics Education: Empowering Youth to Participate in the Legal-Landscape

What does civic participation look like in the 21st century? How can we empower students to solve problems and advance democracy? Participants explore Law and Justice, an inquiry-based curriculum.

Ethnocentrism: Awareness of Our Biases in Cross-Cultural Interactions

A lesson is presented examining personal cultural biases that hinder positive cross-cultural interactions in a global community.

Night in TunisiaArab Jazz, Innovation & Democracy

This session uses jazz music to convey the elements of democracy in an Arab context. Participants join a Socratic circle to discuss Tunisia as a blueprint for modern society.

The hijab in public schools in the United States

In the United States, the number of students who wear the hijab (religious headscarf) is increasing. The poster presentation will explore religious pluralism and civil rights in public schools.

Connectedness: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Literacy

Presenters will share an innovative curricular approach to global education, which crosses interdisciplinary boundaries, democratizes conversation through social media, and requires students to move from awareness to action.

Women's Global Voices in the Arab Spring

This paper seeks to explain and analyze how Arab women, across the globe, are using social media to participate in the Arab Spring and the possible benefits from their participation.


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