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Secondary Level-High School

Quick Writes as a Tool for Assessing Students Historical Thinking

Explore methods to assess students'historical thinking. Using student work, participants will develop facility with the use of Quick Writes as a tool to measure student student's historical thinking skills.

The Berlin Wall Falls! Civil Disobedience in Leipzig Ignites Change!

Examine Civil Disobedience thru the lens of the 1989 Leipzig demonstrations. Explore the viability of Civil Disobedience in today's world. Complimentary curriculum materials. Study Tour Information.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze a case argued before but not yet decided by the Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Institute application information provided.

Social Media in Social Studies: Engaging Students in their World

Examine ways you can use social media to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry. Learn to distinguish between forms and spaces, and leave with tools for your classroom.

Google Maps + Cemetery Studies = History Awakens

Learn how to use Google Maps to awaken your local cemeteries. Celebrate your hometown heroes, hone your sense of empathy, and increase historical thinking skills through student centered technology.

Review Week: Using Pop Culture to Engage all Learners

Preparing for high-stakes tests is often a struggle for students and teachers. Learn engaging transdisciplinary strategies for review week using pop culture themes, like Harry Potter, for grouping and competition.

Teaching Tolerance through the Buncombe Co. Slave Deeds

The presenters will outline a community wide project, recently featured in Teaching Tolerance, that uses recently discovered slave deeds as a way to foster social justice education in the classroom.

Vending Machine Economics: Content-Centered Learning and Planned Economics

Abstract economic principles and theories are often difficult for students to understand. Using a school's vending machines, students learn the fundamental principles of planned economics at the micro level.

Those Other Constitutional Rights: Articles I-VII

The 27 amendments are not the only constitutional guarantees for Americans' rights. In this session, James Madison Fellows will present lessons about the individual rights protected in Articles I-VII.

Celebrating Social Responsibility through Cinema and Character Education

This session will discuss how to explore the theme of social responsibility through character education and the critical analysis of film. Handouts and resources will be provided to all participants.


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