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Secondary Level-High School

At-Risk Youth, Current Events, and Social Justice

What if your entire class were at-risk students? Come learn how to use current events anchored in social justice themes to engage transient, unmotivated students in the world around them.

Using Technology to Increase Cultural Understanding through International Collaboration

Want your students to communicate and collaborate with global peers? Come to a showcase of global collaboration projects happening between classes active in iEARN (International Education and Resource Network).

Travel and Technology: A Cross-Cultural Approach to 21st-Century Skills

Learn how international travel and technology was used to connect students to global issues and improve democratic citizenship through cross-cultural collaborations, including ready-to-use lesson ideas and resources.

Common Core Reading and Writing Skills Taught through Fiscal Policy

An AP Government and AP Macroeconomics teacher use a fiscal policy simulation to teach collaborative student presentations and persuasive analytical writing.

Feel Like Somebody's Watching? - 1984 and Government Power

Teachers can develop literacy skills, citizenship, and cultural awareness in students by pairing ideas from commonly taught novels with current issues to make learning relevant and meaningful for students.

Teaching the U.S. Constitution: The Founders and Social Justice

James Madison Fellows will share challenging, innovative, teacher-developed lessons using best-practice instructional strategies and standards engaging students in studying and evaluating Constitutional principles such as justice and the general welfare.

Reading and Listening with Purpose: Controversial Lyrics and the Common Core

This session will demonstrate literacy strategies aligned with the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies for teaching about controversial issues using song lyrics as non-fiction text sources.

Dreadful Days: WWII in the Pacific Theater through Primary Sources

This presentation focuses on strategies for teaching the Pacific Theater of WWII with ready-to-go primary source materials that culminate in student-designed memorials. All attendees will receive a curriculum guide.

Talk a Mile in their Shoes: Moral Development Dilemma Discussion

Discover a research based and practical framework using moral dilemmas from historical and contemporary individuals to engage and amplify student’s reasoning skills in large class discussions. All Grade Levels.

Teaching about Slavery: Insights from a Museum-Based Teacher Cohort

Discover archival documents and stories to represent the humanity of the enslaved, challenge your students’ thinking, and maintain sensitivity to racial dynamics in the classroom. Approaches tested for grades K-12.


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