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Secondary Level-High School

SCOTUS and the Twitter Age: The Re-Definition of Civil Liberties

The Supreme Court has entered the electronic age and is re-defining civil liberties, tackling issues like GPS tracking, perceived Facebook threats, and warrantless cellphone searches. A must for government teachers.

What Can Poetry Teach Students about American Democracy?

Learn how famous (and not-so-famous) poems can help students explore the concept of American democracy. Special attention is paid to multicultural poetry. Poems and activity sheets will be provided.

Developing Business and Community Leaders: The Young Women LEAD Initiative

This presentation will feature outcomes and lessons learned from 5 years of the collaborative Young Women LEAD Conference for at-risk high school girls to develop their leadership and business potential.

Honoring Veterans as a District and a Community

District 117 in Northern Illinois has found a way to honor veterans and connect the community to the school. Find out how your district can create a similar event.

Research Strategies for Teachers Who (Think They) Hate Research Projects

This presentation focuses on effective research strategies presented in the form of a ready-to-go project idea for high school U.S. history teachers.

Timber Economies

Through playing Timber students learn first hand about the tragedy of the commons, technological innovation, the need to create a social contract, incentives, and sustainable natural resource use.

Seeds of Inquiry: Engaging Students with World History Content

Learn to plant seeds of inquiry in World History! As entry points into the past, short texts reveal enough content to capture interest, jumpstart inquiry, and cultivate new learning pathways.

Finding a Balance: Building a Well-Rounded AP Course

Are we teaching college level courses or helping students pass a rigorous vocabulary test? This session will provide new AP teachers with the tools to meet that balance.

Israel Comes to Ferguson: Anti-Bias Classrooms and Circus Rings

Unpack Teaching Tolerance's Anti-bias Framework through videos and stories of kids in a global circus. Discover how circus kids who swing from the rafters enable prejudice reduction and collective action.

Resistance as Social Responsibility

During the Holocaust, Jews demonstrated various forms of resistance in an effort to save their lives and their culture. We will explore engaging new ways to teach students about resistance.


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