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Secondary Level-High School

About this Map: Critical Approaches to World Geography Education

This presentation provides strategies for using a critical approach to geography education to enhance students’ global mindedness while engaging teachers in reflection on how they think about the world.

Project Soapbox: Empowering Students to Speak Up for Social Change

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore strategies to empower students to identify and speak out on issues they care about as a first step toward creating sustainable policy change.

Making Invisible History Visible

How can students get involved in finding "untold stories" about African American History? This session helps schools engage students in civic learning experiences that center around preserving African American history.

Champion of Academic Freedom: A Tribute to Jack L. Nelson

This session sponsored by the NCSS Academic Freedom Community will offer a discussion of Jack Nelson’s contributions to social studies education and present a lifetime achievement award.

Using the Accounts of Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta and Xuanzang to Teach World History

Using the writings of these travelers attendees allows teachers to integrate them into the classroom to teach both historical topics and the common core standards associated with reading.

Using Museum Objects to Make Global Connections in History

This interactive session will explore the incorporation of art into history lessons and the “card-sorting” strategy for making global connections. Handouts will be provided.

Engagement in Historical Content: An Invisible Problem to Beginning Teachers

This session explores novice history teachers' difficulties in engaging students into historical content and provides a framework to help teachers make explicit the value of history content for students.

The New Frontier: Transforming Elementary-Secondary Classrooms with the iPad

The iPad is poised on the edge of revolutionizing technology use in the classroom. This session presents innovative teaching strategies using iPads to integrate literacy in the Social Studies classroom.

Promoting Primary Documents in Your National History Day Classroom

Come and see how to use primary source documents in National History Day projects. See how you can fashion a student-centered, 21st century classroom.

"Show Me" How to Think and Read Historically

The workshop will provide strategies for using think alouds and annotating of documents in middle and high school classrooms. Examples of assignments and rubrics will be provided.


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