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Secondary Level-High School

Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Experience a curriculum (provided) that explores multiple perspectives on the causes, consequences and responsibilities of climate change, and ultimately asks students to develop their own policy on this global dilemma.

Turn your Social Studies Students into Social Justice Activists, Literately!

How can I encourage students to care? This high energy, hands-on poster presentation will provide classroom tested strategies incorporating literacy based activities into a dynamic citizenship based learning experience.

Colonization and Independence in Africa: What is the Legacy Today?

Case studies from Ghana, Algeria, Kenya and the DRC explore the contested nature of colonization and decolonization. Participants also examine how cultural perspective can impact historical inquiry. Choices curriculum provided.

Problem-Based Psychology: Examining Contemporary Social Issues and Taking Action

Current events increase relevance and promote research and inquiry skills in social studies curricula. Problem-based psychology units that examine social issues will be shared.

The Hidden Population: Understanding and Teaching about Displaced Persons

Learn methods to make human rights issues resonate with today's learners by following refugees from Nazi tyranny and current global crises. Discuss instructional design strategies using primary sources and performance-tasking.

Secrets Revealed: National History Day Judges on How to Win

Ever wonder what National History Day judges are thinking as they score projects? In this session, participants explore the results of surveys and interviews with 10 National History Day judges.

Questioning the Curriculum: How Historical Inquiry Shapes Knowledge

Change in inquiry-based learning is a reflection of changing civic ideals in society. An analysis of types of inquiry in social studies reveals what has historically been deemed official knowledge.

New Perspectives on Using Music in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation offers teachers an innovative framework, as well as resources, and tools to draw on music as a universal and relevant cultural artifact for social studies classrooms.

Quick Writes as a Tool for Assessing Students Historical Thinking

Explore methods to assess students'historical thinking. Using student work, participants will develop facility with the use of Quick Writes as a tool to measure student student's historical thinking skills.

Launched: A Budgeting Unit to Help Students Leave the Nest

Teacher created personal finance budgeting program helping students budget for their first year of living on their own. Participate in sample activities and receive materials to use in classrooms. BYOD


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