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Secondary Level-High School

Long Live Rock and Roll!

Interactive website on the history of rock music, the causes and effects and the changes it brought about in the American culture during the Cold War.

Human Rights & History: Teaching with Comics, Simulations, and Documents

Interactive session demonstrating effective methods to engage students in the study of human rights. Includes employing and creating comic books/strips, written debates, webquests,oral histories, and simulations. Handouts provided.

Using FlipBoard in the Classroom

Flipboard is a Web 2.0 tool that will create a digital magazine that can be used as a textbook for individual units and lessons within the Social Studies Classroom

Teach the Right Thing! Ethics in your Social Studies Classroom

Learn strategies to inspire ethical thinking in your classroom. Participants engage in a sample lesson and leave with practical materials applicable to any middle/high school social studies class

No Citizen Shall be Denied: The Fight for Voting Rights

Through this workshop for civics and history teachers, participants will utilize court cases and academic scholarship to analyze the historic and current condition of voting rights in today's American South.

Genocide and Human Rights Education: Fostering Restorative Practices in Schools

Learn to teach about genocide and human rights, and promote restorative practices in your school. Participants receive DVD of the award-winning film, Coexist, about post-genocide Rwanda and restorative practices resources.

Developing Social Responsibility: A Service Learning Project for Psychology

Help students learn to be better citizens by overcoming biases and giving back to their larger community. Learn how to establish a service learning project in your psychology course!

Social Media in Social Studies: Engaging Students in their World

Examine ways you can use social media to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry. Learn to distinguish between forms and spaces, and leave with tools for your classroom.

Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Foreign Policy

What should U.S policy be regarding Human Rights? Let your students decide by analyzing primary sources, evaluating multiple perspectives, and reviewing cases to develop their own view. Choices curriculum provided.

Reunion & Reflection: Multiple Perspectives on the Battle of Gettysburg

David McConaughy, Gettysburg attorney and President of the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association, led the charge to remember and preserve the battlefield for future generations. Why, and how did veterans respond?


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