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Secondary Level-High School

Flipped Classroom Tools for Teaching Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Pressed for time when teaching monetary and fiscal policy? Examine and review two free standards-based online courses your students can do inside or outside the classroom with pre-tests and post-tests.

Heightening Visual Literacy: Using Art as Text in U.S. History

Love that image? Not sure how to use it? Need something to make a text-heavy lesson POP? This presentation demonstrates and provides materials for incorporating visual literacy in your classroom.

Love Thy Neighbor? The Holocaust and Social Responsibility

Using the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's resources, this workshop incorporates historical literacy, inquiry, and discussion models to examine pressures and motivations that impacted social responsibility during the Holocaust.

Artist as Activist: Teaching Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei is both artist and activist. How has he impacted understandings of human rights? We'll discuss how to incorporate exhibits, documentaries, and tweets in the classroom.

Raising Your Voice in Class: Spoken Word for Social Change

Spoken word poetry creates an outlet for students to address controversial issues in an engaging way. Attendees will gain knowledge of how to incorporate this pedagogical practice into their classroom.

When Students Run the World: The Power of Democratic Classrooms

What does it look like when classrooms are transformed into living democracies? Learn about the Legislative Semester, an instructional model that trains students to be future leaders of the world.

Writing History: Meaningful Writing and Feedback in Social Studies

How can writing experiences facilitate student mastery of standards? Get the answer and more in this workshop on writing in the history classroom. High-impact feedback strategies will be highlighted.

Democracy Lost and Won: The Detroit Bankruptcy and its Legacy

Use economics, civics, and historical concepts while inspiring informed action for a better tomorrow. We demonstrate using the C3 Framework to investigate the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Climate Change: We're Not All Equal

Climate change affects everyone, everywhere. But not equally. This session introduces participants to a mixer activity that helps students encounter the diverse impact of climate change throughout the world.

Using Election Issues to Teach Civic Participation

Elections present an opportunity to learn about issues and candidates, participate in caucuses and debates, and exercise social responsibility and VOTE. Learn tactics to teach elections and increase voter education.


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