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Secondary Level-High School

By Land or Sea: Creating a Collaborative Field-Based Enrichment Module

Attendees will be exposed to the construction of collaborative curriculum through the use of student-oriented and led project modules that encourage engagement and immersion in fieldwork activities.

Beyond Pixels: Rediscovering our Humanity in a Digitalized World

Pixels have changed our sense of self, schools, and social responsibility. Discuss current research on the positive and negative effects of technology, and its impact on our social relationships.

Like a Polaroid Picture: Shaking up your Classroom with Visuals

Teachers will explore lesson plans and assessments based on Walter Werner's visual literacy research. They will walk away with exciting new strategies to support historical inquiry and the Common Core.

Citadel and the Ring: Exploring Culture and Philosophy through Videogames

Videogames play an integral part in modern culture. By examining the philosophical and cultural themes behind Halo and Mass Effect, culturally-relevant context can be brought to today's world.

A Hero Lies in You: Empowering ESOL Students

Do your students see themselves in your classroom curriculum? My ESL students created their own book to showcase their diversity. This activity can work in any social studies course.

If Musical Instruments Could Talk: Exploring Social Responsibility through Artifacts

Bringing history to life, musical instrument artifacts continue to play their stories today and teach us to reflect upon our social responsibilities in the time of peace.

From Omar Khayyaam to Charlie Hebdo: Free Speech under Attack

Public controversies expose the limits of free speech. Words and images have challenged religious dogma and intolerance. What should democracies do when free speech is under attack?

Informed Action in Action! BRAVE Girls Leadership

This poster showcases a student organization called BRAVE Girls Leadership. This group exemplifies informed action by developing leadership, mentoring and service opportunities for middle school, high school and college-aged women.

Think and Wonder: Empowering Youth through Inquiry and Analysis

Engage in a research-based activity that encourages students to think, wonder, and work like a historian. Throughout, students generate questions, investigate, analyze, create, support and communicate their new truths.

Artist as Activist: Teaching Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei is both artist and activist. How has he impacted understandings of human rights? We'll discuss how to incorporate exhibits, documentaries, and tweets in the classroom.


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