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Secondary Level-High School

Attractions and Problems of Communism in Russia and China

Presenters share innovative units created for middle and high school classes that engage students in complex debates over why the Soviet Union fell and the causes of the Cultural Revolution.'s Online Exhibits

A half-day interactive tour of's free online exhibits about the American Founding and Bill of Rights, led by the scholar who developed them. Free to participants.

The American Founding: A One-Day Seminar for Teachers

Experience Ashbrook's model for learning and teaching through documents in this free one-day seminar about the American Founding. Readings will be provided in advance.

Freedom in the Balance: First Amendment Conflict and Compromise

Learn to position 9/11 as a starting point to teach civic engagement, and explore case studies of moments throughout American history when freedom, security and discrimination have come into conflict.

Creating Success for Challenged Learners

Strategies and techniques for differentiated instruction actively involve all students, but especially challenged learners. Best practices, activities, and resources are included in this presentation.

Liberty and Equality: Voting Rights, Women, and the Nineteenth Amendment

Join the Bill of Rights Institute for a student-friendly lesson demonstration focused on using primary sources to analyze women's struggle for liberty and equality during the Suffrage Movement.

Applying the Bill of Rights: The Due Process Clause

Join the Bill of Rights Institute in exploring the Due Process Clause and discussing how to help students understand its history and the rights it protects.

Global Citizenship through the Storyteller's Eyes

Using the international reporting of several Pulitzer Center grantees and two unique, large-scale projects in particular, we'll explore the potential of journalism to expand worldviews and combat global stereotypes.

Lessons from Jordan: Unpacking Experiences of a Fulbright-Hayes

Teachers share how a 2014 Fulbright-Hayes to Jordan impacts their teaching on historical and contemporary events. Interdisciplinary lessons and resources created by the teachers presented.

Boko Haram and ISIS: How Should We Teach Global Terrorism?

This co-creation session encourages participation in design thinking to create an inquiry unit for students to examine global terrorism and participate as global citizens in solutions to protect human rights.


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