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Secondary Level-High School

Island in Transition: How Cuba's Past Will Influence its Future

This interactive presentation examines strategies for teaching the evolution of U.S./Cuba relations as chronicled by Cuban-American voices. Participants will use a method for analyzing narratives aligned with the C3 framework.

Best of Both Worlds: Combining American and Korean Learning Styles

American and Korean teaching styles differ widely, yet each can learn valuable lessons from the other. This will truly combine the best of both worlds!

Commemorate Social Justice: Bipartisanship and the ADA!

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA which sought to end unjustified segregation and exclusion to people with disabilities. Learn to further the legacy of the ADA in your hometown!

Capturing the World: Photographs as Primary Sources

In this interactive session participants learn how to integrate photographs into their teaching. Photos of 1968 worldwide protests from a free online website provide a contextualized example.

Selma: History or Hollywood? Does Hollywood Accurately Capture the Movement?

This lesson will focus on strategies for 6-12 teachers to instill critical thinking within their classrooms by analyzing a film for historical accuracy.

Sustainability: The Importance of Inter-generation Equity

Living in today’s world is the easy part. Leaving a sustainable world for future generations is a challenge. Learn how to leave a legacy, while maintaining intergenerational equity.

S.C.A.L.E. Discussions: How to Achieve Student-Centered Discourse

S.C.A.L.E. discussions are a great way to achieve Student-Centered Authentic Learning Experiences and this workshop will help educators implement, facilitate, and grade them, putting students at the center of learning.

Understanding Freedom and Adding Primary Sources to Your Classroom

This workshop introduces educators to the digital project Preserving American Freedom. Attendees will receive primary sources and ready-made lessons relating to topics such as immigration, emancipation, and voting rights.

A New Wild: Issues-Centered Sustainability Education through Documentary Film

Teach engaging social issues, address content standards, and meet Common Core requirements. We'll show you how, with the National Geographic documentary, Earth: A New Wild. Lesson plans will be provided.

Learning through Service: A Model for Preserving Local History

This session explores the intersection between volunteer service, local history and experiential learning through a model and case study involving preservation of a colonial era home of significant historical interest.


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