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Secondary Level-High School

Poster Session-Iron Man and the Second Amendment: Superheroes and your Rights!

Make political and social issues come alive utilizing comics in the classroom. Creative and technology based lessons on issues such as gun control, the death penalty, and more using superheroes!

Poster Session-Movement and Learning: Using Station Hops in High School Classrooms

These lessons on civil rights implement differentiated learning strategies focusing on student exploration of content. After the presentation, we will conduct a workshop on creating your own station hops.

Poster Session-Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom: Are You Ready?

Participants will learn strategies for incorporating the Common Core Literacy Standards in their classes. The goal is to provide participants with classroom tested lessons they can immediately use.

Poster Session-Using Technology to Teach with Common Core

Teachers will take away technology tools to achieve the Common Core Standards of reading and writing in social studies. They can be adapted for any content area and grade level.

Poster Session-"Citizen Twain": Using Humor and Satire to Effect Social Change

This poster reports on a professional development institute that aligned social studies instruction with the Common Cores State Standards using the life and work of Mark Twain as an example of participatory citizenship.

Poster Session-Common Core: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

Presenters will discuss and demonstrate web tools, mobile applications (app) and best practice literacy strategies that can integrate and promote the Common Core Standards in secondary social studies classrooms.

Poster Session-Using Historiography to Address the Common Core Standards

This presentation will demonstrate instructional techniques and activities rooted in historiographical techniques for the purpose of engaging students in meaningful critical thinking that addresses the Common Core Standards.

Poster Session-The Campaign to Save World History in Ohio’s High Schools

The presenters will discuss the legislative changes in Ohio that have downgraded World History to an elective course, and advocacy efforts underway to save and strengthen social studies.

Poster Session-“School is for Boys!” Discussing Social Attitudes towards Women’s Education

This session explores strategies for classroom discussions of the relationship between mass media’s depiction of women and social attitudes towards women’s education, via early 20th-century primary documents and content.

Poster Session-Global Competency through Intercultural Exchanges: Civic Action in the Classroom

Global citizenship is a key 21st century skill. This session discusses four key ways to promote global competencies through intercultural learning in the classroom. Engage; Teach; Send; and Host.


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