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Secondary Level-High School

A Multimedia Approach to Understanding Economic Growth

Using multimedia resources to teach students to distinguish between short-run economic fluctuations and long-run economic growth. Examine the impact of policy decisions and technological innovations on long-run economic growth.

It's Local, It's Global, It's Demographics in AP Geo

This session will address how AP Human Geography teachers can use the study of demographics to connect with people, places and cultures found from their town to their world.

What if Everything You Knew about Hinduism was Wrong?

Dr. Balaji will explain some best practices to help teachers in middle and high school to help make Hinduism more comprehensible to their students.

Human Rights and the Social Studies: Perfect Together

Emphasizing human rights study in social studies instruction maximizes opportunities for reflective thought and social participation. Using case studies, the power of human rights to develop active citizens is demonstrated.

Civic Education 2.0: Critical Media Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom

This session examines the role of media literacy in preparing students for engaged, socially responsible democratic citizenship by making civic education relevant and meaningful in an increasingly digitized world.

Teaching Adolescents with LD to Write Historical Arguments

Learn about a specific cognitive apprenticeship model to teach struggling writers how to compose historical arguments from primary sources. Student tools and grading suggestions are shared in this interactive session.

A New Wild: Issues-Centered Sustainability Education through Documentary Film

Teach engaging social issues, address content standards, and meet Common Core requirements. We'll show you how, with the National Geographic documentary, Earth: A New Wild. Lesson plans will be provided.

History Wars: Two Museums, One Man- MacArthur in Japan

Using Historical Thinking Skills, this session compares the approaches by a U.S. and a Japanese museum to explore General Douglas MacArthur's role in WWII, the Pacific War, and peacetime Japan.

Teaching Social Responsibility through Young Adult Literature on South Asia

Using recently published youth literature about South Asia as a lens, we offer suggestions on how to teach about human rights and social movements in a cross-cultural perspective.

Calling Prospective National Board Teachers

If you wondering about getting your NBPTS certification, this is the session for you. Several NCSS members who are NBCTs will discuss the process and answer questions.


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