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Kumu Waiwai: Teaching from the Source in Hawai'i

This project worked with secondary and middle school teachers on the Leeward coast of O’ahu to access primary source databases and develop and teach third quarter curriculum units.

Law Library of Congress and

The Law Library of Congress has the largest global legal collection in the world. Learn about and the Law Library’s digital collections and publications, infographic maps, blog, and more.

What's the Shock? Understanding Economic Recessions through Historical Context

Scholarly research. Library of Congress primary source analysis, economic analysis, a deeper understanding of economic recessions through historical context and student poster presentations is featured in this sessions. Teacher handouts and rubrics are provided.

Engaging Congress

A mobile app that uses a series of game-based learning modules and primary source documents to explore the basic tenets of representative government and the challenges that it faces in contemporary society.

Increasing Access to Honors/AP History through a Student Cohort Program

Engage with SSA teachers to share data, evaluate how the cohort program is working, and examine how a cohort program might work on their campuses.

Right to Protect: How to Teach about Human Rights in the 21st Century

This session will aid teachers in understanding human rights from a global perspective. It will include how to help students understand human rights, the UDHR, and human rights covenants.

Digital Resources for Teaching Europe Today

Europe is making headlines across the world with issues like Brexit, the refugee crisis and more. This presentation will highlight resources available to teach these questions within a global context.

Confronting Confirmation Bias: Giving Truth a Fighting Chance in the Information Age

At a time when algorithms shape and filter our newsfeeds, teaching students news literacy—how to differentiate credible information from misinformation—has taken on unprecedented importance.

Predicting the Outcome of an Election

This feature introduces three widely followed forecasting systems: prediction markets; projections based on economic indicators; and forecasts based on opinion polls.
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Campaign 2016: Turning Students into Voters Social Education Staff

This list of noteworthy websites can be used to teach students about election issues and how to fact check campaign rhetoric, as well as the Electoral College and voting procedures.

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