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Weathering Natural Disasters with a Net of Safety

With the right resources, teachers can foster safe and supportive environments for children coping with the trauma of natural disasters.

How Schools Can Help: California Teachers Recall the Wildfires

Three San Diego teachers describe how sharing stories and volunteer work helped students recover from the wildfires and gain a greater sense of community.

Addressing Student Trauma in the Wake of California Wildfires

Although natural disasters occur with alarming frequency, most citizens are unprepared. The authors outline strategies for handling unexpected catastrophes and facilitating student healing.

Summer Schedule and The Fishin' Season: Cartoons by Clifford Berryman

The two featured political cartoons will stir classroom debate on how presidential election campaigns are planned.
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The Keys to the White House: Prediction for 2008

Students will comprehend the many factors that influence an election when they analyze why this successful prediction system forecasts a popular vote victory for the Democrats in 2008.
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Crossing Borders, Building Bridges

Through collaboration and involvement, we can meet the five critical challenges facing social studies educators today.

Editor's Notebook

What I Learned at the NCSS Annual Meeting2007 Edition

Following up on an earlier column, the author highlights Internet-oriented resources as well as companies, not-for-profits, and government agencies that exhibited at December's NCSS conference in San Diego.

You Should Have the Body: Understanding Habeas Corpus

As the Supreme Court considers whether Guantanamo prisoners have the right to habeas corpus, this article and activity will clarify for students the writ's origins, its development, and current points of controversy.
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A Presidential Election Simulation: Creating a School Wide Interdiciplinary Program

Helen M. Joyce
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