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Promoting Historic Preservation in the Classroom

High school students learn that there is much more to history than the textbook when they interview World War II veterans and transcribe the stories for the Library of Congress's Veterans History Project.

Learning Early Twentieth-Century History through First-Person Interviews

Carrying out face-to-face interviews with American seniors can make U.S. history more relevant to students, and especially those who are first- and second-generation citizens.

Guardians of the Past: Using Drama to Assess Learning in American History

Students learn how to analyze legal cases and gain a deeper understanding of judicial reasoning when they write and perform classroom plays based on historical cases.

Supreme Court Preview

Teaching Activity by James Landman

How to Teach about Aligning Elections Using the Internet

The author investigates the re-aligning elections theory that certain elections transform the political landscape. Will this happen in 2008? These websites will engage students and challenge them to call the election.

Editor's Notebook

Researching the Viet Nam War Inside Viet Nam: U.S. Student Teachers Explore War Myths

Aiming to correct myths about the Viet Nam War, this author regularly leads groups of students to learn about the country firsthand.

Humanities and the Social Studies: Studying the Civil War through the Third Space

Blurring the boundaries between disciplines can yield notable results, as was demonstrated when an eighth-grade class approached history through literary activities.
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Crossing Borders and Building Bridges Using the Internet

In keeping with this year's NCSS conference theme, the author offers a list of websites that successfully link teachers and students together through pen pal programs, paired classrooms, or partner schools.
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The Great Communicator Files

Students will learn a great deal about the process of presidential speechwriting when they study primary documents related to well-known speeches such as President Reagan's Omaha Beach Memorial Remarks.


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