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Academic Freedom and the Social Studies Teacher

Advocating for Social Studies: Documenting the Decline and Doing Something About It

Three North Carolina educators set out to meet with lawmakers in person about the negative effects of NCLB on teaching elementary social studies. An advocacy handout provides tips for other educators wanting to take their own initiatives.

High-Stakes Testing: How Are Social Studies Teachers Responding?

While some teachers are tailoring content, instruction, and assessments to state exams in this era of high-stakes testing, ambitious teachers continue to create opportunities for powerful teaching and learning.

What I Learned at the NCSS Annual Meeting

With nearly four decades of NCSS conferences under his belt, the author reflects on the valuable networking and stimulating sessions, and highlights key educational websites from the increasingly technologically-adept exhibits.

Out of Range: An Interview with Mark Tushnet on the Second Amendment

Interview and Teaching Activity by Michelle Parrini; The study of competing interpretations of the Second Amendment illuminates for students why an acceptable compromise on gun policies has been so elusive.
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in Textbooks and Supplemental Curricula

A survey of curricular materials developed to address 9/11, reveals there is great discrepancy on how the topic should be covered and what students should be learning.

Constitution in Action

Students take on the roles of archivists and researchers when they study primary documents at the Constitution in Action Lab.

Editor's Notebook

October 1957 Memorandum Related to Sputnik

This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet launch of Sputnik, which fueled American panic that the Soviet Union could fire intercontinental ballistic missiles. The featured document highlights President Eisenhower's reaction and the government's response.

Reading in the Social Studies: Using Subtitled Films

Foreign films not only engage students with other countries and other cultures, but can also promote reading through their subtitles.


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