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Chinese Geography through Chinese Cuisine

Teaching China's cuisines provides an engaging way of illustrating the diversity of Chinese society.

What I Wish My College Students Already Knew about PRC History

Five main themes outlined in this article can help secondary students integrate conflicting views on China, particularly since the establishment of the People's Republic.

Panda-Huggers and Dragon-Slayers: How to View Modern China Today

Two extreme positions that have long characterized outsider views of China--panda-hugger or dragon-slayer--have become increasingly untenable in the context of contemporary China.

Letter to Social Studies Teachers from the U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman

Teachers have an essential role to play in preparing young Americans for the future relationship between the United States and China.


This special issue offers perspectives on China that will help teachers move beyond outdated assumptions in order to better educate students and encourage further study of this vast and complex country.

The Civic Mission of Schools

Six principles outlined by the Civic Mission of Schools Campaign can help us achieve our objective of preparing competent and responsible citizens.

Blogging to Learn: Educational Blogs and U.S. History

Multimedia and Web 2.0 technologies offer opportunities to successfully engage low achieving students while promoting in-depth thinking and increasing student participation.

Webby Award Winners: Interactive Media for the Social Studies

Educators will find the winners of a leading Internet award to be exellent resources for enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom.

Researching, Producing, Presenting: Students? Use of Technology for Global Advocacy in the Social Studies

Students have the opportunity to research, create, and present potential solutions to important global challenges when they make their own videos, which many choose to upload to social networking websites.

Far Beyond Show and Tell: Strategies for Integration of Desktop Documentary Making into History Classrooms

Creating documentary productions on computers motivates students and enables teachers to guide student historical thinking skills and practices.


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