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Using YouTube to Teach Presidential Election Propaganda: Twelve Representative Videos

Teachers can use this selection of campaign ads to help students analyze various aspects of political propaganda.

Mexico: Democracy and the Future

Even as Mexico undergoes a transition from historic one-party rule, important challenges to democracy remain.
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Should Social Studies Be Patriotic?

The author explores two different approaches to teaching patriotism: One that advocates loyalty to a centralized leader or group; and another that promotes commitment to the principles that underlie democracy.

Bridge to the Future: Franklin Roosevelt's Speech at the Dedication of the Triborough Bridge

The featured document from FDR's speech inaugurating the Triborough Bridge provides an entry point for the study of New Deal programs and discussion of the government's role in planning, funding, and creating infrastructure.
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Editor's Notebook

Ten Top Films for Teaching About China Today

This recommended list of films offers teachers a wealth of resources for engaging students with contemporary China.

Teaching About Ethnicities in China

The study of China's ethnic minorities presents students with an opportunity to examine questions of identity as well as civil and human rights.

Curriculum Reform and the Writing of High School History Textbooks in the People's Republic of China

This past decade, China has taken a closer look at the role of history education and has revamped its history curriculum standards.

Personal Experiences

Confucianism on the Comeback: Current Trends in Culture, Values, Politics, and Economy

The ancient principles of Confucius, which challenge unexamined thinking, are experiencing a multifaceted revival in China.


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