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The "World of 7 Billion" student video contest is still accepting entries! This year's topics - Climate Change, Ocean Health, and Rapid Urbanization - encourage participants to consider the urgency of increasing cooperation and creativity in resolving the innumerable issues associated with increasing world population. 
In an effort to assist contest participants, the sponsor (Population Connection) offers several supplemental readings that students may want to consider while preparing their video submissions.

TalkNCSS: DC Social Studies Teachers Leading Teachers

One of the biggest issues educators point to with the way states and the federal governments make policy decisions is the lack of teacher input in crafting those decisions. Furthermore, most teachers believe that there is a clear disconnect between the “powers that be” and their classrooms. For a group of D.C. public school teachers, leading their colleagues has become a priority not because they want to clarify policy, but because they know it will lead to better instruction and to a better education for their students. In doing so, they're proving that teacher leaders don't wait for a set of directives to act, but instead act because they know their work is right course of action.

Music for Learning and Inquiry: The Hot 100+ Song Activities

Experience classroom music and media activities to help diverse students inquire and learn about history, current issues, world cultures, civics, and social justice. Packets provide ready-to-use activities.

What’s Collaboration Got to Do with It? Setting the Table for Teacher-Led Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborative, teacher-led, professional development incorporates shared authority, fosters democratic education, and encourages civic engagement in the classroom.

Do This, Not That: Designing Effective Professional Development

The authors share important lessons on professional development from the NCSS C3 Literacy Collaborative project.

Pleading the Fifth: Lillian Hellman and the HUAC Investigation of Hollywood

Playwright Lillian Hellman's featured letter to the House Un-American Activities Committee as it investigated Hollywood during the Cold War can launch an interesting lesson on the protections of the Fifth Amendment.
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Designing Your Own C3 Inquiry: Lessons from the C3LC Project

The C3LC project produced a range of classroom resources, but the power of the project lies in the collaborative processes that teacher teams used to build and test them.

The Closing of the West: A C3 Lesson

In this unit, students examine the reasons various groups traveled westward during the second half of the nineteenth century.
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Who, What, Where, How and Now? The C3 Framework and the C3 Literacy Collaborative

The author describes the contribution of the C3 Literacy Collaborative (C3LC) to the strengthening of social studies teaching and learning.

Equal Justice for Juveniles? In re Gault After a Half Century

Studying the Supreme Court decision that established the right of minors to have attorneys in juvenile court is an excellent way to engage students in the study of the Sixth Amendment.


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