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Discovering Africa through Internet-based Geographic Information Systems: A Pan-African Summit Simulation

World geography students discover Africa on their own with Internet-based interactive maps and geographic data.

Exploring Complex Social Phenomena with Computer Simulations

New technological tools that imitate real life phenomena, such as agent-based modeling and simulations, help students explore how individual actions can contribute to the emergence of social patterns.

Listen Up: Studying the American Labor Movement Through Oral Histories

A growing collection of digitized oral history interviews on topics such as labor, civil rights, and women's issues, allows students to hear firsthand about the experiences of individuals during critical periods in American history.
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Sounds Good to Me: Using Digital Audio in the Social Studies Classroom

Recent innovations in audio content, such as streaming, podcasts, and vodcasts, engage auditory learners and enrich the classroom experience.

The Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century

This interactive website with digitized resources from 12 presidential libraries offers students a close-up look at key moments of a president's term.
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NCSS House of Delegates Resolutions

Letter by Stephen Decatur and Painting by Thomas Chambers Related to the War of 1812

This article pairs a textual document with a painting of the related 1812 sea battle, underscoring the value of visual images in fostering new insights about historic events, people, and ideas.
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Object Lessons: The Law of Cultural Property

Many interests can be at stake in conflicts over cultural property. A close look at three recent cases can guide students to reflect on issues related to ownership and control of cultural property.
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