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Teaching with Data: Using Our Nation?s Statistical Snapshot

Students will learn about the uses of data for research, planning, and policymaking when they review the census from 100 years ago and gather contemporary information about their own households.

Supreme Court Review

The Supreme Court term opens with its first Hispanic justice and a list of highlights that includes two high-profile First Amendment cases and an important property rights case.
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Letter to the Senate Banking Committee about Wall Street Reform Legislation during the New Deal

The featured document on federal aid for school lunches and the accompanying essay on the School Lunch Act provide students with a unique chance to study the role of government.
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Editor's Notebook

Lesson Plan on Afghanistan

During this nine-day unit, high school students consider evidence from a variety of primary and secondary sources to determine the best policy for the United States and NATO on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Teaching about Same-Sex Marriage as a Policy and Constitutional Issue

Engaging secondary students in policy and constitutional questions related to same-sex marriage promotes the skills and content that advance a democratic education.

Rapping the 27 Amendments to the Constitution

Students bring the Constitution to life by summarizing the amendments in their own words and composing a rap song.

Learning from a Bike Trip

Each year, seventh and eighth-grade students in a Milwaukee-area school culminate a unit on map reading by planning and carrying out a 25-mile bike ride that develops skills in social studies, science, math, and reading.

The Meaning of Memory: Establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday

Some memorable days in our nation's history are declared holidays, while others are considered days of remembrance. This article explores the process of establishing a holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Citizenship Education: The Goal Of Education

The highlighted websites offer lesson plans and classroom activities to advance the skills needed in a participatory democracy.


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