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The Chicago 8 Trial, 40 Years Later: A Case Study in Teaching U.S. v. Dellinger (1969)

A class reenactment of the Chicago 8 trial offers students a close look at the rights and restrictions of free speech and dissent in America.
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Letter about the School Lunch Program

The featured document on federal aid for school lunches and the accompanying essay on the School Lunch Act provide students with a unique chance to study the role of government.
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The Dutch are Missing in the American Curriculum

The Dutch contribution to America's economic system and cultural fabric was highly significant, yet history textbooks barely mention their early seventeenth-century influence on America.

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Remnants from the Past: Using Scrapbooks to Make U.S. History Personal and Meaningful

Students learn how local history has coincided with national events and trends when they create scrapbooks to document the history of their high school.

Bottled or Tap? A Controversy for Science, Economics, and Society

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water. Students can learn about the costs and consequences of this choice.

Copenhagen 2009: Could a Cap-and-Trade Market Combat Global Warming and Conserve Earth's Tropical Forests?

This background essay and accompanying handout can help students learn how global citizens can conserve tropical forests and reduce global warming.

The Other September 11: Teaching about the 1973 Overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende

With the help of primary sources, teachers can give students the opportunity to reflect on the complexity and contradictions of U.S foreign policy by introducing them to Chile's September 11.

Life in the Aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

The author details his findings after six months of research on the lives of genocide survivors in Rwanda.


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