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Secondary/High School

Balancing Liberty and Security: Lincoln and Habeas Corpus

Is it ever necessary to violate the Constitution to save the Constitution? Receive classroom-friendly interactive lessons in which students evaluate the constitutionality of U.S. government actions during times of crisis.

Applying the Bill of Rights: The Due Process Clause

Learn about an interactive, classroom-friendly lesson demonstration using primary and secondary sources to help students understand criminal procedure protections and their essential role in a free society.

A Technology Showcase for You and Your Students

Learn about and engage in technology-related best practices designed to help students make global connections. Then follow us to the tech lounge for one-on-one mentoring!

10 Show Me What You Know! Styles of Assessment

Hold on! This fast-paced presentation showcases student projects from around the world. You'll leave inspired and ready to let students show me what you know!

Washington, DC: Separate and Unequal Citizenship

Taxation without representation? Welcome to Washington, DC, where 650,000 Americans are denied full citizenship rights. Learn the history and the proposed solutions, including a growing call for DC statehood.

The Third Rail: Teaching Controversial Content

Ignite positive discourse on First Amendment flash points--from hate speech to religious discrimination--by using case studies as a safe entry point. Includes classroom-ready materials.

You Can Only See What You Know: Creative Inquiry Synthesis

Use dynamic, evidence-based inquiry lessons to guide your students to uncover past and present competing narratives and help them synthesize their learning through creative culminating activities. Materials and technology provided.

When Liberty and Equality Collide: Discrimination within Equal Protection Clause?

The expansion of equality often accompanies sacrifice of personal liberty. Learn how the Equal Protection Clause has been used to expand civil rights and bring more people into civic society.

Vietnam: A Girl, a Soldier, and a Teacher

Tinker plaintiff Mary Beth Tinker connects with a soldier and a social studies teacher to teach the Vietnam War. Hear their stories, and how your students can connect as well.

Using Data to Tell Stories: Inquiry Using FRED and GeoFRED

Master Big Data. Use free web tools to find, visualize, and analyze local and international data. Assemble informative graphs, dashboards, and custom maps for easy classroom inquiry and sharing.


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