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Child Soldiers: Rights Denied, Hope Restored

Exposing students to international issues such as the existence of child soldiers motivates them to become engaged as global citizens.

Teaching about the Korean Comfort Women

The ordeal of Korean Comfort Women in World War II can spark class discussion about human rights violations by nation-states and the means of preventing such tragedies.

Close Up on Capital Punishment: Challenging Students' Ideas of Justice

Exploring the topic of capital punishment presents an important opportunity for students to consider this controversial issue through the lens of legality and ethics.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The document that began as a declaration of human equality and dignity has become the foundation of the human rights movement and a cornerstone of world political dialogue.

Preparing Global Citizens through the Study of Human Rights

Two key strategies—infusion and postholing—are ideal for engaging students in human rights issues.

Teaching about the 2012 Elections Using the Internet-Part 2

This column focuses on the battle for the presidency as well as the fight for Congress, highlighting websites with elementary and secondary lesson plans, collaborative projects, and other learning activities.

Teaching about Big Money in Elections: To Amend or Not to Amend the U.S. Constitution?

Students will gain a profound understanding of concepts such as freedom of speech, fair elections, and responsive representative leadership with this lesson on the proposed amendment to regulate election spending.

The Keys to the White House

This historically successful election prediction system remains firm in its forecast that Obama will win the popular vote, highlighting for students that it is governance, not campaigning, that determines the outcome of presidential elections.

Supreme Court Term in Review

The recent Supreme Court term included many hot-button issues like health care, immigration, and First Amendment rights for liars, broadcasters, and unions.
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Photograph and Speech Related to the Cuban Missile Crisis

The featured photograph and the document from President Kennedy's speech about Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba offer an excellent entry point into the study of the presidency and foreign diplomacy at that critical moment in history.
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