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Philosophy for Gamers: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Subject

Explore a unique pedagogy that takes major topics of common philosophy courses and addresses them through plots, characters, missions, and objectives found in popular video-gaming platforms.

Museums as Partners in Civic Learning and Cultural Inquiry

Explore an inquiry-based lesson plan as an example of effective incorporation of museum visits into the curriculum, using the National Czech & Slovak Museum as a resource.

Hook 'em! How to Base Historical Inquiries on Current Issues

Explore how to stimulate and leverage student curiosity by creating compelling historical inquiries fused with current issues that ultimately teach civics. All participants will receive complete units.

Historical Literacy in the 21st Century: Empowering Tomorrow's Citizens Today

21st century college and career readiness is tied to historical literacy. Learn how educators seized the opportunity to challenge students with complex issues of perspective, power, collaboration, and conflict.

Exploring the Middle East Refugee Crisis in the Classroom

Parse the drama, geopolitical analysis, and conceptual issues surrounding refugee crises in the Middle East in this interactive presentation. Take home resources and an activity exploring themes through refugee narratives.

Encourage Civic Engagement! Make Discussion Integral to Your Classroom.

Do you want to help counter the tides of youth apathy? Learn how open classroom discussion supports civic engagement, and gather practical suggestions for conducting effective discussions.

Election '16: Impacts of Race/Ethnicity and Culture on Civic Engagement/Voter Behavior

Third session in three-part symposium. Specialists from the Pew Research Center will provide insights from national-level data regarding race, ethnicity, and culture and impacts on civic engagement and voter behavior.

Econ-Know-Me: Your Connection to the Federal Reserve

What does the Fed have to do with me? Answer that question and more using the new infographic, Econ-Know-Me, about the Federal Reserve.

Demystifying the Supreme Court Appointment Process

2016 unexpectedly saw the Supreme Court appointment process become front-page news. Explore the process historically, delve into ongoing debates, and learn about engaging classroom activities.

Democracy as a Verb: Fuse Your History Instruction with Civics

Explore how the recent Confederate Flag debate can be an excellent basis of an inquiry on the Civil War that culminates with a lesson in civics.


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