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Resources for Women's History Month


Photograph of World War II female pilots This photograph, showing members of the United States Army Corps (WACs) receiving candy bars from an American Red Cross canteen worker while they wait to board a ship for Europe in May, 1945, is one of more than 40,000 archival photographs available online from the National Archives through the ARC database (ARC identifier 535769).

Resources from National Council for the Social Studies

NCSS Journals

Social Education

smarrow.gif   "Breaking the Chains". Social Education Special Issue, September 1995

smarrow.gif   An Annotated List of Resources on Women and Wartime, Social Education, February 1994.

smarrow.gif   Homefront to Front Lines:Women in Wartime Special Section, Social Education, February 1994 (NCSS Member Login Required)

smarrow.gif   Teaching with Documents: The Technology of Unequal Rights for Women: Patent Drawings of a Voting Machine, Social Education, April 2008. (NCSS Member Login Required)

Social Studies and the Young Learner

smarrow.gif   "Special Women in My Life: Strategies for Writing Women into the Social Studies Curriculum", _Social Studies and the Young Learner, January/February 2006

smarrow.gif   Who Can Be a Hero? Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, and Discovering Strength of Character, _Social Studies and the Young Learner, March/April 2005 (NCSS Member Login Required)

Middle Level Learning

smarrow.gif   Game Changer: Women's Basketball and Equal Opportunity, Middle Level Learning, January/February 2011

smarrow.gif    Full Issue January/February 2011 Middle Level Learning This issue of Middle Level Learning focused on Women's History (NCSS Member Login Required)

NCSS Publications


Teaching Women's History Through Literature: Standards-Based Lesson Plans K-12, NCSS Bulletin 107

Women used to be almost invisible in history books used in school, and although they now have a stronger presence in textbooks, teachers often have difficulty finding the right additional resources for teaching womens history. Kay A. Chicks publication fills an important gap by identifying appealing literature that will engage students in the study of womens history. Biographies and historical fiction are the principal genres of literature selected. The author pays special attention to choosing developmentally appropriate books and lesson plans that can advance standards-based teaching at the primary, intermediate, middle school and high school grade levels.

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