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Teaching American History Grant Resources

A Teaching American History Grant offers exciting prospects for enduring and meaningful professional development experiences. Here are some of our suggestions for how NCSS can provide some of these professional development opportunities.

NCSS Membership

Purchase institutional memberships in NCSS for your campuses. This entitles the school or department to choose one of our two award-winning journals, Social Education or Social Studies and the Young Learner, both of which offer rich features on teaching history with primary documents, creative history lessons, and class projects that result in significant student achievement. Institutional members also receive the NCSS newsletter, The Social Studies Professional, and have access to a treasure trove of hundreds of articles on teaching history on the NCSS members-only website, as well as invitations to institutes, seminars, and state and national conferences. Each elementary school, or each social studies department in a middle or high school, can join for $75.

NCSS Annual Conference

Send American history teachers to our Annual Conference, where hundreds of master teachers and specialists will be presenting sessions on United States history topics. It usually costs between $750-$1000 to send a teacher to the conference, by the time you pay air fare, hotel fees, and registration - money well spent in terms of impact on the students each teacher reaches. Our conference in Atlanta, November 13-15, 2009 (“Dreams and Deeds: The Civic Mission of Schools”) will be invaluable. Of special interest to Teaching American History grant participants is a workshop by TAH Program Lead Alex Stein that will discuss current policies, and review the most successful projects nationwide.

NCSS Summer Workshops

Sponsor teachers at one of our Summer Institutes (examples: Reading Strategies to Unlock the Social Studies; Powerful and Authentic Social Studies; Teaching with Documents and Works of Art.) Costs vary, but air fares, meals, lodging, and registration for a teacher add up to about $1,000 per participant.

State Council Memberships

Pay for your teachers to join your state social studies council. Send your teachers to a conference close to home, and link them to experts in American History in your own back yard. Our state councils have newsletters, journals, and seminars of their own.

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