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Using the Psychological Concept Flow in the Social Studies Classroom

Flow is a type of student engagement that includes focus, task immersion and intrinsic motivation. The presentation describes action research into flow and methods to implement flow into the classroom.

Student Choice, Student Voice in the Psychology Classroom

Student autonomy is encouraged by choice in their work. You will leave this presentation with in-class choice projects as well as Formative Projects that allow student a choice and voice.

Games to Teach Cognition

Participants will learn games and puzzles to use to teach terms related to thinking, memory, and language.

Now Hear This: Using Podcasts to Engage Students in Psychology

Learn how to use podcasts to pique student interest, promote investigation of psychological concepts in the real world, and allow for differentiation of learning in the classroom.

What Makes People Bad? Human Rights Violations and Psychology

Help students evaluate what has motivated violations of human rights throughout history by examining psychological studies and experiments through the Socratic Seminar discussion model.

Cultivating Student Engagement through Real-Life Application

Psychology is a stage for engaging students in innovative projects asking students to problem solve in a creative way. Examine examples of project-based learning and real-world application of concepts.

Boot Camp to Blended Learning: AP Access for All

This workshop presents Cincinnati Public Schools' story on expanding AP courses. Learn from our experiences during an interactive, tech-rich workshop; leave with tools for addressing AP equity and access issues in your district!

Beyond Pixels: Rediscovering our Humanity in a Digitalized World

Pixels have changed our sense of self, schools, and social responsibility. Discuss current research on the positive and negative effects of technology, and its impact on our social relationships.

Project-Based Learning: Using Children's Books to Teach Psychology

Usie children's books to teach various aspects, theories and topics in psychology. All participants will receive a free lesson, project rubric and student work samples.

Finding a Balance: Building a Well-Rounded AP Course

Are we teaching college level courses or helping students pass a rigorous vocabulary test? This session will provide new AP teachers with the tools to meet that balance.


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