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Making AP Engaging for ALL Students: Lessons from AP Psychology

Using AP Psychology as a model, participants will learn strategies for making Advanced Placement classes more accessible to and engaging for students with different skill levels.

Poster Session-"Brain" Based Projects!!

Walk away with brain lessons: creating movie trailers and connecting the brain with Zombies. Encourage your students to understand the functions of the parts of the brain while having fun!

Poster Session-Creating your Secondary Psychology Curriculum for Common Core Standards

The presentation aligns APA guidelines to the Common Core standards to assist teachers in developing their own psychology course curriculum.

Primary Sources for High School Psychology: Adapting the Common Core

This session will highlight primary sources for high school psychology courses. Examples include personal correspondence, research notes, and original texts. Sources will be provided to attendees, handout and electronic version.

Writing and Reading to Learn: Teaching about Testing and Intelligence

Discussion of heritability and sociocultural factors in developing intelligence is followed by participant engagement in specific reading/writing strategies designed to help students evaluate various resources on psychological testing and intelligence.

All Purpose Statistics Activity: Roll the Dice!

Many psychology students are intimidated by statistics. During this workshop, participants will learn an all-purpose participatory activity designed to communicate the concepts of distribution, mean/median/mode, standard deviation, and statistical significance.

Using Exemplary Texts and Readers Theatre to Prevent Bullying

Are there bullies in your classroom? Do you have students who miss school because they are afraid? Come experience Reader's Theater as a powerful instructional and bullying prevention strategy.

Fun Engagement in the Psych Classroom

Incorporate fun in your psych class by using engaging activities to enhance your students’ comprehension of major psychology concepts. A wide variety of exciting lessons are presented, discussed and shared.

The Psychology of Genocide

Millions of people have died in genocides around the world. Delve into the human psyche, exploring our capacity for committing genocide, as well as rescuing others from genocide.

Psychology and Sports: Relevance and Complex Issues

Why is batting .389 as significant as batting .422? Does the Wonderlict Test have predictive validity? Why are fans fanatical? Hormones, home runs, LSD, and the curious case of Doc Ellis.


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