Center for News Literacy’s Summer Institute

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The Center for News Literacy’s Summer Institute for Teachers is now accepting applications!

Become a News Literacy Fellow this summer! Join this program for high school teachers to develop a course for their school districts.

We’re looking for Chicagoland teachers who teach critical thinking to the first generation that lives out loud on social media.
That’s why we’re inviting you to the 2012 News Literacy Curriculum Workshop at Northwestern.
Hosted by Northwestern, sponsored by the McCormick Foundation, the workshop is taught by the staff of the Center for News Literacy, which built the News Literacy course that is spreading to schools across the U.S.

How will you integrate election news into your lessons next fall?
By joining us July 23-27 at Northwestern to build fresh curriculum that uses ripped-from-the-headlines examples to teach timeless critical thinking skills.

With McCormick Foundation support, the Center for News Literacy has been helping teachers build critical thinking and citizenship lessons for the last five summers in intensive, practical workshops.

More than 80 teachers have attended and in the anonymous after-report, 100% of 2011 attendees gave it an A. With that track record, the McCormick Foundation decided to bring News Literacy to Chicagoland, starting with this workshop.

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