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9th Annual Marshall Immersion Workshop: July 25-29, 2011

The Ninth Annual Marshall Immersion Workshop
"A Visionary Adventure across Continents"

July 25-29, 2011

Apply Now: Deadline is Monday, May 16, 2011

The George C. Marshall International Center at Dodona Manor is pleased to announce its
9th Annual Marshall Immersion Workshop. This year's program emphasizes the far-reaching impact of the European Recovery Program (ERP)—the Marshall Plan. The workshop is offered primarily to high school level American and/or modern European history teachers, and social studies supervisors. Expenses are paid, plus participants receive free materials and re- certification points.

Teachers will experience the rare and special privilege of meeting at Marshall’s museum
home, Dodona Manor, in Leesburg, Virginia to learn more about Marshall's contributions to twentieth century history. Using a series of primary documents from the Truman Presidential Library and the Marshall Library attendees will gain a better understanding of Secretary of State Marshall’s specific and significant role in securing the passage of the ERP. The participants will view engaging archival films originally created to promote the ERP in Europe (1947-1951), as well as the comprehensive PBS documentary “The Marshall Plan: Against the Odds.” The film’s researcher and co-producer, Linda Christianson, will be there to provide analysis and commentary.

A significant aspect of the workshop emphasizes Marshall’s use of diplomacy as a tool for rebuilding Europe after the war. Through a partnership developed with the United States Department of State, participants will have the unique opportunity to experience an afternoon of learning on-site at the department’s United States Diplomacy Center at the State Department in Washington, D.C.

During the latter part of the workshop week, teachers will spend two days at the George C. Marshall Museum and Library in Lexington, Virginia. This will be a rich experience for participants, since they will have the opportunity to delve into the comprehensive Marshall archive, studying original documents relating to some of his most important work. One such historic treasure is Marshall's personal copy of the June 5, 1947, Harvard speech outlining the key concepts of the ERP.

Chief among the many outstanding components of the Marshall-immersion learning experience is the opportunity for interaction between American and European colleagues. The 2011 summer workshop will include participants from Germany, Austria, and Norway. Participants will exchange ideas and perspectives on how the workshop content and materials might benefit their respective classroom instruction. All who have had this opportunity unanimously cited the experience of working with colleagues from across the Atlantic as milestones in their professional and personal lives. For more information, and to apply for this workshop, visit Address any questions to Don Eager, Workshop Coordinator, at or (703) 724-1492.

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