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CSI: Compare, Support, Inform-Providing ConTEXT for the Common Core

Working with informational text, the CSI approach–Compare sources to Support and Inform positions—incorporates the demands of the Common Core and encourages best practice in the social studies.

“Top 10” Strategies for Building Literacy in Elementary Social Studies

This session will provide elementary social studies teachers with 10 strategies that they can use to incorporate literacy into their social studies lessons.

St. Louis French-Colonial Outpost: Teaching Global Marketplace with Fur Traders

The North American global marketplace began with European explorers and evolved to international trade empires. How did countries and cultures collaborate? Resource-packed presentation of an Explorers and Fur Trade unit.

Huzzah Indeed! Library Collections Conducive to Civics Education Collaboration

In the current environment of standardized testing, is your library supporting the preservation of constitutional democracy? Visit this session to assess collections and discover resources conducive to civics education instruction.

MRH-Elementary: School As Museum

Learn how to transform your school into a museum. Teachers and students of Maplewood/Richmond Heights Elementary School will share their school metaphor: School as Museum.

Bolstering the Common Core through Social Studies: Meaningful Inquiry-Based Learning

Presenting an inquiry-based narrative—setting, characters, and plot. Reading and writing come alive as students apply social studies understandings in real world contexts. Strategies for integrating the Common Core shared.

Bayou Expedition: Elementary and Middle School Excursions through History/Culture

An 18th century Louisiana village provides an engaging backdrop for bringing CCSS to life for elementary and middle school students via collaboration between living history museum, university, and local schools.

Social Studies Comes Alive with Common Core

Understanding relationships between social studies and Common Core Literacy at the elementary level is essential. We will explore ways to use literacy strategies to enhance student understanding of U.S. history.

Peace Table Talks: Bringing Historic Figures back to the Table

Transform your classroom Peace Table into a place for your students to rewrite history and resolve conflicts between historic figures. Social justice empowers students to envision a more peaceful future.

Let's Go to School....around the World!

Learn how children can gain a global perspective by exploring where children from around the world go to school, how they travel to school, and what they learn in school.


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