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Theme-Based Instruction: Connecting Content and Literacy Skills

Teaching reading and writing skills using a social studies theme ensures productive instructional time spent with both language arts and content skills. Learn how to create innovative, inspiring, theme-based units.

Catch The Gingerbread Man and Tackle the Common Core

Run, run as fast as you can….Discover The Gingerbread Man, an integrated-thematic curriculum for grades 1-2, that engages students and addresses Common Core. Participants receive a free copy.

VARKing up the Right Tree—Engaging Students Using VARK Learning Preferences to Master the Common Core

Participants will develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to create meaningful Common Core-aligned social studies learning activities by effectively incorporating the use of students’ VARK learning style preferences.

Forget Me Not: Reading and Writing Historical Fiction, K-5

Amidst the buzz about informational writing and close reading -- don’t underestimate the power of historical fiction! Learn how to captivate young learners while meeting the CCSS.

To the Core: Multicultural Literature, Differentiated Instruction, and Common Core

Culturally responsible literature is a delightful and powerful tool to teach Common Core Standards. Let’s explore methods of using multicultural literature with differentiated instruction to get at the Core

Better Social Studies: Increasing Content Knowledge and Engagement through Reading

Participants will learn strategies to provide and support multi-genre reading opportunities in history. They’ll learn how to incorporate the Common Core ELA Standards without losing the social studies.

Using Active Storytelling to Foster Divergent Thinking

By using the art of improvisational storytelling, we will explore ways to link historical fact to creative writing that will create meaningful correlations for students.

Integrating Elementary Social Studies Instruction in the Common Core Classroom

Learn how to integrate social studies in the reading/language arts block and teach the skills required in Common Core. Get concrete tips and explore valuable resources exclusively for elementary teachers.

Using Digital Primary Sources to Create ePubs

This presentation shows how to engage students in creative writing and research by using the iPad in collecting primary and secondary sources from multiple genres to create a shareable ePub.

Thinking Like a Citizen (TLAC): A Children’s Literature Series

TLAC helps students examine issues from multiple perspectives using glasses representing the disciplines: history (time lens), politics (rules lens), economics (stuff lens), geography (space lens), and behavioral sciences (people lens).


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