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Teaching Global Interdependence Using On-line Geospatial Technologies

Enhance your social studies instruction using geospatial technology including ArcGIS On-line to teach about global interdependence. Step-by-step guidance as well as CD with lesson plans and hand-outs will be provided.

Using Original Games to Open Windows into Social Studies Skills

This session illustrates how gaming theory can be utilized to construct classroom activities. Games already created, their implementation, and ways to build new ones will be shared by the presenters.

Every Vote Counts! Helping Young Children Understand the Voting Process

Experience lessons designed to make presidential elections relevant to young students. Making choices, compare/contrast candidates, political posters, vocabulary strategy, mock election. Primary sources. Ready-to-go lessons. Resources provided

The "Magical Life" of Contextualized Autobiographies: Connecting Students with History

Session participants will learn about "contextualized autobiographies" as students connect critical events that have occurred in their own lives to those events occurring in the world around them.

Relevant Exploration of the Civil Rights Movement with Pre-K/Elementary Students

This session will explore dynamic strategies for integrating powerful themes embedded in the American civil rights movement into curriculum, field trips, and the daily classroom lives of young children.

To Bring or not to Bring!

Immigration past and present. To prioritize items that immigrants would need to survive in colonial era. Compare and contrast what immigrants would bring now to survive in the 21st century.

History, Technology & Literacy: Reaching Elementary Students Via Multimodal Resources

Discover how one museum engages students in American history via innovative and interactive online and distance learning resources which focus on content, literacy, and the stories of this nation's founding.

A Child's View of Social Reality among ELL Migrant Children

This poster explores children's perception of social issues seen through the eyes of young ELL migrant children and its implications in delivering culturally responsive social studies experiences.

"The Times They Are a-Changin'": How Will Students Adapt?

Do your students have tools to design solutions to the social problems they encounter? Get ideas for empowering students to create their own action research plans with model lessons!

Representing Knowledge: Children Use Web 2.0 in an Inquiry Unit

Children engaged in an inquiry-based environmental education unit and used Web 2.0 tools to represent knowledge and to construct it. Work samples demonstrating digital literacy integration will be shared.


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