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21st Century Project-Based Learning in the Social Studies Classroom

This session will present ways to use Project-based Learning (PBL) in social studies classrooms to help teachers prepare their students for real-world, 21st Century skills.

Truth About Totem Poles: Windows to Pacific Northwest Indigenous Cultures

To understand North America is to understand First Nations. The ancient and contemporary history of Pacific Northwest Coast tribes can be taught through the lens of one icon. Materials provided.

The Window Project: Exploring Global Interdependence through Art

This session examines the use of The Window Project, an integrated social studies and arts task, in the elementary classroom to demonstrate global connections and interdependence through collective art media.

How is the View Different from that Window? Understanding Perspectives

Appropriate for teachers of elementary and middle school students, participants will view the world from different perspectives through the purposeful integration of social studies standards, reading strategies, and children's literature.

"Geogulary" "Vocabraphy" ??? Interactive Vocabulary Activities for Geography and Beyond

Learn low budget, high impact vocabulary activities you can use tomorrow. Brain based strategies for Pacific Northwest geography terms or any subject where vocabulary comprehension is key to student success.

Promoting Geographic Literacy through English and Spanish State Student Atlases

In this poster session, presenters identify one approach for creating a state student atlas in English and Spanish. They also share design features of supporting resources and accompanying professional development.

Mom, Were You Afraid of Being Eaten by a Dinosaur?

Understandings of chronology and time are foundational to making sense of history. This presentation offers elementary teachers multiple activities for engaging students in developing a sense of chronology.

What's My Story? Pacific Northwest Native American Youth Resources

Students can learn about Native American tribes through stories of people and place. Washington State has an online tribal sovereignty curriculum and this culturally relevant resource list provides context.

Assessment Strategies for Diverse Learners

This hands-on, interactive session will analyze commonly used assessment strategies and, in turn, offer specific alternatives that accommodate the learning (and assessment) needs of diverse learners.

Teaching with Multicultural Children's Literature: Windows and Mirrors to Diversity

Participants will explore how multicultural children's literature can act as windows and mirrors to diversity and expand the "single stories" students have of people, historical events, and cultural situations.(Handouts provided)


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