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Window to Inquiry: Teaching the Concepts and Tools of History

Understanding the concepts and tools of historical inquiry is essential to teaching about the past and creating young thinkers who can "do" history. Applicable to all subjects and ages.

Chess and Young Females

In nine years of teaching chess and as a Para Educator, I noticed patterns of the young females’ disengagement from their chess club, which educators can overcome exercising certain strategies.

Becoming Integrated Thinkers: Cases from Elementary Classrooms

Through the discussion of case studies from six elementary teachers' classrooms, the participants will obtain insights and strategies for authentic integration in social studies.

Taking Geography to Schools: A Successful Professional Development Model

In this poster session, presenters share design features, key components, and participant evaluations of a Professional Development Model designed to increase geographic literacy in underserved and at-risk school populations.

"Do As I Do": Modeling Collaboration and Inclusion in Civics

Elementary teachers share a professional collaboration model used to teach civics across grade levels, applying Project Citizen and student mentoring to foster inclusion, differentiation, and meaningful participation among all learners.

Investigating United States History: Just or Unjust

Investigate how individuals and groups have protested (violent and non-violent) injustices over time by analyzing primary sources using engaging instructional strategies. Participants will receive lesson plans and content resources.

Integrating Language Arts and History: Online Resources from the Smithsonian

Meet with Smithsonian educators to engage in classroom activities that integrate reading and American history. And learn about free online resources from Smithsonian's History Explorer and OurStory.

Children as "Solutionaries": The Impact of Inquiry-Based, Environmental Education

Using authentic work samples, instructional footage, and interviews, the results of a multi-region, environmental curriculum pilot on children's understanding of sustainability and their roles as “solutionaries” will be explored.

ELA Integration in the Content Classroom, We've Done Your Homework!

An innovative approach to ELA integration with historical fiction used as the instructional force behind content instruction. Result: An array of student created products, including an intricate reading response journal.

Historical Dilemmas: Andrew Jackson and the Debate over Indian Removal

Elementary teachers collaboratively designed and implemented a lesson aimed at helping students authentically debate Indian Removal. Students examined multiple historical perspectives before recommending a policy decision to Andrew Jackson.


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