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Poster Session-Moving Students to Action through the CORE

This presentation will introduce participants to a social studies project that integrates social studies, reading/language arts and service learning. Participants will receive examples of the lessons developed.

Poster Session-Developing Scientific Attitudes in Primary School Pupils: A Humanistic Approach to Social Studies Teaching and Learning

This paper examines the development of scientific attitudes in enhancing effective teaching and learning of social studies. It equally looks at how teachers can adopt a humanistic approach.

Poster Session-Utilizing Community Resources to Promote Global Citizenship

Issues surrounding citizenship and global citizenship are significant in the current pluralistic society of America. This presentation presents theoretical and practical models of resources as alternatives in addressing these issues.

Poster Session-Bringing Literacy to Life through Social Studies

Preservice teachers and their professor will share experiences, thematic units, and specific lessons, for elementary and middle grade students integrating ELA and social studies in ways that energize learning.

Poster Session-Rosie and Rationing: Popular Media and Women’s Roles during WWII

This session explores how popular media helped change women’s roles during WWII. Participants will learn strategies to instruct students to analyze popular media and draw conclusions about women during WWII.

Poster Session-Using Twin Texts to Understand the Underground Railroad

This interactive session will feature quality fiction and non-fiction texts that can be paired and used to authentically teach elementary students about slavery, the Underground Railroad, and freedom.

Poster Session-China and Hong Kong’s National Identity Education: Four Innovative Lessons

This session introduces four innovative national identity education lessons in China. The authors of the lessons come from Beijing and Hong Kong, and the session compares their perspectives in teaching positive national feeling in a globalization era.

Poster Session-Operation Military Kids: Understanding and Supporting Military-Connected Students

Participants will learn how to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of the 2,000,000+ military-connected students in the U.S., who are often most challenged by our globally interconnected world.

Poster Session-Yesterday's Child: An Online Curricula that Brings Ancient Lives Alive

Yesterday’s Child online series uses storytelling to promote critical thinking and literacy. It explores how ancient history lives today through innovation, technology and cultural touchstones in music, art and food.

Poster Session-Using Children's Literature to Teach Elementary Economics

Economics is often an unfamiliar topic for many elementary teachers.This presentation will display popular children’s literature that can be used to teach economics in a fun way to young students.


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