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National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps are enormously entertaining and educationally powerful tools for introducing geography and map skills to students. Learn about this program and inquiry-based activities that accompany it.

Hispanics in the Revolutionary War

Hispanics have been a part of the history of the United States since the beginning. Discover the role Hispanics played during the Revolutionary War.

Entrepreneurship in the Elementary Classroom - Leavey Award Educational Summit

Steal from the best! Discover innovative classroom techniques for teaching economics and entrepreneurship demonstrated by winning teachers. Learn how to turn your creative activities into cash with a Leavey Award.

15+ Strategies for Increased Engagement through Movement, Music, and Art

Enliven your social studies classroom through these easy-to-incorporate strategies that promote active brain engagement and build an attitude of curiosity and inquiry for all learners.

Race, Relationships, and Advocacy: Lessons with Young Children

Get methods to help young children gain language and perspective relating to race and anti-bias ideas. Experience lessons that address racial identity, racism, advocacy and positive self-image.

Design Thinking in the Elementary Classroom

Learn how to use design thinking--or elements of design thinking--to help your young learners tackle real-world problems while covering standard content and skills.

Approaches to Teaching Privilege in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Learn easy and adaptable approaches to teaching privilege and discrimination. Support student explorations into complex issues of social justice through simulations, Dr. Seuss, media literacy, and text-to-history connections through primary sources.

Let's Read: The Literature and Social Studies Connection

Explore the integration of social studies and literacy standards, leading to the assessment of students' skills in historical inquiry, mapping, creating timelines, identifying primary sources, and other skills.

Daydreams and Fun: Bringing Back the Art of Creative Thinking

Get powerful ideas for how to build stronger thinkers and learners in your social studies classroom.

Creating Global and Community Service Projects

Creating Global & Community Service Projects addresses NCSS Standards for Teaching Excellence, and is required for activating humaneness in all social studies programs.


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