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Implementing the C3 Inquiry Design Model at our Multicultural Fair

The C3 Teachers Inquiry Design Model is the structure for our multicultural fair lessons. Preservice teachers and elementary school teachers co-design and co-teach with the C3 Teachers Inquiry Design Model.

Fostering Inquiry by Pairing Children's Literature with Historical Photographs

Learn how to pair historical photographs with non-fiction narrative texts to spark student imagination, resulting in questions that lead students to inquiry projects that they are interested in pursuing.

Before and Beyond Columbus: Approaching Native Issues in Elementary Classrooms

Tired of traditional approaches to Columbus and Thanksgiving? Explore ideas for critically engaging elementary students in Native issues using a variety of resources and activities. Resources provided!

The Tired King Teaches How Government Works

What are the functions of government? How do they work? Help your students explore these questions and build civic competency with a little help from a very tired king.

I Like ME! Positive Identity Development in Young Children

Through artifacts and objects, museums are in a unique position to provide information that helps children learn about themselves and others. Historical objects can support children in building a positive self-identity.

Civics in a Snap: 15-Minute Civics for Elementary Students

What are some civics-oriented resources that you can use in the short time you have for social studies in the elementary classroom? The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship has ideas!

At the Core: Social Studies Inquiry, Engagement, and Common Core Skills

Learn how to engage students with inquiry, having social studies content as the focus, while fulfilling the Common Core State Standards, and increasing rigor. Receive ready-to-use lessons and handouts.

WATER We Learning? An Inquiry into the Global Water Crisis

Water is the substance of life. Yet many people lack clean water. Learn ways to engage young learners to respond as global citizens to the global water crisis.

Treasure Hunting: Learning Geographic Reasoning Skills through Literature

Advance your students' geographic reasoning skills through the integration of children's literature and mapping! This hands-on lesson uses the free GeoFRED interface and Treasure Map to make geography come alive.

PFL: It's Not Just for Economic Classes Anymore

Personal financial literacy must be taught early so students become good stewards of money. Learn how to make connections between PFL and standards, and integrate with math and ELA.


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