PASS Professional Development Opportunities

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Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS) is a professional development program that trains social studies teachers in curriculum design, assessment, and instruction in a standards-based environment. NCSS is offering two opportunities to prepare social studies professionals to implement professional development based on PASS.

PASS Summer Teacher Training Institute

Held July 25 -July 29, 2011 at Santa Clara University, this institute will provide participants with the materials and expertise necessary to lead their own PASS training workshops in their schools and school districts. Participants will learn about PASS criteria and standards for curriculum design, assessment construction, and effective instruction. In small learning communities, participants will examine videotaped K-12 vignettes of teaching and create examples of curriculum units and assessment tasks to share with their learning community. This institute will interest NCSS members at all educational levels.

American Public University Course-Special Topic: Teaching New American History

Offered by American Public University in cooperation with NCSS, this online course prepares teachers to offer a professional development workshop based on the principles of Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS). Teachers will learn the three criteria of PASS and how these are applied to standards for developing curriculum, creating assessments, and providing effective instruction. Using content from "new" American history that reflects a change in perspective or interpretation, teachers will learn how to critique and create their own curriculum units, assessment tasks, and instructional video-recordings. Teachers will consider a variety of factors in providing PASS workshops to others.

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