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14 states would lose funding under Title I proposal

The formula used to determine how much Title I funding states receive would change under an amendment sponsored by Sen.  -More

Senate, House to negotiate a compromise on NCLB rewrite

The U.S. Senate passed its version of a bill to rewrite No Child Left Behind this week.  -More

How to use doodling as a tool for note-taking, assessment


How to promote resourcefulness in the classroom

Resourcefulness, which requires students to process information both intellectually and emotionally, can be taught in the cla -More

Truman Library hosts 50 teachers for history lessons

Fifty high-school teachers from 17 states recently attended a conference at the Harry S.  -More

Senate Passes ESEA

NCSS lobbyist Catriona Macdonald has informed us that Senator Peters’ amendment to allow parent engagement funds to also be used to support financial literacy activities was adopted by voice vote and added to the ESEA bill today on the Senate floor.  This means that, for the first time since 2011, there is a real possibility of continuous, dedicated federal funding for all four of the social studies disciplines. The Senate subsequently moved to final passage, and passed the bill with 81 bipartisan votes.

Too much rest is rust.

Walter Scott, novelist, playwright and poet -More

Are you a member?

NCSS provides the professional network and teaching resources to keep social studies a valued and vital part of the nation's  -More


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