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C3 Framework resources

Learn more about the instructional shifts needed to help students achieve the goals of the new ELA/literacy Common Core State -More

An invitation to authors

If you're an enthusiastic elementary teacher or teacher educator with great ideas that you've implemented in the classroom, w -More

Have you visited SmartBlog on Education?

Check out this week's posts on SmartBlog on Education. Want to join our blogger community?  -More

NYC school uses app to notify parents about absences, tardies

Parents of students in a New York City school can receive daily updates about student attendance.  -More

Mich. juniors expand global awareness in IB diploma program


Graduation gap persists in special education, report shows

The US high-school graduation rate has reached a historic high of 82%, but data reveal a special-education graduation gap, ac -More

Microsoft to launch new version of Minecraft for schools

Minecraft: Education Edition will be available to schools this summer.  -More

Tenn. weighs guidelines for studying religions in public schools


Wis. district changes curriculum to boost global learning

A Wisconsin school district has revised its social studies curriculum to ensure ninth-grade students are learning more about  -More


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