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Mass. students create "Genocide Museum" during study of intolerance

Student leaders at a Massachusetts high school recently participated in programs to encourage diversity awareness and toleran -More

How high-school teachers bid farewell to seniors

The end of the school year can be bittersweet for teachers who have to say goodbye to high-school seniors.  -More

Ky. district launches program to teach mindfulness, resiliency


Demand outweighs supply of teachers in U.S.

Fewer high-school students are interested in pursuing a degree in education and careers in teaching, data show, with low pay  -More

7 ways teachers can cultivate meaningful change

Teachers who are committed to remaining in the profession must "become the epicenter of change," rather than wait for change  -More

Teacher engages in reflection on year's highs, lows


Md. students draft bill to extend food trucks' operating hours

Students at a Maryland high school recently worked on a bill that would extend food trucks' operating hours.  -More

Maine students build benches for community-service project

Students in a Maine middle school's expeditionary-learning program participated in a multidisciplinary project to build and i -More

Becoming Integrated Thinkers: Case Studies in Elementary Social Studies -- New from NCSS Publications!

At a time when social studies is being curtailed in elementary schools, the contributors to this book show that it is still p -More

Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS): A Teacher Training Institute

Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS) is a professional-development program that trains social studies teachers in cur -More


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