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The National Student/Parent Mock Election gives American students, and parents too if they wish, all across the country and around the world, the opportunity to cast their votes for candidates in both the federal and state elections.  They may also vote on the issues they care about. 

This program builds on the 36-year history of the National Student/Parent Mock Election, the leading program in student voting. More than 50 million young voters have participated while learning about the importance of using their own voice to share their perspectives on important issues. In 2016, national student voting begins on October 24 and culminates on November 3, National Mock Election day, 5 days in advance of the nation’s election.

“The National Student/Parent Mock Election is proud to announce a new partnership for 2016,” said Gloria Kirshner, president. Win My Vote will be providing online ballots featuring multimedia candidate and ballot issue profiles for this project. Students, parents, teachers and home schoolers will be able to hear directly from each candidate (video) as well as the leading arguments "for" and "against" the ballot issues before casting their vote. The ballots are browser based (no downloaded needed) and can be easily accessible via any internet-enabled device (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). The ballots will also provide for real-time voting stats on how the candidates and ballot issues are doing.

Racial Justice and Reform: How Change Happens

March 9, 2017 to March 10, 2017

Conference theme: "Language Arts and the Social Studies"

705 Cherokee Orchard Rd
Gatlinburg, TN 37738


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