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TSSP November/December 2015

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TSSP Newsletter for Nov/Dec 2015 Now online for Members

Any organization, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions.

Thomas Watson Jr., businessman and philanthropist -More

Annual Conference -- Community Scholar Speakers

Several NCSS communities have invited prominent scholars to speak on issues related to their missions.  -More

Upcoming state and regional social studies conferences

Regional, state and local social studies conferences organized by NCSS-affiliated councils provide great opportunities for te -More

Report: Number of students living in poverty increases

Almost half of public-school students in the U.S.  -More

Principal asks fathers to participate in 1st-day drop-offs

About 50 fathers brought students to class on the first day after a request from the principal of a California middle school. -More

10 free teacher-recommended apps for high-school classrooms


Educator: How to develop simple "how to" videos

Adrian Cantu, a social studies strategist at Weslaco Independent School District in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, suggests  -More

Boston schools fall short of court-ordered teacher diversity


Teachers: Co-teaching relationship similar to marriage

Co-teaching is similar to marriage -- "compromise is inevitable" -- write Johanna Greenough and Marian Parker, co-teachers an -More


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