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Federal budget calls for $1.2B increase in education spending

The omnibus federal budget deal announced Wednesday includes a $1.2 billion increase in funding for the US Department of Educ -More

How will ESSA affect Education Department staffing?

The new Every Student Succeeds Act includes language that could result in the elimination of some US Department of Education  -More

How political should teachers get in the classroom?

How to teach the Constitution to middle-schoolers

When teaching the US Constitution to middle-schoolers, educator Lauren Brown suggests starting with the basics before delving -More

Pa. 6th-graders learn about civics from judge, attorneys

Sixth-graders at four elementary schools in Pennsylvania are learning about topics in civics -- such as the First Amendment,  -More

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.

Socrates, philosopher -More

C3 Framework resources

Learn more about the instructional shifts needed to help students achieve the goals of the new ELA/literacy Common Core State -More

2015-16 NCSS Board of Directors Elections

The 2015-16 NCSS Board of Directors is now open! Voting closes Jan. 15.  -More

Baltimore students warned about behavior ahead of verdict

Decision to put woman on $10 bill delayed until 2016

The US Treasury has announced that a currency redesign project that would bring the image of an American woman to the $10 bil -More


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