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What is the value of AP credits?

How one college operates without grades, GPAs, SATs

What is the best fit for middle grades?

Schools with K-8 grade configurations may lead to better outcomes for middle-schoolers, compared with grade 6-8 and grade 6-1 -More

Should students blog?

Blogging can be taught to students as a writing genre, suggests English-language arts teacher Alice Chen.  -More

Nonfiction focus welcomes news to school

The increased emphasis on nonfiction texts in the Common Core State Standards has broadened the appeal of using current event -More

Tenn. revises social studies standards

Tennessee recently revised its K-12 social studies standards due to various complaints from teachers and parents.  -More

Will lawmakers fund grants for school supports, counselors?

Data show that school counselors can have a tremendous effect on students' success -- both in and out of school.  -More

Calif. governor approves ethnic studies curriculum

How should schools approach edtech?

Joseph South, director of educational technology for the US Department of Education, says if he could make one change to how  -More

Tech innovations from 5 schools highlighted


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