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Pa. 6th-graders create museum featuring ancient Egyptian history

Sixth-grade students at a Pennsylvania middle school recently showcased their knowledge of ancient Egypt during a museum even -More

Upcoming state and regional social studies conferences

Regional, state and local social studies conferences organized by NCSS-affiliated councils provide great opportunities for te -More

Study: Deeper learning improves high-school graduation rates

High schools in which educators use "deeper learning" methods may post better graduation rates than schools in which educator -More

White House visit from "Hamilton" cast highlights history, art education

Student projects teach history, research skills

Social studies teachers at a Virginia middle school are teaching students about the 1920s by having them select a topic for a -More

Project has middle-schoolers focused on problem-based learning

The seventh-graders at a North Dakota middle school exercised collaborative problem-solving skills in a project to design sol -More

Wash. middle-schoolers, Syrian children collaborate on art murals

Students at a Washington state middle school are working on murals with Syrian children living in refugee camps in Amman, Jor -More

Radar detects objects in hidden rooms within Tutankhamun's tomb

Additional rooms in Tutankhamun's burial chamber containing objects made of metal and organic materials have been detected th -More

At-risk youths in Chicago to get a hand from Duncan

Former US Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced Thursday that he has accepted a job as managing partner at the Emerson Co -More

Tech tools to help teachers flip classroom instruction


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