Bits from the Board - Advice to New Teachers from the NCSS Board of Directors-- Sue Blanchette

There is nothing more terrifying or exhilarating than facing a class on the first day of school. It doesn’t matter what grade, what subject or what school – the heart begins to pound at all the possibilities for the coming year. Stepping up to the white board as an educator for the first time is a leap of faith, a jump into the unknown.   --> read more »


Put one in the win column!--Sue Blanchette

While I was at dinner at the NCGE conference in Portland in August, Jeff Moniz, one of the participants at the table made a general inquiry, asking if anyone knew how to get in touch with the president of NCSS, as he needed help. I leaned forward and said, "You've got her.

National History Day Works: National Program Evaluation

The first national evaluation of National History Day (NHD) finds that students who participate in the program perform better on high-stakes tests, are better writers, more confident and capable researchers, and have a more mature perspective on current events and civic engagement than their peers. Participants also show a greater ability to collaborate with peers, manage their time and persevere – all skills employers say are lacking in today's workforce.   --> read more »


Consensus Recommendations for a Well-Rounded Education

On July 29 at a policy briefing on Capitol Hill, National Council for the Social Studies joined ASCD and other education organizations in presenting "Consensus Recommendations for a Well-Rounded Education." The recommendations are a response to the continuing prioritization of reading and math over other subjects in the No Child Left Behind Act and in the Obama administration’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) blueprint and FY11 budget request.   --> read more »


Maryland Social Studies Task Force Report

The Maryland Social Studies Task Force has released a report on social studies education in Maryland. Acknowledging the challenges faced by social studies over the past decade, including the unintended marginalization of social studies disciplines caused by NCLB, the social studies task force made nine recommendations in its report that are "intended to reverse social studies’ decline." Key recommendations include establishing standards governing instructional time; administering a statewide social studies assessment in elementary and middle school; increasing social studies course requirements for prospective teachers; and launching a campaign to gain public support for more and better social studies instruction.


PASS Professional Development Opportunities

Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS) is a professional development program that trains social studies teachers in curriculum design, assessment, and instruction in a standards-based environment. NCSS is offering two opportunities to prepare social studies professionals to implement professional development based on PASS.   --> read more »

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