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4 ways to open the classroom to edtech

There are four key strategies to bring education technology into the classroom, writes Jennifer Casey, a social studies and l -More

Schools seek to support children of incarcerated parents

About 1 in 14 children has had a parent in jail, and research suggests such students need additional assistance in K-12 educa -More

Education Dept. officials suggest ways to talk to students about tragedies

It can be difficult for children to process the tragedies and injustices happening in the world around them, write Education  -More

Hmong culture, language in spotlight of N.C. school's camp

How classroom routines can boost student engagement

Educators should consult with other teachers or come up with their own consistent ways to begin and end lessons to give struc -More

Course to teach success skills to Minn. school's 9th-graders

Incoming ninth-graders at a Minnesota high school will be able to take Success 191, a life-skills class designed by three soc -More

 This month we are in motion—as educators, as members of NCSS, and as a nation. Teachers face a classroom full of new faces. In my role as NCSS president, I’ve been invited to speak this fall at nine state and regional conferences. While I’m honored and inspired, I’m hoping that all the plane and hotel reservations come through like clockwork!

A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.

Madonna, entertainer -More

Check out SmartBrief Education Originals

SmartBrief Education Originals connects education professionals with industry news, insights, resources and trends.  -More


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