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Tactics of Resistance: Life Lessons from Jews Who Fought Back

Transform stereotypes and inspire your students with the little-known history of Jewish armed and unarmed resistance during the Holocaust. Includes free curriculum, slideshow and DVDs.

The Art of Questioning: Creating a Differentiated and Innovative Classroom

This session provides strategies and tools to create a differentiated, inquiry-based classroom. It focuses on innovative ways to create student-driven classrooms that emphasize 21st century skills and the Common Core.

Ten-Day Study Tour to Japan

The Keizai Koho Center organizes a ten-day fellowship to Japan in the summer that allows teachers to learn first-hand about contemporary Japanese society and enhance their classroom teaching of global perspectives.

Transaction Costs and Currency: 1808 Road Trip

In this active-learning simulation, students step back in time before there was a uniform national currency. On an imaginary 1808 journey from Richmond to Boston they learn about the transaction costs of currency exchange and the reasons for a national currency.

Get to the “Core” with Foldables in History

Come learn how to “core” out and unpack the Common Core Standards for History through graphic organizers and Foldables for content reading and writing.

Democratizing the DBQ: Critical Thinking and Historical Writing, Grades 4-12

The DBQ Project will overview their materials and professional development, and discuss how they have helped students and teachers grades 4-12 handle the rigorous document analysis and evidence-based writing in World and U.S. History.

ASA Symposium (Session 4): Teaching with Data

Fourth presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on simple, free Internet datasets to engage students in hands-on sociological data analysis and to align sociology curricula with Core Curricula in Math and English.

ASA Symposium (Session 3): Teaching the Sociological Imagination

Third presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on active simulations, lesson plans, technology, and other proven strategies to engage high school sociology students’ learning of the sociological imagination process.

ASA Symposium (Session 2): Social and Economic Impacts of Immigration

Second presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on the social and economic impacts of immigration, including fertility, mobility, labor, education, income, and population trends. Especially useful for sociology and geography teachers.

ASA Symposium (Session 1): Intro to High School Sociology Resources

First presentation in four-part symposium. Focuses on resources to increase student engagement and learning. Offers resources for exciting and involving students. Introduces strategies to increase collaboration among high school teachers.


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