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Cultural Literacy--Getting to Know the Sikh Americans

Explore Sikh culture, traditions, identity, and faith with "Fun Facts"; "Did You Know"; and "Culture Quiz" segments that entertain and inform. This program will leave students engaged and enlightened.

Civil War Curriculum Workshop

Study the Trust’s Civil War Curriculum. This free resource provides 9 standards-based goals covering the war from disunion to reconstruction; complete with lessons, materials, and assessment. Then work with colleagues to create your own.

The Civic Mirror--A Simulation-Based Social Studies Program

This online and face-to-face education program utilizes the best of tech-ed and constructivist learning methods to transform classrooms into countries and students into citizens. Students don't just learn about law, government, and economics, they get to participate in their own mini-versions of them.

Humanity in the Midst of War: Empowering Tomorrow's Global Citizens

War is much more complicated than a video game. Give your students the skills to grapple with global issues and explore humanitarian responses to conflict. Free, standards-aligned, ready-to-use resources provided.

Chief Standing Bear's Footsteps: Voices from Our Past, Today

The investigation of Chief Standing Bear’s journey and the plight of the Poncas comes alive with engaging participant experiences using media, digital technology and historical habits of mind.

Teaching World and U.S. History as Mystery

Classroom ready materials teach U.S. and world history as uncertain problems based on primary & secondary sources: images, words, music, numbers riddled with bias, confusion, controversy to motivate youthful detectives.

The DBQ Project: A Solution to the Common Core Standards

Aligning with Common Core, The DBQ Project sharpens students’ critical thinking, reading and evidence-base writing. The Project’s method allows all students, grades 4-12, to excel in the sophisticated DBQ experience.

Engaging ELLs in Meaningful Social Studies and Literacy Learning

Using narrative, students participate in learning experiences from the viewpoint of a character to construct personal understandings about subject matter and apply literacy skills within a meaningful context. Curriculum provided.

Smithsonian's Let's Do History Tour

Join National Museum of American History educators for an interactive, multimedia supported presentation that showcases our interdisciplinary approach to teaching with a focus on everyday objects, people-centered stories, and dialogue.

Creating e-Books that Matter: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Janet Wong ( has written e-books on endangered animals, political awareness, and other social issues. Join her in a step-by-step workshop on publishing your own e-book. Come ready to create!


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